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This corresponds to the 'Tournaments' blog post I made, this will be for users who are banned from the chat, users who are prohibited from going to the chat personally, or users who just don't want to roleplay on the chat.


  • Chat Access means that I've seen you present on the chat before
  • Warnings mean that I'm getting skeptical of you being in the tournament
  • SolariusFlare (Chat Access)
  • Monk the Cat (Chat Access)
  • TheSkullWolf (Chat Access)
  • Anubis the Hedgehog (Chat Access; one warning.)
  • SPop120
  • SonShadSilv003
  • Flametfh (Chat Access)
  • E-113:Xi (Chat Access)
  • Bitbyte1214 (Chat Access)
  • PinkiePieMonst (Chat Access)
  • Frost the Wolf (Chat Access)
  • InMemorium (Chat Access)
  • MysticAlice (Chat Access)
  • ZeroPath (Chat Access)
  • IamKenasXros (Chat Access)

Slot Watcher


  • Tournament started


  • Two TagTeam Slots left!
    • Sign-up discontinued, tournament bracket revealed, and will start when Solo advances to second round matches.


  • Four Team Slots left!


  • Seven BigTeam Slots left!

Involved Characters

Solo Bracket

TagTeam Brackets

Team Brackets

  • The Mystics (Kenas)
  • Puella Magi (Bitbyte & possible others)
  • Team Thunderstorm (Crym)
  • Flare Siblings (Alice, Sellie, and Solar)

Big Team

  • The Lower Eight of the Followers of the Void (Xi)


Chase Versus Reikon

A metalic figure wearing a black trench coat entered the arena. Across his back, a sword hung in a metalic sheath. He looked for his opponent as he entered onto the battle ground, keeping his senses sharp for any suprise attacks. Reikon was hoping to make quick work of his opponent, but not all his fights would be easy. Not that it was a problem; Reikon never liked it when things were too easy.

"..." [A dull silence filled the arena, Solar speaks over the microphone from the announcer booth.] "...I think he wussed out...he's no showing up...What's with people and not showing up!?" [A short apology is heard from his sister, he shuts it off, hugs her as in to say 'Don't be sorry'.] "Well, guess that means Reikon wins, 'less there's some other person who wants t'give it a whack.."

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