The Adventures of Jacob and Friends is a comic series made by LegoPigeon. It is about 2 friends living in the jungle and get into many adventures with many villains such as Dr. Eggman and Erazor Djinn.

List of Comics

This is the list of all the comics ever made of TAJF (Titles include TAJF, but is not inserted):

Series 1:

  1. A New Family arrives
  2. Dr. Eggman Attack!
  3. Kevin the Hedgehog
  4. The Flying Human
  5. The Lamp
  6. Reign of Dr. Eggman
  7. The Other Tribe
  8. Metarex Attack! Part 1
  9. Metarex Attack! Part 2
  10. My Sister is a Werehog
  11. Darkness Within
  12. Jacob Generations
  13. Halloween Survival
  14. Superman Fever
  15. The Jungle Tower Squad

Series 2:

  1. Attack of the Turkeys for Thanksgiving
  2. can't st0p txting
  3. The Alliance of the Villains
  4. Crossover of Dimensions
  5. In Space!
  6. Hunt for the Emerald


Jacob Earnest

Main Article: Jacob Earnest

Jacob Earnest is the main character of the whole series. First of all, he is the great-grandson of George Earnest. He usually gets into trouble somehow around the jungle and outside of it. He also seems to find objects that get him into trouble, too. Jacob lives in an unconfirmed village consisting of 2 huts made by Michael's family after going broke.

Jacob's family has possibly died while out on the sea, so that makes Jacob an orphan, but Naomi can be considered a guardian, while being his sister.

Naomi Earnest

Main Article: Naomi Earnest

Naomi Earnest is the sister and great-granddaughter of George Earnest. She is also the guardian of Jacob and does all the cleaning and cooking of the hut that she and Jacob live in. She is about 17 years old.

Michael Reynold

Main Article: Michael Reynold

Michael Reynold is the friend of Jacob, son of the people who put together the town, and great-grandson of the hedgehog who created the University: "Green Hill Zone University". He is usually the sidekick of Jacob in his adventures, and always rescues him when in need.

Dr. Eggman

Main Article: Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is the main villain in all of the series. Before Jacob, he was sworn enemies with Sonic the Hedgehog, but now he hates Jacob even more now. He always tries to kill him, but ends up failing every-time.

The Jungle Tower Squad

The Jungle Tower Squad is a team of 4 hedgehogs that fight Jacob and his friends. They appear less than Dr. Eggman, but they are smarter and always closer to winning than him. As said before, the team consists of 4 team members:

Drax: The leader of the 4, makes the rules and most of the plans.

Lexi: The girl of the team. Very flexible and is a master at Tae-Kwon-Do.

Mace: The weapons guy of the team. Always has the right weapons for the right situation.

Zak: The background character. He fights, but doesn't speak much.

Minor Characters

These are characters who only made one appearance.

  • Erazor Djinn: Main villain in "The Lamp".
  • Kevin the Hedgehog: A good guy in the comic with the same name.
  • Falcon the Human: Main villain in "The Flying Human".
  • Classic Jacob: Character in "Jacob Generations".
  • Mecha Sonic: Main villain in the comic: "In Space!".
  • Mighty the Armadillo: Character in the comic: "In Space!".
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel: Character in the comic: "In Space!".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Character in "Hunt for the Emerald".
  • Mario Character in "Crossover of Dimensions".
  • Luigi Character in "Crossover of Dimensions".
  • Wario: Character in "Crossover of Dimensions".
  • Waluigi: Character in "Crossover of Dimensions".
  • Metarex King: Character in both Metarex Attack! comics.
  • Michael's Mom: Character in various comics, but hardly does anything.
  • Michael's Dad: Character in various comics, does more than Michael's mom, but not that much.

A New Family Arrives

This comic is the beginning of the whole series. It is about Jake and Naomi looking to find a home when they find a tribe of only 2 huts, one vacant. So, the rest of the story is about moving in and upgrading it into a luxury hut.

Dr. Eggman Attack!

After being defeated by Sonic numerous times, Dr. Eggman decides to put his rage out on other Hedgehogs or other inhabitants of Mobius. So, he searches and finds Jacob's tribe and tries to destroy it, only for Jacob's aerodynamics and speed and strength to foil his plan and make him angrier.

Kevin the Hedgehog

A new family arrives into Jacob's tribe after becoming broke, and the family has a son named Kevin, who is of Jacob's and Michael's age. After meeting they go on an adventure and cross a bridge, whom Dr. Eggman is there and takes Kevin to power up his machine, killing him in the process.

The Flying Human

Falcon was flying around Green Hill Zone Jungle when Jacob darted him and he fell unconscious on the ground of their tribe. Even though Falcon meant no harm to them, he attacked after darting him and nearly killing them. In the end, he forgives them and goes back to his home in Green Hill Zone.

The Lamp

A lamp falls in Jacob's tribe and somehow, Michael releases the genie (Erazor Djinn) inside, and when he was released, terrorizes every part of Green Hill Zone Jungle. Somehow, Naomi finds a wizard in the museum across the bridge of their tribe and tries to convince him into putting Erazor back in his lamp. So, he did so and took the lamp with him so he couldn't harm anyone anymore.

Reign of Dr. Eggman

After getting so pissed off at Jacob and Michael defeating him once again, he builds the biggest robot he has ever built to kill them for sure. When he destroys Jacob's tiny village, Jacob climbs inside an opening of the Robot's leg and destroys the Supercomputer inside. The explosion of it was similar to the Tsar Bomba, only a bit bigger, but since it was in the air, nothing really happened, except a few birds died.

The Other Tribe

Michael's mom discovers another tribe while scavenging for food on the other side of the river, near the museum. She discovers they were here for thousands of years and they were 10x the size of their tribe. When they find out about Jacob's tribe, they took them overnight to their tribe to die. Instead, Jacob broke free of a tribe member's grasp and defeats them all. When he notices they took his photo of him as a baby with his deceased mother and father, he really angry and goes into a super form and kills the emperor and retrieves his photo.

Metarex Attack! Part 1

Metarex have opened a wormhole from the far corner of space to the Green Hill Zone Jungle. Even though the Metarex weren't after Jacob, he jumped from the tallest tree in the jungle and climbed onto one of their ships and blew it up. The Metarex got mad at this and all fleets went after him.

Metarex Attack! Part 2

In his part, all fleets of spacecraft go after Jacob, so he runs off to the central part of Green Hill Zone and jumps off the Mobius TV HQ and climbs onto the main ship, and breaks the wormhole technology with his bad coding and sends every Metarex ship from where they came. before they were sent back, he retrieved a ship similar to a ship from Star Fox, in case any of these events happens again.

My Sister is a Werehog

Naomi was bitten by a Wolf and transforms slowly into a Werehog by each night, when Jacob and Michael notice this, they call up Spidey and ask him for an antidote. He said it will take all night to make this, so they must survive Naomi all night until he comes.

Darkness Within

Jacob starts feeling very evil and starts losing his pupils and irises every few moments and his fur turns very dark when that happens. When Naomi sees what is happening, she then notices again that it stopped happening and that his fur has turned darker and his pupils and irises were gone. When that happens, Jacob releases a rampage on the Jungle and runs off to the other parts of Mobius until he finally stops in George Island, an island discovered by his great-grandfather; "George Earnest.

Jacob Generations

Naomi makes a time machine for her science fair, but creates a time paradox in the process. During the process, a short, chubby version of Jacob comes out of the machine and runs around the Jungle. Jacob and Naomi try to stop it, but are always ending up failing, until Michael's dad fixes the Time Machine. When that happens, Jacob challenges his "Mini-Me" version of himself to a race, tricking him into the portal in the process.


Halloween Survival

Jacob's village prepares for the yearly outbreak of zombies running abound in the Green Hill Zone Jungle. Somehow, this one is somewhat different and more different, since Dr. Eggman seems to be controlling them all.

Superman Fever

When a comic book from Earth crashes in Jacob's room, he becomes obsessed with Superman and Naomi and Michael must sober him from it. In the end, Jacob then finds another thing to follow, Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Jungle Tower Squad

A new evil gang builds a tower across the bridge of Jacob's village. When Jacob finds out about it, he goes to stop them and to destroy the tower with Michael. After this, The Jungle Tower Squad declared that they are now sworn enemies with Jacob and his people of his village.

Attack of the Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Michael's dad is given a turkey and raises it until Thanksgiving. When it was about to be killed, it fought and back went on the loose in the jungle. when it came back, it had an army of turkeys, which Jacob and Michael fought off. Naomi believed that the Turkey boss was from Dr. Eggman or The Jungle Tower Squad, but Dr. Eggman was on vacation and JTS was planning another plot to kill Jacob and his friends.

can't st0p txting

Naomi receives a new phone and can't stop texting. Since Naomi's problem is so bad, she got sucked into her phone and is in the digital world. Even though Jacob hates her, he had to rescue her since he can't make a sandwich.

The Alliance of the Villains

Dr. Eggman and the Jungle Tower Squad team up after meeting eachother to kill Jacob and his friends. When they arrive at his village, the only person there is Naomi, cleaning up the hut. They try to kill her, but fail in every attempt.

Crossover of Dimensions

When Michael's dad tries out Naomi's time machine, he accidentally opens a portal from the Mario Universe and lets out Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. Since they have been released, they did a never-ending war against each other (Mario and Luigi vs. Wario and Waluigi), when Naomi tries to fix the portal to put them back where they came from.

In Space!

Naomi creates a rocket with the parts she found next to the Museum and brings Michael and Jacob with her into space. When they arrive in space, they find Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel battling Mecha Sonic right above the planet Mobius. Jacob and Michael help fight Mecha Sonic and destroy, when a purple emerald flies out of him. Mighty gives Jacob the emerald and said he needs it more than he does and flies back down to Mobius.

Since Jacob Earnest has received the purple emerald, he has been sensing other ones around Mobius.

Hunt for the Emerald

Since Dr. Eggman has heard that Jacob has received a purple chaos emerald, he builds a a Chaos Emerald Tracker and locates one 200km from Jacob's village. Jacob also senses it there, to, so they race to the finish to take it, when in the end, Sonic the Hedgehog has gotten there first, but gave it to Jacob for safekeeping.

More to come in the future. (ON HIATUS!)

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