This article is like a chapter book on a website. It is part of The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog book series.

Lightning is fighting against Eggman once again, and this time, Eggman's serious. With new robots, Eggman has more access to stopping Lightning, Lightning's team, and Sonic once and for all, and conquer the world! Not only that, but Eggman takes over Station Square, controlling all the humans dwelling there. Also, Eggman denies making a certain robot! Was Eggman lying, or was he telling the truth? And can Lightning and Sonic the Hedgehog stop Eggman in time before the whole world is under his control, or will Eggman possess all humans forever? Read the chapter book to find out!

This book has to do with RFU (Rainbow Fanfic Universe) and is by "Gar-Art Studios."


Chapter I

Part I: The Beginning


Everyone heard trouble. Water moving rapidly under the streets. And next thing you know, water came out of the sewers, water spraying everywhere. People everywhere ran for shelter. Children were screaming and crying, while water exploded through buildings and flooded the city. They were all counting on one hedgehog, one blue hedgehog, to save the day.

Meanwhile, two parent hedgehogs tried to save their son. They kept on running and running, trying to find a place for the baby hedgehog to be safe in. But there was nothing. Nothing to save the little yellow and black hedgehog from. Finally, an echidna told them that he knew a safe place for the baby. The parents decided to trust this red echidna and gave the year old hedgehog to the echidna. He ran quickly, and finally found the spot. In a deep forest in the Mystic Ruins, he hid the baby hedgehog, Lightning the Hedgehog.


"She will marry the king's son. She shall be princess," said the Queen of the Echidnas, as she looked down at the newborn baby. "She will be called... Aidan." "Aidan," the parents repeated. Aidan the Echidna would become the next princess, the next queen. But there was a girl who did not like this idea. This girl wanted to be princess and finally queen.

A year later, the jealous girl, named Tilly, tried to kill the baby Aidan. But Aidan's family heard about this, and tried to hide her right away. They ran quickly until they found a pink hedgehog. She said that she knew exactly where they could hide her. But Aidan's parents said they probably shouldn't go any further, so they gave the baby to the hedgehog and that pink hedgehog ran as quickly and steadily as possible, and finally found the green plain with a fresh breeze, and a magnificent view of the ocean, where palm trees were tall and the grass was greener than ever. This is the place, the pink hedgehog thought. She ran up the hill holding the baby tight and finally found all her friends and told them everything. Aidan was going to be raised by Sonic and his friends.


As Lightning zoomed through the city streets, he knew that this day would be a good day to make a friend. As he dodged people and cars here and there, he let the cool breeze hit his face. This is truly a wonderful day, Lightning thought. Suddenly he felt himself bump into something. He saw a hedgehog on the ground rubbing his head. "Ow," the little hedgehog said. Lightning thought he was losing his sight. Does that hedgehog really have wings?, Lightning thought. Lightning rubbed his eyes. There they were again. The hedgehog had wings. Lightning rubbed his eyes really hard. He still saw wings. "Well?," he heard the hedgehog's voice say. "Why are you just staring at me?" "You have wings!?," Lightning exclaimed in excitement. "Y-yeah," the kid said. "'Got a problem with that?" "That's amazing!," Lightning said. "You're one unique hedgehog." "Thanks," the hedgehog with wings replied. LIghtning helped the little hedgehog up. "What's your name?," Lightning asked. The hedgehog hesitated. "What?," Lightning asked. "Did I say something wrong?" "N-no. My mom and dad never gave me a name," the hedgehog said. "Never gave you a name!?," Lightning exclaimed. "No," the winged hedgehog replied. "They always called me, sweetie and honey and stuff like that. But I always asked them to call me by my real name, and they always hesitated and never answered." "Huh. Weird," Lightning said, a little bemused. "Well how 'bout I give you a name." The little hedgehog's eyes grew bigger as he got more and more excited. "Would you?," the hedgehog asked, delighted. "Mmm, how 'bout... Wings!," Lightning said. "I like it!," the hedgehog, now called Wings, said. Wings asked Lightning what his name was. "Lightning," Lightning replied. "Lightning the Hedgehog."


Lightning loved the sound of the trees swaying back and forth. Every second, he could hear another bird singing. Lightning ran to the other side of the forest. There it was. Eggman's old ripped up base was still there. "Hey!," Lightning suddenly heard a voice behind him. "Whatchya doin' around these parts?" It was a black echidna with big guns. Don't wanna be punched by that guy, Lightning though. "Um... Just lookin' around... nothing special... have I done something wrong?," Lightning hesitated. "Nah," the muscular echidna replied. "Your fine. Just wonderin. My name's Muscles. Muscles the Echidna. I'm Knuckles cousin. My father's brother is Knuckles's father." "Oh. Well my name's Lightning. Lightning the Hedgehog," Lightning replied. Suddenly Lightning heard something walking up behind his back. Wings. "And my name's Wings. Wings the Flying Hedgehog. Let's be friends," Wings said. "No," Lightning replied. "Let's be a team."


Lightning came running to a beautiful green hill. Wow, he thought, That's beautiful. He ran up the hill. He saw a huge amount of animals on the top. They all stared at him for an instant, wondering who the heck he was. Then suddenly a blue hedgehog came into the scene, breaking through the crowd. He found Lightning. "Lightning!," the blue hedgehog said. It's Sonic, Lightning thought. Lightning got weirded out by something, though. "How do you know my name?," Lightning asked in confusion. "So you never knew," Sonic said sadly. Sonic then pulled out a picture of Lightning as a baby. With everyone confused about what was going on, Sonic finally said, "You're my little brother."

Part II: Chained Up!?


"These are some serious robots!," Lightning said as he spindashed into another robot. "They're quick!" "Nah! They're not that bad," replied Sonic as he blew up yet another red and silver colored robots with what seems to be bazookas. Sonic confused another robot by spinning around it so many times and then spindashing into it. Lightning homed into the final robot to finish off the fight. "Phew!," Lightning said, wiping sweat from his forehead. "It wasn't that bad," Sonic chuckled. Suddenly both of them heard a huge thump. And then another. Suddenly, the metal floor a few feet from them blew into pieces as Eggman and his big robot called the Egg Spider jumped out of the hole, right in front of the two. "Muahahaha! Let's give you two a taste of what a robotic spider can do. Behold, the Egg Spider!," Eggman shouted, doing another evil laugh. "Ah, Eggman," Lightning said, "long time, no see!" "Funny how every single robot you make has an "Egg" at the beginning of it's name," Sonic laughed. "SILENCE! Now watch as this robotic spider will squash you, instead of you squashing it!!! Muahahaha!," Eggman shouted again. Suddenly one of the legs came right toward Sonic. This was no problem for Sonic, though, because Sonic jumped over, ran quickly up the leg and onto the core of the robot and homed in on it. "Argh! I guess I'll have to do this the hard way, then." Suddenly, out of nowhere, 5 missiles came right after Sonic. Sonic tried to get away, but the missiles came up on him and shot nets all over him. Sonic was trapped. Lightning tried to get over there, but forgot about the giant hole in the ground in fell in, yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Lightning could just feel himself falling, the wind blowing on his face. Suddenly he felt a big hit. Everything went pitch black.

Lightning woke up slowly. Then he looked around and down... his feet weren't on the ground! He looked on both sides of his body. He was chained up! His heel became sore from the tight hold of the chains. His wrists were the same way. Then he heard something familiar. "Muahahaha!" "Eggman!," Lightning replied to the sound of the laughter. "Hahaha! That's right! Your chained up!," Eggman said with a sinister smile. "Oh no! And your chained up in a very unlucky spot, but right where I want you!" Eggman flipped a big switch. Lightning knew that he was in trouble. "I made this just for you!," Eggman laughed. Suddenly, the chains started generating water, which wears out all of Lightning's electrical powers, also shocking him. "No, no, no, no, no, no!," Lightning said, frightened. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!," Eggman replied, acting as if he was having the time of his life. Suddenly, water rapidly moved into Lightning's body, and Lightning began to weaken. Suddenly, Lightning started hanging there, unconscious.

Chapter II: Aidan the Echidna

Lightning woke up again. He found himself in Green Hill. Lightning tried to get up. But he couldn't. He was too weak. He heard a familiar voice. "Lightning! Thank God, your awake." It was Sonic. "You gave us quite a scare," said the voice of what sounded like Knuckles. "Is he alright?" That voice was different. Lightning had never heard that one before. Suddenly an female echidna appeared right in front of Lightning's face. Whoa, Lightning thought. She's cute. She was a purple echidna with soft fur and bright blue eyes that would catch anyone's attention. And her giggle was so small and cute. "Wh-Who are you?," Lightning asked, a little weirded out. "I'm your doctor," said the echidna. "I don't have a doctor," said Lightning. "Well you do now," said the purple echidna. She giggled a bit more. Lightning thought, Is this a joke? It wasn't. She started bandaging up his wounds. Lightning asked, "What's your name?" The echidna replied in a soft voice, saying, "Aidan. Aidan the Echidna. And yours?" Lightning thought this was getting a little weird, but he answered, saying, "Lightning. Lightning the Hedgehog." She told him that she was going to put him to sleep. Lightning got worried. "Whadya gonna do with me???," he said in a scared tone. "Lightning, I'm not going to do anything that'll kill you. I'm just being a... a... a surgeon, that's all." Suddenly, Lightning fell to sleep.

"Uhgghhuugghh..." Lightning was waking up. "Well that went well," Knuckles chuckled. Lightning rubbed his eyes, asking in a tired voice, "What happened?" Sonic came into the scene. "We could've lost you. But Aidan saved your life. She energized you up again," Sonic said. "Aidan! Where's Aidan?," Lightning said as he sat up. "She left," Amy Rose said as she appeared in the scene. "Why?," Lightning asked. "We don't know. She just said she was going," said Muscles as he walked in. "Yeah. She just left without saying anything except for 'I'm going'," said Wings as he stood by Lightning. "I wanted to tell her thank you... where is she???," Lightning asked. "Well we don't know," Sonic said. Lightning slowly got up, did a few stretches, and felt fine again. He said with confidence, "I have to go find her and tell her thank you for saving my life!" And with that, Lightning ran as fast as he could. "I think he likes her," Amy Rose said, giggling a bit.

Chapter III: Saving Aidan

Lightning ran quickly, looking all over for Aidan. There was no sign of her. He asked a couple of animals if they knew where she went. No one knew. Suddenly, as Lightning was running around, looking for the echidna, he suddenly saw a beautiful mountain. He started running higher and higher to the top. Suddenly, he found her, her arms wide open, and the wind blowing on her face. She seemed to be satisfied with where she was. Lightning didn't want to bother her. But before he could leave, he heard her soft voice. "Is there something I can do for you?," she asked. Lightning turned around. Lightning hesitated, with an embarrassed voice, saying, "Uh, no, I was, I was just enjoying the..." "You came up here for something," she interrupted. Again, Lightning hesitated but finally said, "...y-yes. I, I did come up here for, for something." "Well what is that 'something?'," Aidan said, giggling. Lightning's face got red. "Uh, um, n-never-mind. Nothing important," he said, turning around, about to run. But before he had a chance to take his first step, Aidan shouted, "Lightning! You know you came here for something. Whether it's important or not, I want to here it." Lightning turned back around and looked her straight in the face, took a breath, and said, "Thank You for practically saving my life." Aidan suddenly laughed and said, "That wasn't that hard was it? Just giving me a simple thank you!" Lightning's face went red again. Aidan came close to him and softly said, "There's no need to be embarrassed. I wouldn't make fun of you, would I?" Lightning slowly shook his head in agreement. Then she said in a whispering tone, "Your welcome." A wind suddenly hit them. "Mmm. Feel that breeze? Oh I love it!," Aidan said. "Do you know what this mountain's called?" Lightning replied, "N-nooo..." He looked thoughtful. "...well it does seem strangely familiar." She answered, "It's Mount Angels. This is where the Echidna Clan worships the gods and goddesses." "Oh. Well I'm not religious like that," Lightning said, weirded out a little. Aidan giggled. "Neither am I. The breeze up here is just so amazing. Some of the echidnas think the gods and goddesses will get mad at me just because I come up here for the beautiful sight and feeling. Oh, they're so silly!" The two started walking down the mountain.

As they were walking down the mountain, they felt a sudden shake. Lightning knew there was trouble. "Hold on to me," he said to Aidan. "Why?," asked Aidan. "Just do it!" So Aidan put hand in Lightning's. Lightning picked her whole body up and carried her. "What's going on here?," Aidan asked, a little weirded out. "This is going to get rough," Lightning said, as the ground starting shaking harder and harder. Then, suddenly, a giant red robot came out of the hard-rock ground. From a speaker, Lightning and Aidan heard, "Behold! My brilliant masterpiece. This thing while burry you ALIVE!" It was Eggman again. The robot was red and silver with big claws and two digital eyes. It wore a lot of heavy, metal armor. But it was quick somehow. Lightning, holding tight to Aidan, ran down the mountain as fast as he could. Aidan didn't make a sound, but by the look of her face, Lightning could tell that she was making extremely loud sounds in her mind. The robot ran after them, quickly. It tried catching them a few times. Lightning jumped and dodged all of them, though, so the robot missed every single time. But then Eggman said, "Now you've gone TOO far!," and suddenly the robot grew giant and long arms. The arms caught Lightning, and Lightning dropped Aidan before Aidan could be caught in the robot's arms also. As the robot was slowly bringing the arm back to its body while holding Lightning tight, Lightning yelled at Aidan, "Go! GO!!" But Aidan refused and shot fireballs from her hands at the robot's hand, using her mind to control it. But the robot didn't budge. The robot was fireproof there. Lightning was surprised that she could throw fireballs and home in on something, though. He didn't know she had powers! She thought for a moment, trying to figure out the robot's weakness. The arm was getting closer and closer to the robot's body. Lightning was in trouble. She found a little electric ball that was under glass on the robot's chest. She ran close to the robot, trying to dodge missiles, and punched the glass. It broke! She threw a fireball at the electric ball in the robot's chest. The robot fell down and let go of Lightning. "NOOOOOOOO!," Dr. Eggman shouted. But Lightning and Aidan were still in trouble. The robot started rolling down the mountain! Lightning picked up Aidan once again and ran for his life, holding her tighter than ever. She held tight to him too. Suddenly, there was a huge gap in the mountain. If Lightning, fell, it would be the end of both of them. But instead of slowing down, he sped up and jumped the gap. Lightning and Aidan closed their eyes, hoping to see their feet on the other side, and next thing you know, they hit the other side (with soft green grass), with the robot rolling down to its doom.

The two rolled in the grass for a moment, because Lightning lost his grip after hitting the other side, causing himself to let go of Aidan. Once they stopped, they both took a deep breath, and laughed. Then Aidan softly said, "Thank you for saving me," and with that, she got closer to him and gently kissed him on the cheek. Lightning started getting lovesick.

Chapter IV: Eggman Denies Making A Robot?

When Lightning and Aidan got back to Green Hill, they heard that a robot attacked. The robot had harmed several animals, and they were still trying to find them all. Lightning found Amy Rose. She seemed to be dead. But she wasn't. Lightning noticed her breathing. He asked her if she could hear him, and Amy said, "Need...water..." Lightning suddenly knew what was going on. Amy Rose was dehydrated. He shouted for help. "Get water!," he shouted. Everyone tried to gather water. They got a bottle of water for her, and Lightning gave her the drink. He sat her up, and she slowly drank it. Lightning was relieved. She would live.

Amy Rose woke up about an hour later in bed. "Amy, you okay?," Sonic asked. Amy replied with a weak voice, "I think so." "How'd you get dehydrated?," Lightning asked. "The robot squeezed me hard. I felt water leaking out of my body. I started to weaken and weaken. Then he let go of me, and I fell to the ground, weak. Oh Sonic!," and with that, she hugged Sonic tight and started crying into his arms. Sonic wanted to push her away, but he knew that wouldn't make her feel any better. He rolled his eyes and said, "It's okay, Amy, it's okay." Everyone could tell that by the way he was acting over this, he was really embarrassed. Then Lightning said, "We've got to track down that robot!," and with that, he ran off. Sonic wanted to follow, but he was stuck with Amy. So he decided just to get her away from him by doing something he never does to her... he kissed her on the cheek and said, "See ya!" It worked, but Sonic knew that this would make Amy Rose follow Sonic around even more. Then he thought, I shouldn't have done that.

As Sonic and Lightning ran as fast as they could, trying to track down the robot and stop it, Muscles the Echidna and Wings the Flying Hedgehog joined in. "What are YOU guys doing here?," Lightning asked. "We're a team, right?," Wings said. "Yeah, that's what teams are for... to help your team leader or member!," Muscles said. Lightning's face lit up as he and his friends started running faster. "We're gonna do this right," Lightning said proudly. Suddenly they heard a giant thump that felt like a mini earthquake. That's probably the robot, Lightning thought. The ground in front of them suddenly blew into pieces as something came out of the big hole... they waited to see what it was... it was Dr. Eggman again. "Behold my robot, the DD-01! It will use it's pointy drill to hurt you!," Eggman shouted. He laughed evil-like and powered the robot up. "By the way, Eggman, does this robot have any dehydrating attack?," Lightning asked, politely (funny enough). Eggman replied, "Nnnn-no... No, it doesn't." He sounded like he meant it. "You sure?," Sonic asked politely. Eggman shook his head hard and said, "I've never created a robot that has dehydrating abilities, but I'll make one for you if you want." Lightning was unsure. Who else could make a robot?, Lightning thought. No one he could think of could. But Eggman sounded serious. Lightning almost could believe him. But Lightning was still unsure. "On with the fight!," Dr. Eggman shouted.

Lightning, Sonic, Muscles, and Wings won the fight against the robot Dr. Eggman created (called "DD-01"). Eggman again said, "This isn't the END!!!" Of course, to Lightning and his friends, that was normal. They decided to quit searching for the dehydration-ability-robot, and returned back to Green Hill. They told everyone that they didn't find the robot, but that they would search again the next day. Suddenly, Tails came in to the room and yelped at Sonic, "Delilah's here!" Everyone froze. This is trouble, Sonic thought. Sonic ran out of the room and outside. Lightning said, "Everyone calm down. It's gonna be okay." But Lightning looked at every single face and knew that this was worst than he expected.

Chapter V: Delilah the Cat

Sonic went outside and saw her, ready to attack. Sonic was not ready for this. Then suddenly, he had a flashback. Lightning could see it too. It wasn't pretty.


Suddenly, as Delilah the Cat was attacking Dr. Eggman, trying to take back her turned-evil-and-robotized father, Justin Claws, Eggman captured her in the robotizing machine. She yelped for help as Sonic and Lightning tried to get her out, but it was over. Suddenly, before Sonic and Lightning knew it, she was commanded to attack Sonic and Lightning. She came charging at them, and Sonic and Lightning dodged the attack. Delilah hit the wall, and Sonic and Lightning got away from the base, trying to figure out a new plan to stop Eggman and his new sidekick. Delilah had just been transformed to the dark side.


Sonic, Sonic's friends, Lightning, and Lightning's team all tried to defeat Delilah the Cat and her thugs. But they all failed. Delilah froze Lightning almost to death, and when the ice melted, it turned into water which again, weakened Lightning. Sonic got three big wounds in his stomach, legs and shoulders. Sonic laid flat in the dust. Wings got a minor wound on his wings, so he couldn't fly anymore, and was afraid to keep on trying to attack Delilah with Sonic and Lightning gone. And Knuckles, Muscles, Tails, and the others didn't get hurt at all. But they weren't going to take the risk of attack her and her thugs with Sonic and Lightning flat on the ground. When Delilah was about to walk away, Sonic asked, in a weak voice, "Do you know of any robot that can dehydrate its opponent?" For a moment, she stood there, and then finally said, "No. I'm sure Eggman..." "He denied it," Wings interrupted. Delilah stood still for a moment again and then said, "Denied it? Ha! That liar! I've never heard of such a robot, but who else would create a robot? No one! It's obviously my master! And you fell for it! Hahaha! Ohohoho!" "We didn't fall for it!," Muscles said. "We were asking if you knew! And obviously you don't know." Delilah replied quickly, "But who else would?" Everyone thought for a couple of seconds, and finally Delilah said to Sonic as she walked away with her thugs, "Take care of those wounds." Sonic was furious. How could somebody beat Sonic?

Chapter VI: Blizzard the Hedgehog

As Sonic got up from the ground after the intense fight against Delilah, he asked someone to help him to his bed so that he could rest for an hour or two. Of course, Amy Rose was the first to volunteer, but Muscles said, "Oh no, Sonic. You're not just going to take a rest. We're taking you and Lightning to the doctor." "Doctor?? Psh, I don't need a doctor," Sonic replied, arrogantly. "Yes you do need a doctor, Sonic, and you're going to see one!," Knuckles quickly snapped back at Sonic. Sonic hesitated. He just felt embarrassed to say he did need to see one. "Where's Aidan? Call in Aidan," Wings said after an awkward moment of silence. Tails ran off to go and get Aidan, while Sonic complained, "No, nooo, nooo! I'm fine! C'mon you guys!" Next thing they knew, Aidan was standing right by Sonic. "Someone needs to be fixed, in both ways," Aidan said, giggling. "What's the second way?," Sonic asked, confused. "We need to fix up your arrogance," Aidan answered, giggling some more. Sonic rolled his eyes and grumbled. When Aidan was about to go inside with Sonic (to fix him in "both ways"), Wings shouted out, "Aidan!" Aidan turned her head to look. "Lightning, he-he's weak... all over again." Aidan looked down to see Lightning, lying on the floor, unconscious. "Oh brother," Aidan said as she rolled her eyes, "Not again." Then she looked at Muscles and Knuckles and said, "Take him in." They took him in to the house.

About 5 hours later, after both Sonic and Lightning had been treated, they got up feeling better. Lightning was ready to roll, while Sonic wasn't, needing a bit more time to get used to his wounds, which still stung a bit. Lightning told Sonic he'd be back, and Sonic said he'd stay inside for a couple more hours. "I'm going to go searching for the robot again," Lightning said. "No!," Sonic snapped back. "You can't. You must have at least one more person to be your backup. No backup, and it won't be good." But Lightning's mouth turned into a smile. Sonic was confused, and asked, "Why you smilin'?" "You're forgetting that my body isn't 75% water like the rest of you. My body is 97% lightning, and only 3% water. I could live. It couldn't beat me that way. It'd have to come up with something else to beat me with." Sonic's face brightened also. "Go right ahead," Sonic said, feeling as if Lightning may be the one animal that could save Mobius. Lightning may become a hero. As Lightning ran off, he bumped into someone, and suddenly got the shivers. Cold, he thought, That was cold. He looked up to see a hedgehog standing firm and looking straight down at him. "Are you looking for my sister too?," the hedgehog said. He had blue hair and a white jacket, and something could tell Lightning that this guy was a freeze-type guy. "Uh-uh, um... what sister?," Lightning replied. "YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Delilah! Delilah the Cat!," the hedgehog said. Suddenly, Lightning felt scared. If this was Delilah's brother, then this wasn't going to be pretty. "Um... yeah, yeah I've seen her. I had to fight her. She-she wasn't very graceful," Lightning said, scared half to death. "How long ago was it that you saw her?," Blizzard asked, calming down. "Uh...well...maybe about 4 hours ago? I...I really don't remember. It was a tough fight, and she knocked me out unconscious, so I can't be sure," Lightning answered, starting to feel a little better. He got up and started to talk to the hedgehog. "Who are you?," Lightning asked. "My name is Blizzard. Blizzard the Hedgehog, and I'm trying to retrieve my sister." So Delilah is this guy's evil sister!, Lightning thought. "You're trying to retrieve her? Good luck with tha--" "DON'T YOU DARE SAY I CAN'T RETRIEVE HER!," Blizzard interrupted, as his temper went up again. "I didn't say that you couldn't," Lightning replied, "I just was saying that it would be hard." "Darn right about that," Blizzard said behind his teeth. "Well my name's Lightning. Lightning the Hedgehog," Lightning said. Blizzard's eyes widened. Lightning was surprised himself that Blizzard was surprised. "THE Lightning??? THE Lightning the Hedgehog???," Blizzard asked, with a VERY surprised voice. "Y-Yeah. I'm THE Lightning the Hedgehog. Why SO surprised?," Lightning answered and asked. "You're Sonic's brother! I'm a HUGE fan of your brother! And because I'm a fan of him, I became a fan of you TOO!," Blizzard said, still in awe of this moment. Lightning suddenly felt popular. He suddenly felt famous. "Would you like to meet Sonic?," Lightning asked. Lightning thought Blizzard was going to faint. Was Sonic that big of a deal to him?, Lightning thought. Apparently so. Lightning got his first fan. He was slowly becoming famous.

Chapter VII: Uninvited Guest

When Blizzard met Sonic, Lightning was sure Blizzard would faint. And he did. He woke up not too long later, though, so it wasn't too bad. That was when they suddenly felt a huge thump, more like a earthquake. "And here it goes again," Sonic said. "What's going on???," Blizzard said, not as much of a freaked out voice but a more angry voice. "Well Dr. Eggman has been supposedly creating giant ro--," Lightning was interrupted as a giant robot blew up a brick wall into pieces and came out of the hole. Of course, just like always, Dr. Eggman gave his introduction: "Behold, one of my brilliant masterpieces... the RA-01!" The robot was a shiny metal with red and yellow stripes covering the body. It had giant claws and very evil and disturbing robotic-light-type-red eyes. "Ahem. As I was saying... robots," Lightning said, finally being able to finish his sentence he was interrupted by a few seconds earlier. "Well what the heck does 'RA-01' stand for?," asked Sonic. "Um...uh...well..." Dr. Eggman tried to reply, "It, uh, stands, uh, for, um, Radical Attacker #1!" Sonic rolled his eyes. "This thing will DESTROY YOU!," Dr. Eggman shouted. "You say that every time, Eggman," Sonic said, chuckling a bit. "SILENCE!," Eggman shouted, his fists shaking with fury, "Let's see you wins THIS time!" The robot suddenly picked Lightning up. The claws help Lightning tight. Lightning couldn't budge. Lightning also started felling as if he couldn't breath. Blizzard and Sonic were on the job right away. Blizzard shot a giant ice ball the robot's face, but it was no use. Sonic sped around the robot numerous times, trying to figure out its weakness. But he didn't see anything. He looked harder and harder and... suddenly the robot scooped Sonic up with its claws too! Now both Sonic and Lightning were stuck! It was up to Blizzard to stop it. The robot started shooting missiles at Blizzard. Blizzard was quick to the task and dodged the missiles. The missiles hit the ground and exploded into small pieces. The ground shook as the soil Blizzard ran on suddenly lit up as the missiles blew up, causing a redish-yellow light on the ground. From all the explosions and shaking of the ground, Blizzard almost lost his grip. Suddenly he thought of something. The robot shot another missile at him. Blizzard shot ice from his hands and froze the missile. He quickly threw the missile back at the robot in the "robotic" chest, and the missile blew up, immediately causing a big gash in the robot's body. The robot suddenly fell down, dead, and let go of Lightning and Sonic. Eggman got away, saying what he always would say: "You won't get away with this!"

Sonic and Lightning got up from the ground. "Thanks! That was awesome, Blizz!," Lightning said. Blizzard felt good inside. "Yeah, that was cool!," Sonic said. Blizzard never thought he's seem so cool to Sonic. "Let's go get a chili-dog," Sonic said. Lightning was totally for it. "Nah, I think I'll get an Icee," Blizzard said, "And a cold sandwich." So Sonic, Lightning, and Blizzard went out to go and get a tasty snack after a pretty crazy fight. Blizzard suddenly noticed that he had just made good friends with his hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.

As Sonic, Lightning, and Blizzard got near the snack bar, they suddenly heard numerous people screaming and shouting, "EVERYBODY RUN!" "Ah man!," Lightning said, "I was really hungry!" Suddenly a giant robot hopped right in front of Sonic, Lightning, and Blizzard as it shook the ground. The robot was HUGE! "I guess someone else had the idea of going to the snack bar too," Sonic teased. But Dr. Eggman wasn't with the robot like he mostly was. "Something's fishy here," Sonic said, "I'm not sure wha--" Suddenly, the robot picked Sonic up and squeezed him hard. Sonic started feeling... dehydrated! This robot must be the same one as the one Amy was talking about!

Chapter VIII: Station Square In Jeopardy

Sonic woke up in a hospital bed, and everybody was staring at him. He felt embarrassed. "Hey guys," he said, with a weirded out voice, "How 'bout NOT staring at me like that." So, in that case, everyone stopped staring at him. "What happened?," Wings asked. "Same thing that happened to Amy," Sonic answered, "Dehydration." Everyone gasped and stood there for a moment...awkward silence..."You found the robot???," Muscles finally said, breaking the silence. Lightning joined in the conversation. "Well, we didn't exactly find it," he said, "It just came into the scene. It just HAD to come when we least expected it." Sonic rubbed his head and got out of the bed. "I need to see Eggman again. I'm sick of this robot already." "Well, that probably won't happen," said a soft voice. Aidan. "I don't think you are strong enough at the time. Give it a rest." "NO!," Sonic snapped back, "I'M GOING TO FIGURE OUT WHO CREATED THAT STUPID ROBOT!" Everyone stood silent again for a moment. "You know what, I'm sorry about that. But I've got to figure this out," Sonic finally said, with a calmed down voice. "But you are going to HAVE to give it a rest. Just, REST," Aidan said, now more serious. "Fine," Sonic finally said, after a few seconds of silence again, "I'll 'Give it a rest.'" And so with that, Lightning said, "I'll go try again. I'll try to find it." But before he could take a step, Wings yelled out, "I'm coming with you!" Lightning slowly turned around. Finally, he said, "Okay." When he was turning his head back toward the door, he heard someone else yell out, "Me too!" It was Muscles. Lightning turned his head back around again and said, "Great!" When he thought that he could finally walk, he heard a calm and soft voice behind his shoulder saying, "Don't leave out me." The warm breath on his shoulder told him who it was... Aidan. Finally, Lightning said, "Alright! Let's do this thing!" And with that, the four ran out the door and out to again, another adventure.

As Lightning and his buddies ran through Mobius, Tails caught up with Lightning. "This is something Eggman sent you," Tails said. Lightning took it and said, "Thanks." Tails ran off back to the Mobius hospital. The thing Tails gave Lightning that was from Eggman was a robotic looking box. It was metal and felt like 15 pounds. Lightning opened it. This better not be a trick, Lightning thought. The rest of Lightning's buddies looked over his shoulder. A screen appeared with Eggman talking. "Hello, Lightning. Obviously, you notice I'm not talking to you in person. That's because I just created something that I can't get away from! It's too good! I created an antenna that will mind control all of the people in Station Square to do what I want them to do. Ha! Now they serve me ONLY! Muahahahahaha...[cough]...haha...[cough]......[cough]... Ughh. Excuse me for my voice. I think I have a cold." Lightning rolled his eyes. Eggman kept talking, "You must try and stop me with my robots and new 'demons!' Think you can!? I don't think so! Ahahahahaha...[cough]...haha...[cough]..." With that, the screen turned off and the box automatically closed. Lightning rolled his eyes again as his friends stopped looking over his shoulder. Suddenly, Lightning heard a computer voice on the box. It said, "This message will self-destruct." Lightning's eyes widened as he yelled out to everyone else, "Run!" Everyone ran and ran fast. When they got a far enough away, they heard an explosion and a small mushroom cloud form in the sky. "And that's why I said 'run,'" Lightning said. They stood there for a moment, watching the mushroom cloud in the sky. Muscles said, "So now what?" Lightning looked at him as if saying, "Are you kidding me?" "We go stop Station Square, whadya think???," Lightning said. "Oh," Muscles said quickly. "Well?," Wings said, "What are we waiting for?" "Let's go!," Aidan said. The four kept running to go and save the city, and possibly the world.

Lightning and the three others ran quickly, hoping they had enough time before Station Square was completely under Dr. Eggman's control. Lightning and the others finally found the warp platform that would take them to Earth, to Station Square. Aidan went first. Then Muscles. Then Wings. And finally, Lightning. All three were, for a brief moment, standing in mid-air with white all around them. They closed their eyes. When they opened them again, they were in Station Square.

Station Square was a terrifying sight! The clouds were dark gray, almost black, it was very windy, lightning struck many times, and people were yelling, "All hail the Egg Emperor. All hail the Egg Emperor." Lightning heard a voice that he knew was Eggman. "Muahaha! Welcome to my dream! Station Square is no longer Station Square! It's Egg Empire Square! All my people and robots are serving me well, and I am delighted! Think you can stop me, Lightning!? Wrong! Muahahahahaha...[cough]...ahaha...[cough]." Lightning saw a tall and somehow evil looking antenna that Lightning knew was controlling the humans. "Let's go stop Eggman!," Muscles said, as he started to run near what was now "Egg Empire Square." But Lightning grabbed Muscles' arm and pulled him back. "You can't go in there! Are you crazy? The antenna will control you too!" The three others, who seemed to be under Lightning's authority, suddenly noticed that this wasn't going to be as easy as possible. Suddenly they heard a voice. It was Delilah. "It's not impossible to get in there. I figured out a way in there with out being controlled," she said. "Wait a second, is this some trick? Because last time I checked, you were Eggman's sidekick," Muscles said. Delilah frowned. "This isn't some trick," Delilah said, "I'm not saying that I am with you guys now, because I certainly am not. But I am not with Eggman anymore either. I have my own side now. My side. But just because I want revenge on Eggman and I don't like the fact that he's doing this to the city, I will help you." Everyone stood there for a moment, wondering if she really meant that, or if this was a trick. "I have these helmets," Delilah said as she held out helmets that were robotic looking with red and aluminum paint. See-through plastic was on the front of the helmet so that whoever wore it could see. "They will protect your brains from being controlled. The issue is that I only have three. Not enough for one of you." Lightning slowly took it from Delilah, looking at her, making sure this wasn't sure. Her eyes were pretty serious about this. If she was tricking them, she was hiding it pretty well. So with that, Lightning put it on. He was fine. He said, "Okay. Since there's only three, someone will be on the look out for any major bad guys. But how will we be able to communicate?" Suddenly Tails entered into the scene, with 5 small, shiny black, walkie-talkies. "These are HD walkie-talkies, with great reception. Take these around to communicate with each other. Delilah and I will communicate with you out here." "Okay," Lightning said. He gave one to each of his friends. "Wings will be our lookout," he said. Wings nodded. Muscles took a helmet and put it on. So did Aidan. Then Lightning said, "Muscles will go and try to stop the antenna from working. Aidan and I will go and try to stop Dr. Eggman." Muscles nodded. "Okay," he said. He tried to sound confident, but Lightning could hear fear in his voice. Aidan's eyes showed she wasn't sure about this at all. When they were about to go in, Delilah shouted out, "I forgot to tell you something!" Everyone turned around as she said, "The helmets' battery only work for an hour and 10 minutes. That means that you must come back in an hour." Lightning nodded, along with the others. "Thanks," Lightning said. And with that, they went to go save the city... or maybe the world.

Chapter IX: Saving Station Square

Part I


As Lightning ran with Aidan by his side, Lightning noticed Blizzard catching up. Lightning slowed down to a stop and turned around and asked Blizzard why he was here. "To help you!," Blizzard said, "What do you think?" Blizzard's face showed that he was a little disappointed to hear that Lightning asked why he was with them. He wanted Lightning to know that he was helping him. "But you don't have one of these," Lightning said as he pointed to his helmet, "That antenna up there will mind control you!" Blizzard laughed a little as he pulled out a helmet. "Where'd you get that?," Lightning asked. Blizzard laughed a little again. "I made these!," he said. Lightning and Aidan felt better that they knew that Blizzard created them. Blizzard put it on. "Okay," Lightning said, "Blizzard, you'll go save the people, with the help of The Persian Cat Clan."


Wings stood at the top of the gate for a while. He started getting a little bored. But he knew his orders and couldn't go inside. He stood there for a while. It felt like 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Funny enough, it had only been about 8 minutes. Wings yawned. He kept turning and looking inside and outside the city, making sure no one was attacking him or any of his other buddies. Suddenly he heard marching. It was getting closer. He turned to the view of outside the city. He saw an army of what looked like strong robots charging right at the city... or him. Right away he got the walkie talkie out and yelled in it, "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"


Muscles walked through Station Square and was creeped out. The people weren't trying to attack him, but they didn't recognize or notice him either. He wasn't so sure about this. As he started to climb the building that had the giant antenna on it, he heard his walkie talkie. "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!," the walkie talkie said. Wings. It was Wings. Not good. Muscles picked up the walkie talkie and talked into it, "Wings, report please." Wings answered back, "I have visual of a big army of robots. Cannot tell if I'm the target or if you guys are." Any army?, Muscles thought, Not good. "Roger that," Muscles replied. Muscles called for Lightning to pick up his walkie talkie. "Here," Lightning said. "Did you hear any of that?," Muscles asked. "Yes, I did," Lightning answered. "Do you have visual of army?," Muscles asked. "No visual," Lightning answered. Muscles waited for a moment. Then, he heard a loud voice in the walkie tallkie: "We have visual! We have visual! Report to Tails and Delilah! We have visual!"


Tails and Delilah for some reason weren't able to radio to Lightning. So Muscles or Wings had to. "Come in, Tails, come in," came a voice from the walkie talkie. It was Muscles. Tails radioed back, "We are here." "Lightning and Aidan have visual of a big robot army. Lightning says he needs to contact Blizzard but doesn't know how," Muscles' voice said from the walkie talkie. Delilah put her head toward the walkie talkie and said in it, "Blizzard has a walkie talkie. Heh. He didn't tell you. How funny." "Roger that. I'll report to Lightning," Muscles said through the walkie talkie. When Muscles let go of the talk button, Tails said, "This is pretty serious." "You think!?," Delilah said, laughing a little. "I almost can't believe you actually are helping us," Tails said. Delilah didn't turn her head. She said, "I never said I was on your team. I just said I was helping. I hate Dr. Eggman. I have basically created my own team." Tails stood there for a moment. He finally said, "There isn't 3 sides to something. Just two. One to your left and one to your right. And there's only 2 sides to fighting. Not three. There's the dark side and the good side. There isn't a neutral side. Which side are you, Delilah?" Delilah stood there and never answered.


Blizzard was pretty freaked out. These normal, everyday people were now red-eyed servants for Dr. Eggman! Blizzard wasn't used to this type of "saving-the-city" stuff. Just then, Lightning radioed in. "Come in, Blizz. Come in," the walkie talkie sounded. Blizzard picked it up and said, "Yeah?" "What's going on over there?," Lightning's voice asked. "Creepy. The people can't even tell I'm here. All they do is yell, 'All hail Dr. Robotnik' or Eggman or whatever," Blizzard said. "Okay. Call the Persian Cat Clan," Lightning's voice said. "Roger," Blizzard said. The Persian Cat Clan was a special clan that was best known for being strong warriors. They were obviously persian cats with leaders named Geebs, Smee, and Snowbiz. The clan, a few years ago, had saved Mobius from complete destruction. So Lightning wanted them back to help them again. Lightning's voice was heard once again. "Oh, and Blizzard. You're about to be attacked by an army of robots, just to let you know."


The Persian Cat Clan were enjoying they're day. Unlike Station Square, Angel Island was nice and sunny and beautiful. The leaders, Sweebs, Smee, and Snowbiz, suddenly heard their "Help! Radio." A computer voice came on. The three listened closely. The computer voice said, "Attention, Persian Cat Clan leaders. Station Square is in jeopardy and we need your help. Caller: M. Blizzard the Hedgehog says that Station Square is currently mind controlled by foe: Dr. Eggman. Blizzard says to first go to Blizz and Co. Factory to get helmets that will protect brains from mind control. He warns you to be careful with helmets; the battery lasts in them for only 1 hour. Good luck, clan. Godspeed." The three knew they were needed. It was time to help save planet Earth. The three called in the hundreds of warriors, and they marched to the factory to get those helmets.


Lightning and Aidan knew their job. They had to stop Dr. Eggman. They ran hard. Faster. And faster. Suddenly a huge explosion appeared right in front of them, almost giving both of them a heart attack. It wasn't a robot. It was just an explosion. Lightning waited a moment to see if the robot waited to attack; if the robot wanted to startle them and make it seem unexpected. But the hole in the road stood still after the explosion. Nothing happened. Dr. Eggman must have put mines all around the place! This wasn't good to know. This just made it harder to stop Dr. Eggman! "Boy, Dr. Eggman sure knows what he doing, right Aidan?," Lightning said as he looked around. "Aidan?" Lightning couldn't find Aidan. "Aidan?" Suddenly he saw her, crying, sitting against a building wall. Lightning ran over to her and sat in front of her. "Aidan, what's wrong?" Aidan slowly looked up, tears falling down her cheeks. "I...I can't do it." "Aidan?," Lightning said, a little weirded out. "I betrayed you," Aidan said, as more tears ran down her cheeks. Lightning's eyes widened. "Wh-what??," he asked. "About a month ago, Dr. Eggman trapped me in his base and told me that he would kill me if I didn't give him the seven Chaos Emeralds. He's using their negative power to control everyone." Lightning couldn't believe what he was hearing. But instead of yelling at her, he said calmly, "You just helped us." Aidan couldn't understand what he was saying. "Although you made the mistake of giving him the Chaos Emeralds, you just helped us! If he is using the Chaos Emeralds, that's what we must do! We must get back those Chaos Emeralds! Aidan, thank you! If we didn't know the Chaos Emeralds was the main reason this was happening, we wouldn't have ever won this battle!" Then, suddenly, Lightning kissed Aidan on the lips. Aidan stood there for a moment, a little dizzy. Lightning's face suddenly went red. "I...I'm sorry. I really didn't know what I was do--" Aidan touched Lightning's face and kissed him again. Lightning felt he was going to faint.


Muscles glided from one building to the next, climbing higher and higher. This was serious. Suddenly, Muscles got a call from Lightning. "Yes?," Muscles asked into the walkie talkie. Lightning's voice replied, "Aidan and I figured out what's going on." Muscles finally started getting excited. Quickly, he talked into the microphone. "What's the issue?" "Dr. Eggman is using the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds to power up the antenna. That means that if we can get the Chaos Emeralds, we can use their positive power to stop Dr. Eggman!," Lightning's voice answered. "Of course," Muscles said to himself. "Get this message to Tails, Delilah, and Wings. We'll report to Blizz," Lightning's voice said. "Roger that," Muscles said.


Wings watched the army come in closer to him. He wasn't quite ready for this. He couldn't run into the city; he would get mind controlled. But he couldn't run away from the city either; those dangerous looking robots would attack him! He was trapped! He suddenly saw an army of cats with helmets on coming from the other side of the city. The Persian Cat Clan! Wings picked up his walkie talkie and said into it to everyone, "Visual of Persian Cat Clan." Everyone said stuff like "Roger that" and "Roger" and "Copy that." Muscles' voice was heard in Wings' walkie talkie. Wings picked it up. "Yeah?," Wings said. "We know what we have to do," Muscles' voice said, "Take the Chaos Emeralds away from Dr. Eggman. He's using their negative power." Wings knew Dr. Eggman must have those Chaos Emeralds. Wings hadn't seen any of them in a year. Not one. Suddenly he had an idea. Something to keep the robots from entering. He got his walkie talkie out and called one of the leaders of the Persian Cat Clan.


As the clan was marching towards the city, Smee got a call from Wings on his walkie talkie. He picked it up. "Hey Wings," Smee said. "Hey Smee," Wings' voice replied, " I have an idea on how to stop the robots from getting in. I have a plan." Smee listened. Wings' voice started talking again: "I want you to gather about 50 of your what?... 300 people?" "280," Smee corrected. "Okay," Wings' voice said, "280. I was close. So I want those 50 to go into the city and get out as many people as possible. Once they are all outside of the city, none of them will be mind controlled. While those 50 Persian cats do that, I will be a distraction for the robots and they will try to attack me instead of the city. When that happens, the rest of you will attack the army of robots. Sound good?" Smee looked at the two other leaders who were listening. They nodded. Smee talked into the walkie talkie, "Sounds like a plan."


Blizzard didn't know what to do. He sort of felt useless after already doing what he was supposed to. He had already called the Persian Cat Clan. Lightning suddenly called in. "Good job, Blizz," Lightning's voice said, "The Persian Cat Clan is helping save the day. And it's all because you called them in." Blizzard felt his confidence getting stronger again. As Blizzard started feeling better, he thought he saw something familiar. It was blue. It was was spiky! It was-- "Lightning, I think I might have found our friend," Blizzard said with excitement.


As Lightning and Aidan ran toward the tower, the knew things were getting dangerous. Aidan's heart started pumping faster and faster. She didn't know what to think. Was it to calm down, or was it to get serious? Lightning felt more happy in a way. He enjoyed trying to stop Dr. Eggman and going onto an exciting adventure. Lightning knew this was serious at the same time, though. He knew that although this might sort of be fun, it was serious too. He was saving the world, for crying out loud! Suddenly, Dr. Eggman's voice came out of a big speaker. "You little creeps! You think you'll be able to get the Chaos Emeralds back, don't you? To save the world and stop me, right? Well do I have a surprise for you! You have 15 minutes to get to my base up on this giant tower--or skyscraper should I say--or else the bomb I have set on your home planet--Mobius--will blow up! Muahahaha...[cough]...haha...[cough]...."


As the clan marched toward the army of 240 robots, Sweebs left the big army of persian cats, and led 50 of them into the city to take citizens out, just as Wings planned. The 230 other persian cats watched as Wings jumped into the scene and caught the robots' attention. Everything was going correctly. Wings yelled at the robots, "Hey, weren't you guys going to come and get me? Huh? I'm right here!" The robots started chasing Wings as Wings started to run. This is a dangerous job, Wings thought, If they catch me, I'm done. The persian cat clan started coming up behind the robots to attack them. And that's when things went wrong. Wings was caught by one of the really fast robots, while the robots turned their heads in time to defend themselves from being attacked by the Persian Cat Clan. So now, Wings has been captured, and the clan was going to have to fight the robots the hard way. Things were not going correctly.


As Muscles was getting closer and closer to the tower, his walkie talkie sounded. It was one of the Persian Cat Clan leaders. "Come in, Muscles. Come in." It was Snowbiz. Muscles picked up the walkie talkie and said, "Here." "Wings was captured by a robot. We need you to help him," the voice of Smee said through the walkie talkie. "Got it," Muscles said, as he turned around and headed back toward the gates of Station Square.


Blizzard walked up to Sonic as he stared at Sonic saying, "All hail Dr. Eggman." "And I never thought that Sonic would ever say that," Blizzard said to himself, chuckling a little. He picked up Sonic and carried him. Sonic kept saying, "All hail Dr. Eggman, All hail Dr. Eggman. All hail Dr..." "Enough with that already, dude!," Blizzard yelled out as he started to see the gates. And of course, Sonic's mind controlled voice started up again: "All hail Dr. Eggman, All hail Dr. Eggman, All..." Blizzard was getting annoyed. Suddenly, Blizzard saw a pink hedgehog! And a red echidna! Blizzard set down Sonic (and Sonic didn't do anything, of course) and picked up his walkie talkie. He called Lightning and said, "Yeah, I think we have an issue."


The two found interesting ways to get higher and higher up the building. They had 30 minutes left on their battery power in their helmets, and 15 minutes to get to the top! Lightning was stressed! Just a minute before, he had gotten a call from Blizzard telling him that Amy Rose and Knuckles were in the city mind controlled too! Lightning was seriously stressed out! Lightning picked up his walkie talkie and called Tails and Delilah and said, "Tails, report exactly how much time we have left." Tails' voice sounded in Lightning's walkie talkie: "You've got exactly 14 minutes and 37 seconds to get to the top... now 14 minutes and 33 seconds." Delilah's voice popped in: "And don't forget that you only have 30 minutes left on your helmet." Lightning nodded and said into the walkie talkie, "Thanks." Then he put the walkie talkie back into a pocket in the helmet, and looked at Aidan. "We're gonna have to speed up." Aidan nodded and said, "I know." Lightning's face showed that he was stressed out. "We can do this," Aidan finally said, "We can do this."


As Blizzard carried Sonic out of the city, two other persian cats came and helped him get out Amy Rose and Knuckles. Forty-eight more persian cats came in and tried to carry people out of the city. But as they were doing so, Dr. Eggman's voice came up again, "You FOOLS! You think you could get away with taking the people out of the city to 'unmindcontrol' them! Well might have not possibly known that I will now make this antenna even stronger so that even the outside of the city will be under my control! Muahahaha...[cough]...hahaha...[cough]...haha..."

Part II


"Great!," Lightning said sarcastically, "Now things just get even more challenging!!! Gaw!!" Lightning radioed Blizzard, "Blizzard." Blizzard answered, "Yeah." "You heard what Dr. Eggman was saying right?", Lightning asked. Blizzard answered, "Yeah." "Tell Tails and Delilah they need to get out of here immediately and go try to get some of your helmets," Lightning said. "Got it," Blizzard replied. Suddenly Lightning and Aidan were at the top. They broke in. Lightning yelled, "ALRIGHT FREAKIN' EGGMAN!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???"


Tails and Delilah suddenly got a call from Blizzard. Tails answered, "Yeah." Blizzard said through the walkie talkie, "Hey, Dr. Eggman said that he is going to cause the antenna to mind-control an even bigger radius than it already is. That means if you guys don't go get helmets now, you're likely to end up under the control of Dr. Eggman." "Got it," said Tails and Delilah, as they started rushing to get to Blizzard's factory.


As the Persian Cat Clan struggled to get every single on of the robots, one was obviously missing. Wings had been stolen and was somewhere unknown at the time. His walkie talkie had obviously been taken from him, and he had no helmet... uh oh... no helmet...


Muscles was running now, trying to help Wings. Of course, Wings was no where to be found. Suddenly Muscles saw a robot. The robot was holding Wings! Muscles started chasing it, yelling, "Hey! Now wait a minute! Heeeeyyy!!!!"


Lightning looked around everywhere in the tower for Dr. Eggman. Suddenly Lightning noticed that he was in the tower that had control of the mind-control antenna! As he walked over to the button, something grabbed him! It was a robot, clearly. Aidan started screaming, "Lightning!" Lightning yelled, "Don't worry! Just find the Chaos Emeralds and get them to me and Sonic!" "But Sonic wouldn't be any help right now!," yelled Aidan. "That's never true!," Lightning said.


Blizzard managed to get the three out but since the power of the antenna became stronger, it was no use. He was able to get one more helmet, though, and put it on Sonic. Sonic suddenly became aware of things again, and said, "How'd I end up here?" Blizzard asked the same. Sonic said, "All I remember is that while I was resting, some huge robot came in and then WHAM!"


Muscles finally caught up with the robot and tried to stop it, but the robot went into a building and a hard, thick, metal door shut out Muscles. Muscles started banging, commanding the robot to let him in. Suddenly Muscles heard a loud, painful, aweful, terrible scream from Wings. Muscles suddenly panicked. Now he started trying to break the door with all his might.


Aidan was panicked. Suddenly she got a call from Muscles. She answered. Muscles said, "Where's Lightning?" Aidan answered, "He was taken away by some robot, and he told me to find the Chaos Emeralds!" Muscles answered, "Aw man! He's been taken captive too???" Aidan asked what was going on. Muscles explained that Wings was taken by a robot and something happened to Wings. "Now I'm panicked as well," Muscles said. "I think we all are," Aidan answered.


Lightning tried to get out of the tight grasp of the robot, but the robot kept Lightning from escaping. Suddenly Lightning was slammed into a machine with a glass door. Lightning tried to get out of the machine but it was no use. "Oho! Look at you! You're stuck! And can't get out!" Dr. Eggman. "Show yourself Dr. Eggman!," Lightning yelled. Dr. Eggman suddenly appeared. "You fool! You thought you could just press a button and the antenna would stop working? Ha! You should've known it was a trap!," Eggman said. Then Dr. Eggman walked up to a control booth. "Now, let's see... how do we kill a electric-powered hedgehog?"


Tails took a helmet. Delilah took one as well. They put them on. Tails looked at Delilah for a moment, than said, "Why would Blizzard create mind-control protection helmets? Why would he predict Dr. Eggman would do that? I didn't. I didn't think he would. I wouldn't think Blizzard would want to waste his time creating helmets that were useless unless he knew something was coming. Delilah, why did he make these?" Delilah stood there for a moment, and then said, "Dr. Eggman had told me over a year ago that he was creating a mind-control antenna and that I was to tell no one of the sort. Although he told me not to, I did anyways, and I told my brother. Dr. Eggman found out that someone else, which was my brother, found out, and he kicked me out of his--let's just say his 'team'. I was angry at him before then, which is why I told Blizzard about the mind-control antenna, and I just became more angry at him and ended up going against him. So, because of this, Blizzard created these things, knowing that when the antenna got up and running, he would have these helmets to back him up, and whoever else needed them." Tails stood there for a moment, and then asked, "Delilah, which team are you on?" Delilah finally said, "What do you think?" Tails stood there for a moment and then smiled. Delilah smiled too. When Tails saw her smile, he was amazed. He said, "You look really good smiling." Delilah stopped smiling, and quickly turned around to exit the factory. "Well," she said, "I donno if you'll ever see that face again," and walked out the door with a serious face. Tails laughed a little and followed her.


Dr. Eggman started up the machine. Lightning wasn't feeling anything yet, because the power takes a moment to get to Lightning. But before it got to him, Lightning heard a "BOOM!" Lightning looked around. He saw nothing. Suddenly he saw something blue blur across the control booth. Could it be? Lightning thought. A wind passed Eggman and made Eggman swing back. Suddenly the control booth blew up in front of Dr. Eggman's eyes. "Darn you hedgehog! WHERE ARE YOU!!??," Dr. Eggman yelled. Suddenly the machine Lightning was in blew up and Lightning was free! Lightning finally saw Sonic stop and wave his index finger back and forth, saying, "Catch me if you can!" Sonic signaled Lightning to follow him. Lightning quickly followed Sonic.


The Persian Cat Clan luckily successfully won the battle against the robots. Knuckles and Amy were still saying, "All hail Dr. Eggman." Suddenly Tails and Delilah showed up. Then got two extra helmets for Knuckles and Amy. They stuck them on the two and the two became aware of things again. They asked, "How'd we end up here?" Everyone else asked the same. They asked what happened before things went blank for them. "We were all just hanging out in the house and suddenly a huge explosion happened!," Amy said. "We tried to figure out what it was and all I remember is it was a big robot! It knocked us all out and I don't remember anything after that," said Knuckles, scratching his head. "Me neither," Amy Rose added. Tails got a call from Muscles suddenly and Tails answered it. "Lightning was taken captive and so was Wings. I don't exactly know what happened to Wings, but what I do know is that it was something aweful. Aidan is trying to find the Chaos Emeralds right now. How's Sonic doing? Is he there?," Muscles said through the walkie talkie. Blizzard reached his head over to the microphone in the walkie talkie and said, "He's not here." Everyone and Muscles through the walkie talkie said, "What!?" Blizzard said, "Haven't you noticed? He's not here!" Delilah asked, "Well then where is he?" "He told me he was going in to help. So he's obviously somewhere in there right now." Everyone rolled there eyes and said, "Oh my gosh." "What?," Blizzard said, "Did you expect he was going to stay out here and watch Muscles and Aidan and Lightning and Wings do all the work? I don't think so! What's the problem? Has he been 'running too much?'" Tails said in a whiny voice, "He was supposed to rest longer! Now this'll be a bigger disaster because he always makes big messes!" Blizzard rolled his eyes and said, "Right, but things just got easier since he's here." Tails took a moment and then answered, "That's true."


Aidan suddenly found the Chaos Emeralds. She radioed everyone that she found the Chaos Emeralds and was shutting down the tower. Everyone applauded. Then she heard Lightning's voice say, "Great job, Aidan!" She said, "Lightning!?" Lightning answered, "I told you 'Don't Worry.' You see? I'm fine! I'm with Sonic!" "Hey!," Sonic answered. Aidan then shut off the tower and everyone in the city became aware of things again. Lightning said, "Now we've gotta stop Eggman and that dehydration robot!" Great. Just great. Aidan thought sarcastically. Things were just getting more and more exciting.


Muscles returned to the outskirts of the city, where most everyone else was. "What's going on with Wings?," Delilah asked. Muscles shook his head. "I truly don't know. I'm really worried about him," he said. Suddenly Lightning and Sonic appeared. "Hey look! A reunion!," Sonic said. "Hey do any of you guys remember that back at Mobius there's a bomb set to blow up soon?," Lightning asked. Everyone's eyes went wide and they all turned to Lightning. "Oh c'mon! You can't be telling me you didn't hear that!," Lightning said. They all looked at each other and then back at Lightning. Dead silence. "Well we can't just stand here!!! Come on!!" So Lightning started running. Sonic followed. Then Tails. Then Wings. Then Aidan. And everyone ended up going to, not save Station Square, but Mobius.

Chapter X: Saving Mobius

Lightning and the rest showed up in Mobius with Dr. Eggman standing right in front of their faces. "Hey Eggman! You're not in a stupid robot this time!," Sonic said, laughing. Dr. Eggman's face went mad. "What did you do to Wings!?," Muscles yelled. Dr. Eggman turned to Muscles. "Well you'll just have to figure it out if you haven't already! Hahaha...[cough]...aha...," Eggman said.

Suddenly a huge robot jumped into the scene. It was huge! Uh-oh.... Huge claws for squeezing, and was huge... We're dead, Lightning said. Dr. Eggman looked up and saw the robot. His eyebrows went high. "What in the world is that!?," he cried. Sonic looked at Eggman strangely and then asked, "You didn't build that?" Dr. Eggman looked at Sonic and shook his head. Dr. Eggman was innocent! He didn't build this robot!

Sonic quickly started trying to fight the robot. "Don't let the claws get ya!!!," Lightning said, laughing a bit. Sonic managed to get to the top of the robot where the head was and he banged on it numerous times. Suddenly he saw a claw coming at him. He quickly jumped and escaped. Suddenly the beeper on the bomb (which seemed to be very close to them) beeped that there were 2 minutes left. Muscles then said, "We're dead." "Not necessarily," Lightning said, as he started to run toward the robot. The robot tried to grab him, but Lightning was too fast.

Suddenly, the claw got Aidan. Aidan tried to escape. Blizzard came into the scene. He chased the robot and freezed the claw. Luckily, the robot dropped Aidan to the floor. Unfortunately, Aidan had already been dehydrated a little bit. Lightning ran up to Aidan. "Aidan," Lightning said. "Lightning," Aidan said, "Take these." She suddenly gave Lightning the Chaos Emeralds. Lightning's eyes went big, and he took them and said, "Aidan, you rule." Then Lightning told Muscles to take Aidan to a place safe. Muscles did so. He hid her behind a few trees.

Eggman got in his flying robot and started to shoot at the robot. Wasn't helping. The robot was almost invincible. Sonic suddenly found something. It was the generator! It was a small little electric cylinder-shaped generator on the robot's back. Tails came in to the scene. "Stop it D-001!," he yelled. Suddenly Sonic and Lightning paused, as they heard what Tails had yelled. The robot turned to him and kicked him up against a big tree. Tails slid down the tree trunk.

Sonic ran over to Tails. "You know its name!?," Sonic questioned surprisingly. Tails took a moment to answer, and then he finally said, "Yes. I created it." "What!!??," Sonic cried. "Sonic, hold on. It was my fault for not telling you, but listen. I created that robot to help us Sonic. I created it for purposes of attacking and dehydrating mammal enemies, not Dr. Eggman's robots." In the background, Lightning and his friends were trying to stop the robot, along with Dr. Eggman himself. The robot was trying to get to Tails, but fortunately, Lightning and his friends were preventing that from happening. Tails continued, "I created it to be the most intelligent artificial droid ever. That was a big mistake, because it figured it was so smart for me that it wondered why it must take my orders. That's the story." The robot got closer still. "What do you know about it... bah what the heck? How about this question instead... What's its weakness?" Tails quickly answered, as he saw that the robot was getting closer, "It's generator on the back. You probably saw it. Here's the issue, it is pretty strong so you will have to electrify it hard enough to make it shut down, shutting down the whole robot in the end!" "Got it! Tails you were a HUGE help right now! Thanks a WHOLE lot!," Sonic said.

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