The A Game Squad is your average teenage girl Squad of tomboys/girls. While they are not a heroic type with any special abilites they say they are better off without that stuff. They consit of 5 girls who been friends since Grade school.

Head Members

Aurora the Hedgehog: The President of the group.

Caroline The Fox: Vice President

Alana the Cat: Head Manager

Katie the Bat: Board Member

Skylar the Hedgehog: Board Member


'MAIN POLICY​: Although we are nothing special or heroic we are like a 2nd Family. We 'may Grow up at one point but we are going to remember one another. What really matters is our time together.

'1. We may not have much time but we always support one another.'


They believe in whatever they want to. While all of them believe in God they mix in Cathoic Christian and Protestant. Each girl accepts one another for whatever they believe in to support each other.

Base of Operations

As a Squad together they set out to look for a base. One day they discovered a cave half a mile out the river. This is their Secret hideaway nobody knows about. If someone does find out they make a pack that they tell them to keep it secret. If gotten out of hand they move to a new location. This cave goes in the depth and has 3 bases.They have a secret passage that goes into a trail onto the mountain. They also found a secret underground domain. It has an Island in the middle and two waterfalls. It leads to a big room so they made it their hangout room. This base is known as "Clear Domain."


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They have no required uniform, however they wear their sports uniform on whatever season is going on to get them motivated.


Since Grade School these 5 girls have been best friends. One day in Middle school they each decided to make them an offical squad. As they joined sports and activites they still support each other. One summer day the girls went jet skiing. They discovered their base out in the river. Ever since then they been together all the time except when Family calls.

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