There are also additional members of the A.T.A., who were likely inspired by their defection of the Trolls. They're not considered to be official members, but are still members of the A.T.A. in their own right.

Nyet the Polar Bear

Nyet the Polar Bear was a member of the A.T.A. Like Bark, Nyet is rather silent and a social recluse, not really jumping into action unless if needed be. And like any other recolors, his fur is turquoise with steel gray eyes. His scarf is identical to Bark's, though its colors are reversed. He shares the same, equal strength like Bark, but he himself seriously detests the hot weather as it can greatly weaken him, same with pyrokinesis. He uses cryokinesis as his form of attack, but seldom uses his own, brute strength.

And like Bark, he is mute at times but does speak normally. However, he speaks in a much different language that only E-666 "Phobos" can understand him. The name "Nyet" means "no" in Russian.

Personality-wise, he's a social recluse and isn't too open to anyone except the A.T.A., though he doesn't harbor any grudges except for the Trolls. Still, even when he's almost always isolated, he does aid those in need or whenever they're in danger.

Alto the Fennec

A recolor of Sonar the Fennec, Alto is an unofficial member of the A.T.A. She bears many of the same abilities as her original counterpart, namely the ultrasonic hearing and high agility, yet lacks the experience in hand-to-hand combat that Sonar has. Alto does have sonokinetic abilities, and primarily relies on more utility-based facets of the Sound Attribute, namely in the form of sound mimicry and distortion, as well as being able to emit different frequencies to cause adverse effects to her opponent.

Alto is capable of singing quite well, but due to her shy nature, she typically refuses to sing for others. When it comes to singing, however, one of her biggest inspirations is the famous vocalist/violinist Ilta Virtanen; Ilta is in fact a big inspiration to Alto in general, and she not only owns many of her albums, but some of her published meditation videos, as well.

Alto has a companion by the name of Tiger; Tiger is an Electric Creeperhog that Alto found as an egg, and, upon hatching, the Creeperhog imprinted on Alto, believing her to be his mother. Tiger was named for his jagged and stripey fur pattern that resembles the pelt of a tiger. The Creeperhog is younger than a year, and as such has not yet developed the specialized cells around his heart that enable him to explode; Alto is trying to find a way to permanently halt the development of these cells in order to make sure that her beloved companion doesn't meet an untimely and explosive demise.

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