Hello, lucky fans! This series is about the misadventures of Mario, Sonic, and Kirby it airs on Disney XD and Disney Channel.


Mario's Random Line: Mario says something random that's just funny at the end.

Plot: Basically, the synopsis of the story.

Transcript: The main story

Characters: Characters who appeared in the episode.

Cameos: Characters who are mentioned, pictured, etc.

Trivia: Facts, running gags and more go there.

Other names: Other names for the episode.

Main Characters: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Shadow, Kirby, and Meta Knight.


Season Air Date Episodes
Season 1 2/6/2020 11
Season 2 TBA 12

Season 1 Episodes

# Title of Episode Description Air Date
1 The Fox And The Coward Luigi befriends Tails only for it to ruin Tails' friendship

with Sonic.

2 Stop Faking A Scene! A Imposter takes Sonic's place and tries to get away

with it.

3 Happy Birthday, Mario! Luigi tries to throw Mario a birthday party, but must

settle with Sonic and Jet's rivalry in the way.

4 Detective Sonic After his chili dog is stolen, Sonic immediately blames


5 Magic Matrix Kirby Kirby learns how to do magic, but things go astray when he accidentally breaks something. 2/10/2020
6 The Curse of Castle McMaster Sonic says that strange things are happening in Castle McMaster, but everyone denies it. 2/11/2020
7 The Weirdest Adventure Yet! Mario, Sonic, and Kirby travel to Dreamy Earth via a link to the dream world. 2/12/2020
8 Pipes, Pranks, and Dreams Mario and Luigi try to fix a pipe. Sonic and Shadow engage a prank war. Kirby tries to go to sleep. 2/13/2020
9 A Tale of a Tall Tree After Sonic gets stuck up a random tree, Mario, Luigi, and Shadow must figure out how to get him down 2/13/2020
10 The End of the Superstars, Part 1 After shattering the Mega Crystal, Infinite will do anything to prevent the trio from finding the pieces 2/13/2020
11 The End of the Superstars, Part 2 While the trio tries to find the other pieces, Shadow and Meta Knight try to make Luigi more tough. 2/13/2020

Season 2 Episodes

# Title of Episode Description Air Date
12 First Sleepover Sonic wants to make a sleepover for Shadow so he can

experience one.

13 Dark Sonic Attacks After Luigi breaks a Chaos Emerald, Sonic transforms

into Dark Sonic.

14 Race to the End! It's a race to Lava Peak Zone after Mario, Sonic, Jet and

co. find out there's a rare treasure.

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