This is a book series called exactly that, The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog, and is mainly focused on the character, Lightning the Hedgehog. The books are based on the RFU (Rainbow Fanfic Universe) story. So far, there is only one book, and it's not finished yet.


Information on the books.


  • The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog: Book I In this book, Eggman tries to take over the world again, created bigger and better robots, and possessing humans to do what he wants them to do! Lightning, Sonic, and the rest of their friends try to stop Eggman, while trying to figure out about a robot that can reduce water from one's body... and Eggman denies making such a robot! Click the link to read the book!
  • The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog: The Vampire Within (Book II) In this thriller book (based on the game, Sonic Unleashed), Sonic turns into a werewolf. When Dark Gaia is released from the center of the earth, its dark powers enter into Lightning's body. And so, every night, Lightning turns into a vampire (and when things get really bad, Lightning turns into a black wolf)! Lightning then must stop Dr. Eggman and Dark Gaia. Not only that, but he must control the villain that lies within himself. (Book has not been started yet, but will be soon!)
  • The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog: [Unknown Episode Name] (Book III) So far, the only thing that's known in this story is that Lightning and Aidan get married.

There are no other books at this time.


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