This is an article about The Abyss, a location created by MysticAlice.


Most of the residents in the Abyss are youkai and other types of demons. There are some animals, but they don't taste good to eat even when cooked. Most of the residents don't mind the temperatures there despite the fact that a normal human would die from hyperthermia.


The average temperature during the day in the Abyss are usually above the boiling point, mainly 300° Fahrenheit. The areas are mainly rocky and cavernous, with a few sparse Abyss grasslands. The Abyss has close to no water, as it was all drained for selfish purposes.


Sometime about ten thousand years ago, there was a young girl named Lea. She had a strange mind. She would often tell stories about her imagination, but no one would ever believe her. Soon, she went haywire with her imagination, and the Abyss was born. The girl created everything there. She thought it would be boring without things to watch and toy with, so she created many species of youkai, including dolls and witches, and introduced them to the Abyss.

Significant Populations

Most of the populations are made up of youkai and other demons:

  • Dolls
  • Demons
  • Witches
  • Godess(Lea is the only one of this species in the Abyss)

Notable Areas

There are some notable areas:

  • Ice Fortress
  • Castle of Lea


These are only some of the landmarks:

  • The Holiday Maker's Home
  • Cave of Questionable Return
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