"The Adventures of Darwin & Adeline" is a TV series following the life of Darwin, a 16 year-old hedgehog and his friend, Adeline. It airs on Disney XD.

Season 1 Episodes

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Episode Title Summary
1 1 First Adventure Sonic and Friends go on an adventure while

Darwin and Shadow look for treasure.

2 2 The Curse of Castle Calamity The gang goes to film a movie in Castle Calamity, and strange things happen.
3 3 The Mountain of Doom! Sonic tries to conquer Mt. Doom. Knuckles runs into Rouge.
4 4 Persistent Personalities Tails' new invention splits Darwin into five different emotions.

Characters (Season 1)

Locations (Season 1)

  • Sonic's House
  • Green Mountain Zone
  • Underground Cave
  • Castle Calamity

Items (Season 1)

  • Pickaxe
  • Backpack
  • Foam Dart Blaster
  • Gold
  • Headgear
  • Pillow
  • Chair
  • Rope
  • Vision Ray Goggles
  • Darwin's Phone
  • Sword
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