This is the first Character Tournament. The fighters are five of RandomFlab's and Hedge's characters. Tournament 537445893


Random's characters

Hedge's characters

Round 1

Hayden vs. Jason:

The tournament has started with the crowd roaring with excitement. the announcer has already announced the contenders names, each getting the standing ovation they deserve. The crowd now sits in anticipation to watch the two collide.

Jason: Whenever you're ready, I am. But don't think I'll go easy on you for what happened in the Fire dimension.

Hayden: This'll be easy. (Immediatly throws a ball of Icefire at Jason)

(The icefire ball hits jason's hand, and he simply hits it away)

Jason: I've trained with Flab since our last meeting, and my defencive skill have gotten better (readies a ball of water) But my strength is still the same! (throws ball but it splits into three)

Hayden: (Freezes the three balls of water) You think water is going to stop me!?

Jason: I didn't think so (slams fist into ground) BUT THIS WILL! (a giant earth fist comes from underneath Hayden)

Hayden: (Gets hit but makes fire appear beneath his feet so stays in mid air, he then comes up to a greater height) Impressive, but not good enough. I'd like to see you dodge this! (Makes a massive storm of Fireballs rain down on Jason)

Jason: heh (all fireballs hit the ground making a big explosion, but when the smoke clears there is a distinct whole where Jason dug, and a sharks fin is circling on the land waiting for the next move)

Hayden: (Is really shocked and lands on the ground safely) You want me!? Come and get me!?

Jason: (fin disappears and reappears infront of Hayden in a flash) You asked for it. (performs a massive hit combo and sends hayden flying up into the air)

Hayden: (Is bruised and slightly bloodied) THAT'S IT!! FIRE WHIRLWIND!!! (A massive ball of Fire surrounds Hayden, he then charges, full speed at Jason)

(Jason is hit and his fur is severely burned, revealing the scales on his fin)

Jason: Not bad, but lets have a PROPER attack! (Water covers Jason's whole body and a shield of earth covers the front and he makes a full charge at Hayden)

Hayden: (His shirt is ripped, his leg is heavily bruised and is bleeding all over) Your a lot stronger than I thought. I knew I'd have a tough fight on my hands. But I'm not giving up yet! (Rises high in the air using Fire and covers himself from head to toe in fire and heads down right into Jason at full speed)

(At the last second Jason creates a large wall of earth but is still severly hurt)

Jason: Not bad Hayden, not bad at all ... But are you ready for THIS! (a grey aura surrounds Jason, and his body becomes more sharp and shark-like) This is my Great white form, I think you'll find it very hard to damage me now!

Hayden: (Is lying in a massive crater and his shirt, shorts and trademark Flying Goggle and totally wrecked) Well, I was not expecting that at all. (Goes back up in the air, using fire and shoots 2 Blue Fire Beams at Jason)

Jason: (just stands there but a large wall of water appears completely disintegrating the fire balls) *chuckles* You've got to do better than that! (Throws a large ball of earth towards Hayden)

Hayden: (Barely flies out of the way) I knew you were a great fighter and all, but this is ridiculous! (Makes a very thick 10 by 10 metre Icefire wall and sends it from all sides at Jason) Try dodging that, will ya!

Jason: Much obligued! (dives into the ground and dodges the ice ball by his spine, pops out of the ground) Why don't you transform and make this a little interesting?

Hayden: (His body, from head to toe, now has white fire around it, white fire is the second strongest type of fire) I have! Give me your best shot!

Jason: RAAAAAAAAAH! (lunges at hayden, performing his signature technique: Shark's prey)

Hayden: (Makes a Fire Whirlwind just as Jason performs his signature technique)

Jason: (is flung back but charges in again to try but this time he has a large viel of water surrounding him)

Hayden: (Quckly realises The Fire Whirlwind is going to break, so he makes an Ice Sheild underneath The Fire Whirlwind)

Jason: heh, so predictable (disappears and reapppears behind hayden) Lets end this! (perfoms the Shark's prey technique)

Hayden: (The Ice Sheild breaks, so Hayden makes a very strong ring of Blue Fire and sends it in all directions, as a strait line of ring) What do you think now!?

Jason: (his eyes turn more shark like) I THINK I'M GONNA END THIS NOW! (enters a stance) AQUA! ... (a large ball of water coats the are around jason) TSUNAMI! (from that ball a blast of water the size of a tow truck is sent directly to hayden)

Hayden: (Is lying on the ground, and has lost his transformation) Using my own weakness against me. Very clever. But I'm done yet. FIRESTORM!!! (Fire's spring up all over the arena, and Fire rains from the air, while Hayden hurls Icefire from his hands constantly) Try surviving this!

Jason: (is severely fried and has lost his transformation and struggles, but gets up) I have one last attack ..... it could cost me 5 weeks in intensive care ..... but I treat all battles like my last! (earth rumbles around the whole arena) Earthened ... (a large 10 foot wide and high wall surrounds hayden) PANCAKE! (the walls rapidly close in on hayden)

Hayden: If I'm going to simply survive this, I'll have to use my most defensive attack! (Transforms into blue fire Hayden and covers all the walls with thick ice in an attempt to stop them moving)

Jason: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (the walls have been slowed down but there is no sign of them stopping)

Hayden: (Covers the walls with even more ice)

Jason: (thinks) he's putting up a fight but i can't keep this up for much longer, I KNOW! (the top of the earth wall caves in on top of hayden) (thinks) that should do it

Hayden: (Quckly turns back into normal Hayden and turns into Ice Hayden, then using all his strength, puts a massive amount of ice on the top roof and starts holding it with all his strength, he is now incredibly exhausted, and could possibly become unconcious any second)

Jason: (thinks) i can sense his power weakining, but his will isn't going down without a fight, all i have is a few argh! (jason collapses and the wall stops moving) Heh, what do you know, he actually bet me (smiles as he goes unconcious)

Hayden: (The Earth walls stop moving and Hayden starts to collapse and lose his transformation) I won. I never thought. (Collapses and goes unconcsious)

Hector vs. David:

The fight has started, with the crowd roaring with great excitement after seeing the close fight yesterday, the announcer has announced the contestants, with each contestant getting the respect they deserve, with both cotestants handshaking each other. The crowd sits in anticipation waiting for the fight to commence.

Hector: You can go first, I haven't met you in my life, but that dosen't bother me.

David: Same goes here (looks at the crowd and smiles) it does my heart good to see so many smiles on peoples faces (continues to wacth the crowd, forgetting that he has a match)

Hector: (To himself) Hm, this could be quite easy. (Goes under the ground and Mole Attacks David)

David: (seems to be made of dust but is seen high above the platform) tut tut tut, being a fighter you have no honour and respect (blasts Hector with a beam of light) That will be your downfall!

Hector: AAAHHHH!!! (Is blinded by the light, so he goes underground and reappears above ground and everything is blurry) LIGHT, CANT, SEE!!! (Starts making an Earth prison around David)

David: (Again disappears like dust, but this time reappears right in front of Hector) Recklessness, yet another reason why you won't win! (punches Hector right in the chin)

Hector: (His chin starts to bleed) AAHH! (Goes back underground, reappears above the ground and starts rising with a moving earth platform, he then jumps off and attempts to land right where David is standing)

David: (looks up surprised) persistance, a value i never thought you had ... but are you prepared for this? (takes a step back but makes a TINY light beam out of his finger to blind Hector)

Hector: AAAAHHHHH!!!! (Is blinded and starts walking around in circles and is very dazed)

David: Hmph, my turn to fight (does an aura blast directly to Hector)

Hector: (Falls to the Earth, he is not only blinded, but very sore all over) AAHHH!!!!!! (Goes under the ground and Mole Attacks David)

David: (disappears again and reappears above the platform again) Haven't you learnt yet, direct attacks never work on me! (directly slams into Hector) But mine do work on you!

Hector: (Everything is blurry, Hector's shoulder is sprained and he is bleeding from the chin) You, your beating me. But I'm not losing yet. (Make's the earth underneath David collapse and turn into a hole)

David: !!! (falls into the hole and lands on his face, gets up) Well played, but what do you plan on doing now, i'll simply blind you again!

Hector: (Quckly searches for something that might help him beat David and finds his sunglasses which he foolishly forgot to put on, he puts them on) I think you'll find it hard to blind me now!

David: Lets try then! (The whole of Davids body is covered in pure light) Bright .......... SILENCE! (a large burst of light comes from David, making the hole twice the size in diameter)

Hector: (Sees the light, but is not blinded by it) Hey, it works! (Makes a massive Rock Fist and slams it into David)

David: (Is hit and is right up against the wall, he lets out an energy burst to get rid of the fist and attacks Hector with his Lights of Wrath technique)

Hector: (Gets partially blinded from the intense light) AAHHH!!! CAN'T SEE!!!! (Starts making random earth walls around him so David dosen't attack)

David: (stops right in front of the wall) That was a close one, i better teleport in there before he can see again (teleports and is right behind Hector) HERE'S SANTA! (Blasts Hector at the back of his head)

Hector: (Is not blinded anymore, but blood is running from the back of his head and causing Hector much pain) Please...stop! Please!!

David: That's all you have to say (heals Hector's wounds) Because thanks to those words, I have won the match (helps hector up)

Sam vs. Flab:

The crowd is filled with excitement because this was the match they have been waiting for since day one. The stadium is packed with twice as much people, and Sam got an extraordinary standing ovation. Flab on the other hand was laughed at when his name was announced, but amongst that laughter were people murmuring about what they had heard of him.

Flab: Well, i guess we see who the favorite is, huh Sam?

Sam: Yep, you can throw the first attack if you want.

Flab: (in a flash he runs and punches Sam in the back) Remeber, you asked for it! (performs a kick and sends Sam into the air) That should do it for now, YOUR MOVE!

Sam: (Starts hovering in mid air) Very impressive! I was not expecting that. Now then, for my move. (Starts charging up a 5 Powers attack) FIVE POWERS ATTACK!!! (Throws it at Flab at a very fast speed)

Flab: (is pummeled into the ground and alot of dust is covering the hole) (he simply gets up and cracks his neck with a loud noise) Didn't you pay attantion to me in the fire dimension? I have the best defence on Mobius (kicks sam in the air again) and imma gonna use it! (jumps up in the air, grabs Sam and performs special attack number 1: GRAND SLAM SHABAM!) (a huge explosion happens on impact and Flab walks out of the crater) That shoulda got that done.

Sam: (Is bruised and blood is seeping from his wounds) I didn't think you were that good! I am impressed! But I shouldn't be complementing you! I should be fighting you! (Gets up, goes under the ground just underneath Flab, and makes a high pressure water fountain come out from the under the ground and hit Flab)

Flab: Not so fast! (pulls out the water living stone, which absorbed all the water and send it back to Sam with equal power) I came fully prepared for your abilities!

Sam: (Spits all the water out of his mouth) I'm impressed! Most people I fight don't have a clue what their doing. Aka, Pitch the Echidna. But I cam fully prepared for a time like this. INFERNO CONTROL!!! (Sam turns into Inferno Sam and blasts all the earth away using pure fire power)

Flab: Hmph! If you're gonna transform, SO WILL I! (from Flab's head alot of energy builds up, then that power travels to the rest of his body, turning him into Psycha Flab) Normally i would have gone super, but i don't have any of the chaos emeralds and i don't think this is going to last very long ... now

Sam: Well, I have The Inferno Emeralds which are the Fire Dimension counterparts of the Chaos Emeralds. (Makes a massive ball of Fire Energy and throws it straight at Flab)

Flab: (irises and pupils disappear) Exactly why i picked and energy CANCELLOR form! (Flab just jabs the Fire energy ball and is disapates into nothing) My turn i'm guessing (Flab run's in behind Sam as fast as he can and performs the art of the gentle fist: 6 palms)

Sam: (Just turns around to face Flab, and appears unhurt) In a chaos form you can't hurt me, now for my next move. (Makes a massive Pure Fire Ball, throws it at Flab and charges into Flab)

Flab: (the fireball hits and Flab is knocked back, and when he was charged at by Sam, he quickly changed into his Vulcan form and stood there) You'll find that this isn't a chaos form, but only a form i have gained due to my intensive defensive training. So almost no attack can damage my body so you know. (kicks Sam back and jumps into the sky so high that Sam can't see him)

Sam: Where is he? I thought this fight would be really easy.

Flab: HERE I AM! (still up high in the sky, Sam can see a faint shape of what seems to be a large meteor) If you can survive this, then i'm going to have to go elemental on this! (performs Vulcan Flab's patented Meteor Slam, impacting the whole battles floor, sending a large gust of wind past all of the audience)

Sam: (Has lost his Inferno form from the attack, but seems okay otherwise) Clever move. Damaging the user's super form with a powerful attack. (Covers the whole arena floor with ice) Now let's see how you go with ice on the floor rather than earth!

Flab: (stands up from the attack and dusts of his shoulders) My shoes are prepared for this, as they are multi-terrained (the ground under Flab's feet melt back to rock) As well as my body heat, so only in a matter of minutes, walking around this platform, i'll have made the arena back to normal. So what are you gonna do about that?

Sam: Nothing really, except this. (Turns all the Ice into water and makes a massive Tsunami wave and sends it straight at Flab)

Flab: (is hit by the tsunami and is send to the wall of the arena, but he gets up and spits out water) What part of 'almost no attck can damage my body' don't you understand?

Sam: As if! (Makes the earth underneath Flab shoot up so he ends up going high in the air, Sam then quickly rushes up to him, grabs him and slams him into the ground) Don't make a fool of me!

Flab: (again stands up and brushes the dirt of his shoulders) Dude, if anyone is being made a fool of now ... IT'S (readies a blast) YOU! (Fires a large energy beam at Sam)

Sam: (Just barely flies out of the energy beam) How is it, that you just come out of each move unscathed!? Well, I'm sick of this! INFERNO CONTROL!!!!!! (Turns into Super Sam) Okay, your finished! (Charges up a massive ball of pure fire energy and throws it straight at Flab)

Flab: (for once to defend himself, he crosses his arms) Vulcan ... (energy goes into flab's arms) WALL! (out of nowhere a wall of metal appears infront of Flab and it is melted away from the fireballs impact) like i said ... what part of 'almost no attack can damage my body' don't you get!?!

Sam: (Parts the ground from underneath Flab and makes a 5 metre deep hole)

Flab: (rolls out of the way) Nice try, but holes aren't me (readies a blast) but orange suites you well! (fires Flab's Vulcan Beam towards Sam (10x10 size by the way))

Sam: (Quickly goes under the ground and mole attacks Flab) Nice try Flab, but you can't beat me. I have an array of moves, and I can fight all day. But I'm not sure about you though.

Flab: Please (Flab does a little dance then eneters his signature fighting pose) As long as there is oxygen in the air, I will never surrender (weakens his pose) *thinks* unless THEY were at risk

Sam: You do realise you just gave me your weakness. But, I admit, even I can't do that. (Makes an Air Tornado, hops into it and sends the Tornado directly towards Flab)

Flab: (still in his Vulcan form, pulls out the wind living stone and absorbs the tornado, and sends it back to Sam at normal force) Listen to me Sam so we can make this less boring. I can absorb elemental attacks and send them back to you thanks to these stones. The only thing i can't absorb are chaos blasts but i can soften their impact. (slams fist into chest) Physical attacks however can damage me, but whether i feel it or not is another thing.

Sam: You do realise this battle is getting nowhere. Right? (Rises up into the air away from Flab's reach) If you want to make it interesting, then come up here.

Flab: (laughs) you don't get it do you? as long as i am in this form (rises off ground to Sam's height) This battle will last until you give in (throws a glowing punch to Sam's chest)

Sam: (Gets knocked back) Well, let's make this battle more interesting, I didn't want to do this because the crowd wanted a fight just like Jason vs Hayden, but I have no choice. INFERNO CONTROL!!! (Turns into Inferno Sam)

Flab: (has a surprised look on his face) Still, whether you hurt me or not, I still have on last trick up my sleeve! (Full on charges at Sam, hoping he moves upwards to dodge)

Sam: (Moves upwards to dodge) You are a moron, you know that? (Starts charging up a MASSIVE ball of pure Fire energy and is about to send it at Flab)

Flab: You're the moron! (the holes in back of Flab's spine energize up) 'cause you're feeling (about to blast) THE VULCAN'S RAGE! (Flab stupidly fires the blast right into the ball of pure fire energy instead of Sam)

Sam: Um, was that supposed to hurt me? (Charges into Flab using Supersonic speed)

Flab: (Is slammed into the ground and you can see cracks in his fur) ... huh ... what do you know? ... You actually broke through my defenses. (powers down to base form) *chuckles* But you really think i have given up? (transforms into Flare Flab) What better fight than to have to pyrokinetics fight? (Charges up a fire blast and sends it at Sam)

Sam: (Gets hit but is not hurt) This chaos form is pretty cool, I must admit. (Rises high into the air and makes a Meteor Storm, thousands of meteors start falling into the ring)

Flab: *looks down* heh (opens arms wide and all the meteors that hit Flab enter his body) Again ... IT'S MY TURN! (sends the meteors back at Sam but they are twice the size) Remember that i only gain this form thanks to the fire living stone, that means i have the same abilities to it

Sam: (Heads even higher so the Meteors are easier to dodge, then literally dives into the earth from his height, aiming to hit Flab)

Flab: (closes his eyes, and at the last second turns into fire so Sam couldn't hit him)

Sam: (Hits the Earth and temporarily loses his Inferno form) Oh great! (Flies up into the air and waits for the Inferno form to come back)

Flab: (back to normal Flare form) *thinks* nows my chance, gotta use my special attack before his inferno form gets back (charges a spindash with sparks picking up) blazing ..... (Charges into Sam with flames covering the whole body) BASH! (repeats bashing and slaming into Sam numerous times, then finishes with a flaming kick to the head) That should do ya

Sam: (Is very sore and injured, but still very concious) You actually hurt me! (Qucikly goes 10 metres underground, quickly heals himself with Hydrokinesis to get rid of the scarring and comes back up with his Inferno form) I'll let you make the next move.

Flab: *thinks* I'm never going to win this if he keeps healing himself ..... i'll use my final form, but it'll be kinda risky (powers down to base form) (stands there with arms open) i've been doing all the damage here, now it's you're turn *thinks* i gotta wait 'till i'm on my last leg, then i'll hit him with my final form

Sam: (Charges up a MASSIVE Five Powers Attack and sends it straight at Flab) You asked for it.

Flab: ARGH! (is sent back to the wall and is extremely injured) *laughs and coughs* Thanks, *cough* i needed that (all the seven living stones circle Flab) I want to end this right here *cough* right NOW! (all the living stones enter Flab's body, turning him into God Flab) *Three voices talking at once* An elemental fighting against the whole force of nature ... lets see how you fight (sends a tsunami-like wind wave towards Sam)

Sam: (Holds it, but still gets knocked back 3 metres) This was now what I was expecting!

Flab: (rise a few feet in the air) As long as i am in this form, no elemental attack may hurt me ... but that is more than i can say for you! (makes rocks rise above the ground, and they all start breaking and flying towards Sam, fast like bullets)

Sam: (Surrounds himself in a massive collum of water so the Rocks don't hit him)

Flab: Hmmm (raise hand and the whole ground shakes) Lava ..... (lava seeps up) BLAST! (the lava seeping from the ground attacks Sam in a concentrated blast)

Sam: (Gets lifted into the air but is not affected by the lava) Lava is a part of me, so are the 4 elements. Face it Flab, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to beat me.

Flab: (crosses arms and thunder clouds form in the sky) Then what about electricity huh? (opens arms and all the clouds above the arena strike Sam with thunder) If four elements are a part of you, i'll just use the elements i have that AREN'T a part of you!

Sam: (Is in shock and in a lot of pain, but is on the ground so it dosen't affect him severely and stumbles) I AM IN PAIN!!! AND YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!!! (Starts making and Earth prison around Flab which suddenly turns into an Air Tornado which spits Flab out, but stays in the ring)

Flab: (Is totally unaffected) Like you have elements that are a part of you, i have 7 elements that are a part of me! (Makes a ball of darkness and sends it to Sam, whilst sending another ball of light which homes in on the opponent)

Sam: (Goes under the ground just the before the attacks hit him)

Flab: (The dark ball attack misses, but the ball of light followes Sam into the ground)

Sam: (Resurfaces and makes an Ice Sheild which covers his face and torso, but gets hit on his legs and arms and feels pain

Flab: Sorry Sam (Raises arms and ball of light surrounds Sam) But this is your chance to surrender, do it now or this final attack will finish you ...

Sam: (Covers his sore arms and legs with soothing healing water) Like you think I'm going to surrender that easily! You underestimate me!

Flab: Then you leave me no choice (Flab clenches his fists and the ball of light is shrinking at a slow-pace and is min utes away from touching Sam's skin) this attack is called light's demolishion ... you either surrender now or you will be crumpled to a pulp!

Sam: Bring it!

Flab: (clenches fists tighter) So you wished it, so it shall be (the ball is only but inches away from Sam's skin)

Sam: (Sinks into the ground just before the attack hits him, he then resurfaces away from the attack)

Flab: *chuckles* can't escape that easy! (the ball picks Sam up, taking him above Flab and the ball is only millimetres away from Sam's skin) Last chance Sam ... surrender or be seriously injured for the next year!

Sam: (Immediatly flies high above the attack with 0.1 millimetres left to spare, then throws a massive 5 powers attack at the ball of light)

Flab: (The ball of light seperates into 3 seperate beams and again flies directly to Sam completely trapping him in the ball this time) I will ask again, will you surrender?

Sam: (Surrounds himself in Magma to literally burn the light away)

Flab: Not bad (lowers arms) But it doesn't matter, i have already won, because you're attacks can't hurt me *thinks* Let's just hope he doens't touch a nerve or then, both him and me, will be in big trouble

Sam: You have a point, but I'm not giving up. (Throws two 5 power attacks at Flab)

Flab: Hmmph (just stays untouched, airborn above the arena) I told you time and time again, I have the best defence in Mobious ... ALMOST NO ATTACK CAN HARM ME! (creates a ball elemental energy with all of the seven elements that Flab has power of) Unity ... (the ball quadruples in size) of the ... (ball slowly moves form) ELEMENTALS! (the ball moves towards the arena floor) you're choice Sam, you can get hit ... or you can be killed by the after shock of this attack!

Sam: (Flies 38 metres above the Arena and waits for the shock of the attack to pass)

Flab: *chuckles* (charges a blast and sends it at the ball, quadrupling it again, making reach the same height as Sam) bye bye ... (the ball hits the arena floor, and the explosion is so large that it could be seen from over 30 miles away from the arena)

Sam: (Is now 156 metres above the arena and has got burn marks all over him and is quite weakened) I have to make this count, this could kill me or not. (Starts making a Meteor shower ahead of his attack, then 30 seconds later amps up his Inferno form and literally flies into the earth at Supersonic speed just behind the Meteor storm and is now 1 metre away from Flab)

Flab: i didn't say bye bye for nothing (in a flash of light, Flab teleports to where Sam was 38 meters above the arena floor) *thinks* i hoped it didn't come to this (as Sam was flying towards where Flab was, He sends a genocide blast-style light beam towards Sam)

Sam: (Hits the ground and makes a massive 23 metre crater and sees the light blast and quickly makes a 5 Powers Whirlwind to attempt to stop the blast, but still gets hit and has lost nearly all of his strength)

Flab: (lowers himself down and powers down to his base form) Face it Sam, you can't beat me, not my brother, or my father could, you should just give up because i have severly damaged you and you have hardly made a scratch on me!

Sam: (Weakly) Why should I give up!? (Goes under the ground and starts healing himself with Hydrokinesis)

Flab: (all of a sudden falls to his knees) *thinks* WHAT? already? i knew this day would come, but why now? (slams both fists in the ground) SAM! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME YOU NEED TO KNOCK ME OUT COLD BEFORE I SNAP! *gasps* MY MANY YEARS OF ANGER IS TAKING CONTROL! YOU NEED TO KNOCK ME OUT NOW!!!!!

Sam: (Comes out of the ground, but is still hurt but has half his strength back and makes a massive ice ball and throws it at Flab in an attempt to freeze him solid)

Flab: (the ice hits and only coats his hands, and even then the ice melts away quickly) AUGH! IT'TOO LATE SAM! *gasps* BRACE YOURSELF! (a large wave of darkness emits from Flab, and then all everyone can see is a bkack silouette of Flab changeing into some demon werehog, and when it is done, he lets out an ear splitting roar) ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I am demon beast Flab (looks at his fists then clenches them) Finally, after 10 years of being trapped, i have finally obtained all his anger *gasps* (the head turns back to Flab's) Sam, you have only 2 hours to beat me, do it now or you will pay the pri - (head turns back to the beasts) SHUT UP YOU! (turns to Sam then sends a giant fist of darkness towards him) TAKE THAT!

Sam: (Covers himself in Magma to stop the darkness hitting him then after the attack passes he goes deep underground, turns off his magma form and continues healing himself with Hydrokinesis)

Flab: (Removes all the earth from the Arena only leaving the cement foundation that the arena was built on) You should know better than to run from me! (disappears in a blur and reappears multiple times, each time slashing Sam with his claws, not stopping until he has done this fifty times) YEILD! Then i shall spare your life with my anger satisfied!

Sam: (Has lost 70% of his strength, but he flies just out of reach of Flab's close range attacks) FLAB!!! DEACTIVATE YOUR LIVING STONE FORM!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

Flab: You fool Sam! I have already left that accursed God Flab form, for all i care it can rot in the ground with you (extends his arm towards Sam) Night night ... (a large arm of darkness 10 times the size of Flab's arm grew and attacks Sam from where he is)

Sam: (Has lost nearly all of his stregth so he starts using his Inferno form to resupply him with strength) I'm sorry, Flab! But I have to do this! (Starts making Magma rise from the ground and makes a very powerful magma collum surround Flab)

(Flab: Hmmph! (spins around 360 degrees and the magam collumn gets bent towards Sam)

Sam: (Thinks) There's got to be some way to defeat him, I just need to use the right attack at the right time. (Flies even higher and starts healing himself using Hydrokinesis again)

Flab: (Again he disappears in a blur repeating his slashing attacks on Sam but finishes with a slamming kick to the head, sending him towards the ground) That should do it (slowly descends to the ground)

Sam: (Has dissapeared into the ground by the time Flab gets down to the ground then suddenly Mole attack's him and repeatedly punches him while he's suprised then kicks him right up into the air)

Flab: (Seems unaffected by the attack and charges a sinister ball of dark energy) I grow tired of this! ... ANGERS! (alarge blast is sent towards Sam) ANGUISH! (when the blast hits it makes and explosionto convers exactly the whoel arena floor, and it rise only 10 metres above Sam)

Sam: (gets blown 5 metres above the attack but is still having his strength recovered) ULTIMATE CONTROL!!! (Has now fused his Inferno form with the Fire Emerald's power) Give it up Flab!! Just surrender now and I won't have to humiliate you in front of all your fans.


Sam: (Charges up a fireball to protect himself from The Anger's Anguish attack but still gets hit but not damaged and then makes a massive ball of Magma and Fire and throws it straight at Flab)

Flab: (tales a deep breath and swallows the magma/fire ball, and sends it back as a ball of pure darkness)

Sam: (Flies below it and charges into Flab using Super Sonic Speed)

Flab: (Claps his hands, and as he does this he claps Sam's heads at the same time) ENOUGH OF THIS! (Opens his mouth right infront of Sam, and a black fog emits from his mouth and enters Sam's ears, filling him with incredible fear)

Sam: AAAHHH!!!! (Starts flying high above the Arena)

Flab: MWA HAW HAW HAW HAW! Nothing can save you from this attack except from either falling asleep or unless i take the fog back (crosses arms in self praise) And it won't happen for a good hour!

Sam: (Keeps flying above the arena but somehow starts to regain mind control because of The Inferno Emeralds)

Flab: You can't escape! (Flies up to sam and grabs him with his claws and throws him down towards the arena floor, following with a falling kick to the rib cage)

Sam: (Heals himself using the power of The Inferno Emeralds) Face it Flab, or whoever you are, you've lost, you will lose eventually because of my Inferno form. You can't win! (Charges into Flab at full speed in an attempt to knock him out of the Arena)

Flab: You can't win because i am all powerful! (just sticks one hand out and stops Sam's charge by grabbing his head, and is now slowly crushing his skull) Yeild! and the damage won't be too serious!

Sam: (A rush of Inferno energy comes straight out of Sam knocking Flab's hand back and injuring it) You can't kill me when I'm in Inferno form.

Flab: *hands heal instantely* Same here, but just to let you know, my demon beast form is the equivalent to my God form, but instead of commanding multiple elements (makes a ball of darkness around Sam's neck, slowly draining his energy) I command darkness and anger itself!

Sam: (Flies out of the ball of darkness and shoots a massive 5 powers attack at Flab) The longer this battle goes on, the stronger I get. This Inferno form feeds me more energy. Just surrender now, before you'll have to face defeat.

Flab: *the fire balls hits but at the moment of impact they shrink and are absorbed into the skin* Well the more you fight the longer i am out, thus stopping the real Flab from taking control of his mind again ... so either we call this a draw before things get too out of hand ... or we organise a fight with other people ... you pick

Sam: (Hovers off the ground) If we make this a draw, then who will progress to the next round?

Flab: Something will be organised by the proctor, and we will have to fight separate people to get into the next round, that is, if you don't want to keep fighting

Sam: (Lands on the ground) Then I call it a draw.

Flab: (slowly reverts to his old self and regains control of his mind) Sorry Sam, I didn't expect my demon beast self to come out until tomorrow ^_^*

Sam: That's okay. And the match is a draw now.

Flab: I know, i may not have control of my mind, but i can remember and see everything ...

Lyra vs Flab:

(The crowd is still a bit dissapointed by the fact that the last match was a draw, but they are still happy to watch another match. Both characters got the standing ovation they deserve, with Flab getting more of a standing ovation then Lyra)

Lyra: I have been waiting to face you Flab.

Flab: Wish i could say the same after what happened to me during the last fight (enters battle ready pose) Lets just make it quick so it doesn't then ... you can make the first move

Lyra: (Poisonous vines immediatly come out of the ground and start wrapping around Flab's legs)

Flab: Really? (starts stomping his legs rapidly, getting faster each passing second eventually causing the vines to crumble off) My turn (goes to attack Lyra then disappears)

Lyra: This is easier than I thought, I've got better things to do than this.

Flab: If it's so easy then lets make a deal (reappears back where he started) none of us will power up, or use any energy/ elemental attacks, just pure skills, what do you say?

Lyra: I accept! (Pulls out a massive Sword)

Flab: (Pulls out guitar, then puts it back) I'll save that for later (opens palms) I can handle your blade with my hands (takes of gloves and places them in vest pocket) ready again? (disappears)

Lyra: (Stays on guard, ready for Flab to reappear at any moment)

Flab: (Still disappeared) Tele-bash! (Attacks Lyra so fast that she cannot see him and he attacks her over 50 times, reappearing back where he started) So how are you holding up? Too fast for ya?

Lyra: (Gets up slowly) It seems you are a worthy opponent, but I've had to fight many hard battles over my lifetime, and I'm not giving up yet. (Charges towards Flab and swings her sword at him)

Flab: (Only lifts is hand and the sword clashes with it, not scaring him but makes a clang noise) I have trained in Volcanoes and Sub-zero temperatures, why would such a flimsy sword hurt me? (pulls the sword sending Lyra to the ground) Give up yet?

Lyra: (Kicks Flab and pulls the sword out of his hand) I'm not giving up yet.

Flab: (lays on the floor) but surely you will get exhausted ... just remeber, i came fresh from training after i fought sam (gets up) I have literally been moving non-stop when the we agreed on a tie (disappears and reappears behind Lyra) So you have no chance (performs the Grand Slam Shabam move, then throws Lyra against the wall sending her sword to the other side of the arena)

Lyra: I see I have underestimated you. Unless I am allowed to use my powers I cannot win this fight. So I ask you, can I use my powers for the remainder of this fight?

Flab: Sorry but we made an agreement, and the announcer won't like it one bit, so you surrender, or keep fighting *thinks* All according to plan, if she doesn't surrender, i'll perform the Grand KING Kabam

Lyra: Then I have no choice but to change my weapons. (Throws her sword straight at Flab and pulls two Axes, one for each hand)

Flab: *thinks* Screw the attack *pulls axe out* *thinks* Lets party ...

Lyra: (Charges at Flab behind the Sword)

Flab: *thinks* Wrong move *jumps up and performs a spindash with his axe swinging around* Take this! *charges at Lyra*

Lyra: (Continues charging at Flab but gets ready to block with one of her Axes)

Flab: *Uses chaos Kaioken to appear behind lyra and he kicks her in the back*

Lyra: (Immediatly gets up and swipes at Flab using one of her Axes)

Flab: *blocks the swipe with his hand* I don't even know why i brought thi out *puts the axe away* You are obvious an ameture at using axes! *Punches Lyra right in the stomach*

Lyra: (Jumps back then uses both her Axes to swipe at Flab's chest)

Flab: *They stike Flab but leave no mark at all on his chest* Pitiful! i want to finish this ... NOW! *grabs Lyra and performs the Grand King Kabam*

Lyra: (Vines come out of the ground and start to take her into the ground) I'm sorry Flab, but I don't want to get killed, you win.

Flab: No problem *falls flat on his back* And now, to relax

Sam vs. Selmah:

(Sams name was announced and the croud went wild, making the last tournament cheer look like nothing, but when Selmah's name was announced, the stadium went silent, leaving an ominous feeling in the arena)

Selmah: Shall we get started?

Sam: Let's. I'll allow you to have the first move.

Selmah: I laugh at that offer, i never go first

Sam: Since you insist. (A pit randomly appears underneath Selmah with Magma rising from the bottom of the pit waiting to meet Selmah)

Selmah: *stands mid-air above the pit and moves forward slowly* Ptiful trick, surely you have something better?

Sam: Obviously I do, I was just testing you. (Makes a massive 5 Powers attack and throws it at Selmah)

Selmah: *flicks his wrist and a wall of bones appear, defending him* what a stupid test ...

Sam: I'm just warming up. (Makes a massive Tsunami wave and sends it at Selmah then at the last moment freezes the wave)

Selmah: *uses his fire powers to evaporate the tsunami, then makes a bone spear and throws it*

Sam: (Uses aerokinesis to blow the Bone Spear away from him then using very strong Aerokinesis pushes Selmah into the pit of still-rising Magma)

Selmah: *Makes a platform of darkness, blocking the aerokinesis and sends it towards Sam*

Sam: (Blows past him) I can see that this fight is getting nowhere. (Makes a massive Meteor storm and all the Meteors fall above Selmah)

Selmah: *the meteors seem to hit him, but he has disappeared and all you can hear is his voice* Before we go any further ... you know that i am indeed a living ex-fusion?

Sam: I never knew that.

Selmah: *chuckles* then let me enlighten you, i am an ex-fusion of Flab the demonhog and will the echidna ... i will not reveal which forms though, this way, this stays fun *laughs evily*

Sam: Stop trying to make yourself sound powerful, cause your not. You just don't want to fight me because your afraid of losing to anyone.

Selmah: Why would i be afraid of fighting you *appears infront of Sam* You say your a chameleon, yet you could see a simple invisibility technique? Pitiful

Sam: Maybe I'm not chosing to turn invisible, maybe I'm trying to make this fight harder than it has to be for me. (The earth underneath Selmah collapses suddenly, then Sam immediatly flies Selmah, and throws a 5 Powers attack at him, aiming him into the earth)

Selmah: *disappates into the shadows, and as Sam goes past, he headbutts him with his bone mohawk* You need to be faster than that!

Sam: (Gets up) And you need need to be more tactical. (Traps Selmah in an Earth cage then makes two of the walls start to move towards each other)

Selmah: *looks disappointed* What's with all the earth attacks? *disappates into the shadows and reappears where Sam is, kicking him between the walls and turns them into darkness, moving them to crush Sam*

Sam: INFERNO CONTROL!!! (Turns into Inferno Sam and destroys the walls with simple fire chaos power) Selmah, prepare to meet your end! (Charges at Selmah at full speed)

Selmah: *raises his hand as if he was going to stop the charge, but actually makes an inpenetrable wall of invisible darkness all around him* Don't go full power on me yet boy *looks up at the soon to be sunless sky* It's not time yet ...

Sam: (Hits the invisible wall) I'm not finished yet. (All the magma that was slowly oozing out of the pit at the start of the battle immediatly spreads across the whole arena and starts rising rapidly) Let's see how you survive that!

Selmah: *makes the wall disappear, and just stands in the ever rising lava* Remeber, fusion involving Flab ... *charges at Sam as fast as Flab did, raising his arm, making it a giant dark mace*

Sam: (Slams into Selmah before he can swing the mace)

Selmah: *smiles* bad move *bones stick out of Selmah's body where Sam had Slammed into him*

Sam: What do you mean, "bad move"?

Selmah: Just watch *The bones sticking out of Selmah's chest keep growing, then they thicken and cover Selmah's whole body* Your move *thinks* One more hit and i'll be able to finish this where Falb failed, i show him how to use a real beast form

Sam: (Thinks to self) Hmm, if I attack him again, he's just going to get even bigger. Unless I can get him out of the Arena I should just give up (Makes a massive Air Tornado and sends the massive winds in Selmah's direction, attempting to blow him out of the Arena)

Selmah: *bones stick out of the bone ball, anchoring Selmah to the ground* any minute now

Sam: (Sends the Earth out from under Selmah into the high winds, and makes the winds even stronger, but is starting to get tired)

Selmah: *Bone ball thickens and increases in weight, crushing the earth platform and sending it down to the ground*

Sam: (All the Earth underneath Selmah collapses, and using Aerokinesis Sam sends him into the high winds)

Selmah: *holes open up in the ball, letting the wind pass right through the ball, and Selmah uses his darkness powers to sit the ball on a dark platform on the arena floor* What exactly are you trying to do?

Sam: I was trying to force you out of the Arena, but that plan has failed. (Suddenly Lava starts pouring from the sky, hitting Selmah in an attempt to melt him alive)

Selmah: *maniacally laughs* you can't melt these bones little boy, but don't worry, the time is near

Sam: (Suddenly goes invisible and flies behind Selmah without him noticing)

Selmah: *Thinks* no doubt he's tryign to suprise me *spikes shoot out of the bone ball* that is a little surprise from myself!

Sam: (Immediatly uses the air to blow away the Spikes so that they don't hit him)

Selmah: THERE! *bones shoot out of the ground in an attempt to stab Sam*

Sam: (An Fire Chaos ball destroys the spikes, then Sam throws a massive Iceball at Selmah)

Selmah: *the iceball hits the bone ball, and it is slowly absorbed into Selmah* WEAK! SIMPLY WEAK! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!

Sam: (Immediatly dissapears, goes behind Selmah very quickly, grabs him and throws him towards the boundary of the Arena)

Selmah: *stops at the arena boundaries and the bone ball goes to him* It is time *the bone ball slowly breaks aparte and sticks to Selmah* Watch, as you witness a TRUE beast form! *Selmah becomes engulfed in a wave ofdarkness, and he slowly turns into a dragon-like kimodo dragon, twice the size of god Flab* What you are witnessing now is the power of the ancient demon of bones and strength *bones start stiking out of Selmah's back and you can fully see him* I am Bone Demon Selmah: Lord of all Demon's, bow and admit your defeat before you die!

Sam: (Makes the Earth Selmah is standing rise up, then using that Earth Sam starts to make the Earth float over the Boundary line)

Selmah: *flies off the platform and goes to land infront of Sam* You dare defy me? YOU SHALL PAY! *swipes his tail and fist towards Sam*

Sam: (Immediatly jumps back) ULTIMATE CONTROL!!!! (Sam has now fused with the Fire Emerald) Now I am even more powerful. Just give up Selmah. You'll never win this fight.

Selmah: *Gruffly laughs* Flab's Demon beast form was only at half power because of his mind! Howver i have complete control over my form! Only The Beast of Fire and Honour can stand a chance against me! *Arms triple in size, throw Sam and go back to normal size*

Sam: (Floats in mid-air just before he gets thrown over the boundary line) That may be true, but this form is similar to a Super form, which means you'll have a tough fight. (Charges towards Selmah using Supersonic speed and the power of the Fire Chaos energy)

Selmah: *Sam land a hit but is propelled away* You cannot hurt me you scrawny little boy! *opens mouth and sends a blast of pure darkness to Sam as he is Flying away*

Sam: (Sees the blast of pure darkness and flies away from it) Well, it seems this battle is going to be a long one. I am guessing this battle is going to be like this all day, one of us will have to surrender, and it's not going to be me.

Selmah: *Raises on hind legs* Then let this be a fight for the ages!

Sam: Yes, lets! (Two Magma waves surround Selmah, the waves harden forming rock, then Sam fires a very powerful Fire Chaos blast at Selmah)

Selmah: *opens his mouth and eats the fire chaos blast* Delicious *lifts finger and a barrage on bones shoot out of the ground attacking Sam, and Selmah follows suit clawing at him*

Sam: (Does a Lightspeed dash using Fire Chaos energy and smashes through Selmah) Is that all you've got? Pathetic.

Selmah: *turns around healing his wound instantaniously* It's hard to move when your arms are as heavy as mine ... but then are good for this! *rms darkens and turns into ten times it's size, resembling a mace and slams sam with lightning speed*there *arm returns to normal* if you're done in by that i would be disappointed

Sam: (Gets up and but has a large wound which is quickly healing over due to the chaos powers) Then you won't be dissapointed. (Creates a massive air dome around Selmah, covered over by rock and hardened magma, and inside the dome he makes the air start to thin, making it hard to breathe) This is your last chance Selmah! Surrender now, or you will face your untimely end!

Selmah: *sigh* boy when will you learn *two bone hands from the ground rip open and erase the dome* you are facing the power of the ancient atleast 50,000 years ago! *both arms resemble a mace and grow in size* YOU CANNOT COMPARE! *repeatedly slams his arms into sam*

Sam: CHAOS BLAST!!!!! (A massive Chaos blast surrounds Sam and blows away anything in its path) And when will you learn, Selmah. I have the power of the Fire Emeralds, chaos powers tracing back 5000 years ago, and my wounds heal quickly and the longer I am in this form the stronger I get.

Selmah: Obviously you know nothing of the ten beasts that existed years ago. They kept the world balanced until a creature beyond their power came to mobius. they sent their powers through time and gave them to the ten being who they deemed possible to have them. *laughs* god knows why they gave the powers of darkness and anger to Flab *arms fully engulf in bones* but then again, you won't learn of this until you fight with true strength! *lunges to Sam, roaring at the top of his lungs*

Sam: (Using Lightning Chaos speed, Sam literally flies through Selmah's chest, and creates an Explosive Chaos field around Selmah) And my strength are through my powers, plus my Inferno form, taken from The Fire Dimension a year ago. If you move through that field, it will explode, unleashing the power of Fire Chaos energy.

Selmah: *crumbles into a pile of bones and surprise slashes Sam across his face* And my powers are through brains, and by the looks of it you don't have much of them! *laughs*

Sam: (Shakes his head while the Chaos powers heal his new wound) You will regret that! (Flies high above the stadium and charges up a very powerful Fire Chaos beam, and fires it straight at Selmah)

Selmah: *opens his mouth, swallows the fire chaos beam and returns it as a dark chaos beam at twice the strength*

Sam: (Fires another Fire Chaos beam at the dark beam to cancel it out and then flies away from the rest of the beam)

Selmah: *growls* Only cowards run away from the battle *opens the palms of his hands and opens his mouth and blasts dark beams all over the arena, ensuring that Sam will get hit*

Sam: (Starts flying down and sees all the dark beams so he covers himself in Powerful magma until he hits the ground) If you think I would run away than you are mistaken. (The earth underneath Selmah latches onto his fight while Ice climbs up his feet and slowly makes its way up his legs)

Selmah: *closing his eyes, a grey aura surrounds selmah and bones shoot out of him setting him free* Just remember this little boy ... True strength isn't how much damage you can deal, but it is how much damage you can take! *immediately Selmah disappears and starts clawing at Sam using light speed* Give up before this fight gets too out of hand boy and i might let you live.

Sam: (Collapses and gets up once Selmah stops clawing him) You don't understand, do you? I have fought many times, and many times I have beaten my opponents. The reason is because I have had to survive using my powers, fighting off Police, stealing food, and giving myself water from the heavens. Don't expect me to just give up because I am hurt, I never had that chance in the past and I'm not taking it now. (The ground develops cracks, and the cracks open up, sending both of them into a pure lava battleground beneath the earth, with the heat being immensly hot)

Selmah: *simply dives in the lava and swims in place* You don't understand either. I never had a childhood, i never had friends or family, all i ever was, was a simple peice of DNA between two people. When i finally excaped, i knew nothing of this world. No one accepted me because i couldn't even answer the simple question of "what your name is?". I gave myself a name based on old ancient books. If you wish to compare hardships you are surely beaten. *Mellts into the lava and uses the lava to increase his body size three-fold* So if you wish to fight someone just to prove your worthiness *punches Sam in the stomach* You'll have to give up your life in the process.

Sam: (Gets up) That's something we share, not having family, or proper friends. Nevertheless, your life is tough, but I've not had the best of lives either. (The Magma fuses and earth fuses with Sam's Inferno form, creating a Fire Demon) This Fire Chaos energy seems to fuel on Magma, allowing me to fuse with it. You want to battle me, then go for it, because I don't care. (The Lava covers both Selmah and Sam, strange things start to happen and pure Molten rock covers Sam and Selmah but Sam escapes, and makes the Molten rock even thicker and stronger)

Selmah: *Keeps absorbing the magma, increasing his size as he does this, already his height is to that of twice the arena's* You will give up Sam, i already have some renewed respect for you, so i suggest that you surrender, or this whole place will *grins* disappear

Sam: You are very powerful, I must admit, more powerful than even Flab was. But you have one clear weakness, and I can take advantage of this weakness. (A Tsunami wave triple the size of the arena comes crashing down on Selmah, engulfing Selmah in the water, and then Sam freezes the water) I'll be suprised if you come out of this stronger than before.

Selmah: *again the grey aura surround Selmah and the bones sticking out of his body destroy every inch of ice around you* It is true what you say little boy i have but one weakness in this form os do all beast forms. and i thank you for the complement on being stronger than the ironically unfat Flab. But he is far stronger than both of us. *Starts charging up a dark type version of the spirit bomb* But only he holds the key to relinquish my powers* Sends the dark spirit bomb directly towards Sam, but Selmah makes Sam paralyzed using his dark powers* Fare the well, little boy.

Sam: (Is paralyzed but can still think but starts to move his arms thanks thanks to the Fire Chaos energy) Selmah, you clearly underestimate my Inferno form. CHAOS BLAST!!! (An explosion radiates from Sam destroying the Dark Spirit bomb and unparalyzing him) One question Selmah. If you win the whole tournament, then what will you do?

Selmah: I don't plan on winning the tournament little boy, I plan on unlocking all of Flab's potential, as ordered by my leader. I don't know why he wants this done, but as he ordered this, i found that this very tournament was conveinientely made and he had enetered. *Laughs* I plan on forcing Flab to embrace his ancient ancestory, and then he will become supreme ruler of all demons! nd when that happens, my leader will rise and become a 'hero'. *readies another dark spirit bomb* But i shouldn't say anymore, just incase i don't make it through .... *instead of firing a dark spirit bomb, Selmah transports behind Sam and grabs him* If you survive this, i shall forfeit and all of this shll be forgotten *with Selmah's hand, bones start drilling into sam's chest and back. Whilst with the other hand, he blasts Sam in the face with a dark beam*

Sam: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (Falls into the battleground and falls into the lava, but wakes up, with deep gaping back wounds that even the Fire Chaos energy can't heal)

Selmah: *decreases to standard bone demon size* Now to the next fight for me, but first *drops down infront of Sam and heals all his wounds, then turns around* You have no need to thank me, but count me as a reliable source *jumps out of the pit and walks away*

Sam: (Puts his Inferno Emeralds away) These emeralds saved my life, I should have died, but I didn't. (Flies high into the air and away from the Arena)

Pitch vs. Matt.P:

After extensive repairs on the arena, and a few upgrades mind you. The last and final battle of the first round has begun with thunderous applause for both contendors.

Pitch: It seems Sam can fight well after all, no wonder we had Hayden on the ropes. But anyway. (Looks over at Matt.P) I'll let you have the first move.

Matt.P: *picks at his teeth* I don't really have to be here, Flab entered me *sighs* But i guess *Grabs his guitar and turns it into a hammer* let's dance! *unges at Pitch and swings his hammer*

Pitch: (Shadow teleports behind Matt.P and punches him in the head, then Shadow teleports in front of him again) Just to simple.

Matt.P: *gets rid of hammer* i already told you that i don't have to be here, so i might as well not try at all *scratches back of his head* fairly good punch by the way ...

Pitch: Thanks. (Fires two balls of combined dark power and shadow power at Matt.P)

Matt.P: *literally flicks the two balls away* *sigh* Can you make this a BIT more interesting?

Pitch: If you wish to lost sooner, then sure, I'll make it interesting. (Covers the whole arena in thick clouds of darkness making it very difficult for anyone to see)

Matt.P: *eyes glow purple* can still see *yawns*

Pitch: (Dissapears and reappears behind Matt.P without him knowing and starts to fire a Machine Gun at him)

Matt.P: *hair curls around him, protecting him from the bullets* Whaddaya know? I was right not to bring my hair tie

Pitch: (Two strong Shadow arms appear and yank hard at Matt P's hair)

Matt.P: *hair rips off* Really? *hair grows back instantaniously* That's not going to work, why are you trying so hard anyways? I don't even think there's a prize

Pitch: Glory and fame are the prizes, and I'm not giving up. (Grabs Matt P withy one of his Shadow arms and slams him to the ground)

Matt.P: *streches then gets up* but still, i don't need any of that stuff ... i lost it all YEARS ago ....

Pitch: What are you talking about!? (Shadow's and Darkness start to build up near Pitch)

Matt.P: Don't worry, it's nothing you need to know about, and it's DEFINETELY something you wouldn't understand ...

Pitch: (A large amount of Darkness and Shadows merge together) DEATH BEAM!! (Fires the Death beam at Matt P)

Matt.P: sigh *expertely dodges the death beam, then punches pitch in the jaw HARD* try to surprise me better

Pitch: Your more powerful than you let on, but I'm not finished yet. (Jumps back to a Tank and starts to drive it at full speed at Matt. P)

Matt.P: *readies hammer in a base ball position and slowly walks forward* Why can't you fight without your precious weapons and powers, it makes everything easier for you *angry eyes* and ME! *swings hammer and send the tank flying* HOMERUN!

Pitch: (Shadow teleports out of the tank and behind Matt P without him knowing, then makes two shadow arms and punches him in the back of the head) Pretty impressive, I've never met a foe that has so much strength before.

Matt.P: *staggers forward* We ARE echidnas aren't we? Of course we have impressive strength *coats fists in bright green aura* so why not i show you how much strenght an echidna SHOULD have *punches pitch right in the stomach, sending him crashing into the far away pillar*

Pitch: (Gets up) I haven't practiced much with my strength in a while, I must admit. (Shadow's and darkness surround the arena, while Pitch randomly Shadow teleports around the arena very quickly)

Matt.P: *fists go from bright green aura to misty purple colour, and eyes glow purple, stopping all of Pitch's shadow abilities* Then start practicing boy, cos without your shadow abilities, you won't stand much of a chance ...

Pitch: Maybe, but you can't stop my Darkness abilities! (Matt P's fists get covered in a strong coating of dark, taking the colour away from his fists)

Matt.P: It's not the fists stopping your powers *taps his head* As long as my head stays attached to my body and concentrated on one thing, none of your shadow abilities can be used ... but as for your darkness abilities *shoots the darkness from his fists, hitiing Pitch in the face* i think i will manage

Pitch: Well then, your head will leave with me after this fight! (Grabs a long sharp sword and charges at Matt.P)

Matt.P: *raises fists and his hammer appears and flattens to make a paper-thin blade* I don't think so *Hair wraps around Matt.P's face, making him look like a ninja, and most of his hair wraps around his neck*

Pitch: (Stops) Showing off isn't going to make you win this battle you know. (Enhances his sword with pure darkness)

Matt.P: I'm not showing off, i'm just taking the right measures needed ... but i have to commend you for breaking me out of my boredom, this has turned out to good match

Pitch: (Pulls his sword back and swings it towards Matt. P's neck)

Matt.P: *grabs Pitch's hand, stopping him from slashing his neck* If you do that your sword will shatter, i suggest you keep your sword as far from my hair as possible *throws pitch a few feet back*

Pitch: (Gets up and reinforces his sword with the power of darkness) You say your strong, why don't you show it.

Matt.P: I would, but what fun would it be if i just gave you want you want *readies flattened hammer* So why don't we fight, and you can find out yourself!

Pitch: (Shadow teleports right in front of Matt. P, cuts the flattened hammer's handle then quikly Shadow teleports back to where he was)

Matt.P: *hammer regains full size and just clangs on the floor, and his fist fully heals* great, i can't fight with alison anymore, but oh well *lunges and slams pitch into the ground with his two fists* i'll just use my hands instead!

Pitch: (Shadow teleports then stumbles while the pain increases) Your a great fighter, but that's not enough to beat me. (Instantly Shadow teleports in front of Matt.P and stikes his Left leg then immediatly Shadow Teleports back)

Matt.P: *staggers a bit but immediately recovers* I'm not a fighter, i am a protector. I protect what is dear to me, and as long as i have this *points to his chest* I will never give up! *Using his strength, he lifts the ground from beneath him and starts to ram into Pitch*

Pitch: (Swings his sword back and swings it straight into Matt.P's chest)

Matt.P: *widens his fist and stops the sword from hitting his chest, leaving no marks on his hand what-so-ever* I knew it ... your not in this tournament to win, your in it for my treasure! *kicks pitch's sword sending it straight up into the air, then punches pitch sending him half a kilometer back*

Pitch: (Gets up and coughs up some blood) What do you mean, "your in it for my treasure". I didn't even know you had treasure!? But now that you mention it. (The darkness completely surrounds the Arena and thousands of darkness balls surround Matt.P then simultaneously hit him at the same time, while Pitch moves towards his sword)

Matt.P: *out stretches his arm while bracing the impact and Pitch's Sword meld with Matt.P's body* No way, this treasure was given to me from someone dear who risked her life to save me *eyes turn completely black* And i'm not handing it over to ANYONE! *As the dark balls hit, they just slam into some sort of invisible barrier, then they disappear and all you can see is a green orb with Matt.P in it* "Until the promise i had made long ago, i shall fight to protect what is dear to me" That is what i fight for, and i will stop all who threaten this oath! *Spikes on fists grow two times in size, hair become flat and sticks out from directly the back of Matt.P's head, his shoes thicken and turn into stell, and the green orb disappears* This is a form that i have developed, i have no name for it yet, but i think i will name it after this fight! *lunges towards pitch*

Pitch: (Shadow teleports behind Matt.P) You clearly don't understand. Your delusional! I AM NOT AFTER YOUR TREASURE!!! HAVE I MADE THAT CLEAR ENOUGH!!! (Pulls out two steel Double Axes)

Matt.P: *turns around, staring Pitch right in his eye* How am i sup[posed to know if you speak of the truth! I have lost too much, seen so many people fall from protecting this treasure *grabs Pitch by the throat and lifts him up* And I'm going to make sure that no one ever tries to take my treasure from me! *squeezes harder each passing second*

Pitch: (Is starting to die with every passing moment, so in a last ditch effort he throws the steel Double Axes straight into Matt.P's head)

Matt.P: *a hole opens up in his forehead and absorbs the axe like he did with pitch's sword* yeild now and i shall forgive you, but you will still leave deeply wounded

Pitch: I.... give.. up.

Matt.P: *dropkicks Pitch and deforms back into his base form, releasing the sword and axe he absorbed* Don't let me see you again, cos if i do. You won't be so lucky as to be killed by me ... *flies away from the arena*

Pitch: (Grabs his sword and double axe and Shadow teleports away from the arena)

Round 2

Hayden Vs. David

(Both contestants have recieved a massive standing ovation, with the crowd in high anticipation for the first match of the second round)

Announcer: Are both contestants ready for the match?

David: I am if he is

Hayden: I'm ready.

Announcer: Okay then, you both are fully aware that this round of the tournament has special restrictions for each match right?

David: Nope, but i'll make do with it, how 'bout you over there?

Hayden: I was not aware of the restrictions, what are they?

Announcer: The restrictions vary from each battle in this round, but we have people standing by watching your every move from the previous battle, so that the restrictions cannot benefit any fighter ... The restrictions for this round is simple ... Both fighters MUST use their weakest forms to fight this match, and no weapons can be used whether it is made of elemental material or solid steel

Hayden: ... Um.... I only have one form, and that was form I was battling with when I was last fighting.

David: The body you are in right now is a form, thats why it is called a 'base form' ... *transforms, completely bleaching all of his furn and skin, the only colour that exists is in his eyes* this is my weakest form.

Hayden: Hm... I suppose I could make a form up. (Transforms, and gets covered in Ice) Well, I'm not much of a Cryokinetic, nor do I know how to use Ice without breaking the rules for this match.

Announcer: *brings out a device and scans both competitors* both off your power levels match, so therefore they both are at a weak level, you may begin the fight at your own convenience *disappears*

Hayden: Hmmm, this will be interesting, I'll let you have the first move.

David: But that goes against all i have learned, and by the way, you managed to really injure my best pal in your first fight

Hayden: I'm really sorry about that, I didn't know how much damage I would case. I sincerely apologise David.

David: Oh, nah i'm not mad at you. i just wanted to tell you that he said, " If i wasn't so damned injured i would've thanked him for the fight. But i guess thats what happens when you don't go all out"

Hayden: True, I thought I was dead when he used that last attack of his on me. I still get nightmares dreaming about it.

David: *thinks* If jason did go all out you definetely would have nightmares for the rest fo your life *talks* well, lets get on with the fight, the crowd is getting kind of restless *enters battle stance* but you may have the first move

Hayden: Thanks, but I will pass with this offer. You can have the first go.

David: I am sorry, but i don't fight first, i wait till the first move has been made

Hayden: When I am battling someone I don't know I never have the first move.

David: then in that case *sits down* we'll be here for a while, because i have NEVER made the first move no matter how angry i get

Hayden: In that case... (Runs straight towards David and slides into his legs and stands back up)

David: *teleports and when hayden stands back up david is still sitting but has reappeared a few feet back* not very honourable are you? *stands up in battle stance* You should know that it is unwise to hit an unprepared opponent

Hayden: Than I wasn't trained by the same person that trained you, and besides, I just wanted to get this fight started, for the crowds sake anyway.

David: never the less, you never attack an unprepared opponent, no matter whats at stake

Hayden: The way I was trained, attacking an unprepared opponent is a very good way to win battles.

David: Yes it is effective, but unwise in the long run

Hayden: Maybe so, but the crowd is getting restless from the lack of fighting.

David: I think they can wait for a good honourable fight don't you?

Crowd: (Starts doing the Mexican Wave)

Hayden: I supose they can, even though their doing the Mexican Wave.

David: That's to get us pumped, why else would they do it, just so that they can move?

Hayden: Their probably doing it because their bored of us sitting around not fighting.

Audience member #1: wow, isn't this a great way to move?

Audience member #2: damn right!

David: I doubt that VERY much ...

Audience member #3: It's not like there's anything to watch at the moment!

Audience member #4: Come on everyone, let's do the Mexican Wave!

(The Mexican Wave starts getting bigger until everyone does it)

Hayden: Yeah, I don't think so.

David: Well, i'm prepared now, so are we going to fight or not?

Hayden: Sure, its your move I believe.

David: *phases through the ground and faint creepy whispers can be heard* I am aware of that Hayden ...

Hayden: I know its your move, I was the one who told you about it.

David: *rises out of the ground behind hayden and blasts him with a small precise beam from his mouth*

Hayden: (The Ice seems to reflect some of the beam but Hayden still gets hurt and turns around) I thought the announcer said that we couldn't use any attacks, whether it was elemental or solid steel.

David: The announcer said no weapons, never said no attacks *phases into the ground* so lets fight already!

Hayden: (Flies up into the air so David can't suprise him)

David: *rises out of the ground and makes a platform of light so he can fly on it* thats no fair, why not fight on the arena *charges up a beam* and then we could have a real good time! *fires the same precise beam from his hands except from his mouth*

Hayden: (Makes a massive Ice Sheild to deflect the beam) Enough of those beams already!

David: Well i can't attack physically in this form ... this is my strike form, i can only use long - range attacks with extreme precision ... the only bad side, my usuall strength is halfed but the energy attacks are normal *makes four light balls around one wrist and takes aim* so i suggest you start evading, cos i NEVER MISS! *fires rapid fire light attacks from the balls on his wrists*

Hayden: (Starts flying around dodging the attacks and narrowly misses one) The problemn with this form is I can't use any Pyrokinetic attacks, and I can only use Pyrokinesis to fly. So I'm all Ice in this form. (Starts firing a massive amound of Ice balls at David)

David: *crosses his arms over his chest and the platform and him phase thorugh the ice ball, then starts rubbing his arms* d-dammit! i h-hate the c-c-cold *lifts arm up and fires homing ball after homing balls light sp he can get warmer*

Hayden: (Slowly walks towards David while charging up a massive Ice ball)

David: *flies back to the ground and phases into it, with he creepy whispering sound all over the place* Where are you going to attack hayden, you can attack what you can't sense! *ha ha ha ha ha*

Hayden: Your right, I cannot attack what I can't see. That dosen't mean I can't try. (Puts both hands on the Earth and Ice slowly starts to spread across the Arena)

David: *chattering* j'just cos you freeze the arena floor doesn't mean i can't f-f-f-face th-through it *breathes heavily to get warm*

Hayden: You have to turn your weakness into an advantage. In my case my Ice is slightly stronger.

David: *shows only his head* th-th-thats cos i c-c-can't s-stand the cold! *fires a beam from his mouth again that seem to be changing it's direction ever time hayden moves*

Hayden: (Gets knocked back by the blast) Clever move with the blast by the way. (Starts firing multiple Ice balls that are aimed at David)

David: *phases back into the ground then appears behind hayden* thanks, perfect use of exploiting my weakness too *phases but doesn't go through anything*

Hayden: (Turns around and punches David straight in the jaw) And I exploited another weakness of yours, you let your guard down.

David: *haydens fist pasess right through david's head* thats why i phased before you did *makes his fist solid and punches hayden in the jaw and then blasts him with a beam* this

Hayden: (Gets knocked by the beam and the punch, Hayden snaps his Jaw back into place) And I thought you were behind me. (Gets up and Iceballs start raining down from the sky straight onto David)

David: NOT THIS TIME *light balls apear around david's wrists and he fires them upwards and turns all the ice balls into flling snow, rubbing his hands* that was worse than when i was in the arena f-f-f-f-f-floor! *manages a beam from his mouth to fire at hayden*

Hayden: (Quickly makes an Ice sheild which only covers up half of the blast) Man, that hurts! (Ice appears under David's feet and starts to climb up David's ankles)

David: DAMMIT! *tries to phase through, but only the parts of his body that haven't been frozen could phase and the freeezing stops* DAMMIT HAYDEN! I'M GONNA GET FROST BITE BY THE TIME THIS MATCH IS OVER!

Hayden: (Clenches his shoulder) You should've thought twice about firing that second last beam you fired. (Fires 2 Iceballs at David's chest)

David: *they pass right through david because he is phased* *shudders* stops that already *fires homing beams from his mouth and his hands towards hayden*

Hayden: (Makes a massive Ice Collum around himself to stop the homing beams from hitting him)

David: *keep firing with his mouth and right hand while his left hand tried to melt the ice on his feet with a ball of light*

Hayden: (Strengthens the Ice Collum and makes Ice slowly crawl along the arena in all directions)

David: *his ankles are now freezed and he hides within the arena, regaining his warmth* s-so f-f-f-fudging c-c-cold *pant pant*

Hayden: (Breaks the Ice Collum and sees that David isn't there) You can't hide from me David! (Puts both hands on to the ground and the Ice starts to spread below the earth of the arena)


Hayden: (Yelling into the arena) IF YOU WANT THE COLD TO STOP THEN JUST GIVE UP!!

David: N-n-no! an honourable warrior never gives up *unphases out the ground and has made both hands giant with the power of light* and he treats every battle like his l-l-last! *put his hands parallel from each other and fires a nice large flat beam of light at hayden* YOU CAN"T DODGE MY LIGHT HAWK ATTACK!

Hayden: (Makes a massive Ice Sheild to defend against the attack but some of the light breaks through the sheild and blinds Hayden) AAAHHH!!! I CAN'T SEE!! (Starts walking around blindly)

David: *thinks* here's my chance! *teleports behind hayden and takes him into a sleeper hold* Give up, you can't be mine, or any warhog's grip!

Hayden: (Starts to see and knows he's in a sleeper hold so he starts to make Ice move onto his arms through his Ice form)

David: *endures the cold* i told you i'm never going to g-give up! *tightens the hold* give up!

Hayden: I never give up easily! (Puts both arms on David's sleeper hold and Ice starts to hit David's arms and moves slowly up his arms)

David: *phases his body but his arms are frozen in the spleeper hold* You do realise that you have just made my hold u-unmoveable *teeth start to chatter* so we have either come at a tie, or you n-n-need to give up ...

Hayden: (Thinks) How do I get myself out of this one? I can only use Ice and I can't burn his arms so he unlocks the Sleeper hold, but desperate comes mean desperate meausures (Fire appears below Hayden's feet and Hayden attempts to fly out of David's Sleep holder)

David: *phases his feet into the ground so that he is anchorred to the arena* GIVE UP ALREADY! all you're going to do is hurt yourself even more if you try to move!

Hayden: (Thinks) He's right, but there must be something else I can do. (Falls back into the Sleeper hold) Your right, I can't get out of this sleeper hold unless I can use my Pyrokinesis, and I can't do that in this form. So I'll have to torture you to let me go. (Using his feet, Hayden makes Ice starts to move across the whole arena floor)

David: *shivers* you've frozen my arms so i can't move, i've anchored my feet so you can't move, and now your making it even colder? i think i still have th-th-the upper hand, even if i can't make another move, you still have to get out of my hold (thinks) if he can

Hayden: You may have the upper hand David. (More Ice starts to crawl up David's Ankles)

David: *phases but his arms and legs remain frozen* as long as i stay phased, i-it's imp-p-ossible for you to freeze m-m-my whole b-body

Hayden: Then I'll give your Arms and Legs frostbite! (Makes more Ice to cling to his feet and both of Hayden's arms grab onto David's arms and Ice starts to crawl onto the Ice already on David's arms)

David: *head bends down to haydens* if you do that, you'll make a leak in my bones and nothing but pure light will blast right at your neck *within a crack of the ice you can see small sparks of light trying to escape* do you really want to get hurt by that?

Hayden: (All the Ice on David's arms breaks and Hayden attempts to get out of the Sleep Hold by falling under it)

David: *screams in pain, but manages to keep his broken arms pointed at hayden sop that he feel all the light escaping from david attacking him*

Hayden: (Starts getting blinded but Hayden makes all of the Ice on his Ice form shatter, sending bits of Ice going everywhere but immediatly makes the form again) Desperate times call for desperate measures David.

David: AUUGH! i know, that's why i'm using the power that's escapin as a good atack before i go unconcious! *continues the blasts and they have no likelyness of stopping*

Hayden: (Immediatly puts his Flying goggles over his eyes before he gets blinded)

David: *aims arms at Hayden and the blasts grow larger* *thinks* i better make this usefull while i can, as soon as my arms grow back in a while i'm done for

Hayden: (Immediatly makes an Ice Sheild and thickens it with every passing moment)

David: *can see that his arms are growing back, and the hole is his arm is getting smaller* *thinks* i need to work past *makes the blast as thin as possible to peirce through the ice sheild, and then the light regenerates David's arms and he has collapsed* *pant* as long *pant* as i stay awake, if that *pant* beam hits him ... i have *pant* won

Hayden: (Half the blast breaks through the Ice sheild and while a quater of the blast hits him it does not blind him but it does hurt him although he manages to crawl out of the Sleeper hold with difficulty and pain and pants)

David: Dammit! *rolls over and manages to get up on his knees* Well, i know when i'm beat, if it was an all out match i could have won, but an honourable warrior knows when to give up *smiles at Hayden* i yeild ...

Hayden: (Gets up and stumbles) Nice match by the way David.

David: *manages to get up, but his arms are all floppy and can't move* No problem, glad we could have a match. I'd shake your hand, but as you can see, i can't garb anything *laughs*

Hayden: (Chuckles whilen the Ice form melts) Well, I better get going now. (Flies off)

David: *as he walks, he powers down, and then pulls out his communicator using his light powers* Warhog HQ this is David code number 119 ... Request for a teleportation sequence to base due to casualties ... thank you *is beamed away by a purple light*

Sam vs Flab

(Both contestants have recieved a massive standing ovation. With the match ready to start, the crowd waits eagerly for the rematch that has packed the stadium, with some people without seats!)

Announcer: May the audience please put their hand together for the contenders here today ... Sam the Chameleon! *thunderous applause* and Flabornamue the Demonhog! *thunderous applause but murmurs can still be heard* Would both contestants like to hear how this match is going to be held?

Flab: I guess *smiles at Sam* i've been waiting for this match all week!

Sam: Same, after beating Selmah, it has given me the confidence and I have trained since that match.

Flab: Hold up ... you tell me that you survived a fight against Selmah? i have on question before the match starts ... what exactly did he tell you when the match ended?

Sam: Hmm... (Starts thinking) I think he said something about unlocking someone's potential. I can't remember who's though, but the name sounded familiar...

Flab: *thinks* what the hell is Selmah going to try now ... oh well *talks* so he walked away from the match?

Sam: Sort of. And didn't the Announcer say that he was going to announce how the match is going to be held?

Announcer: *standing annoyed* yes i did *ahem* the restrictions for this match are as follows:

1. no elemental attacks of any kind

2. no use of any form or any emerald, stone, or crysta

3. No use of weapons or long-range attacks

4. all power levels go to that of the weakest being of mobius

5. the arena will activate a special trap every now and then and will be announced by the announcer before activation

6: The opponent can choose a special ability for the opposing fighter to use

any questions?

Sam: ...Um, what do you mean all power levels go to that of the weakest being of Mobius?

Flab: And tell me that it isn't who i am thinking of

Announcer: All power levels go of that of Tails

Flab: *face palms* how did i guess!?


Announcer: *ignores those comments* so what special ability will the fighter's pick for their opponents?

Sam: To Flab: What main special abilities do you have?

Flab: Well ..... Obviously it will be flying and super defence ..... and my super speed and chaos kaioken skills ... yours?

Sam: My main 4 special abilities are, The 5 Powers attack, Supersonic speed, Meteor storm and Meteor blast.

Flab: You pick first, this way i can make it fair

Sam: I choose your Super Speed.

Flab: Okay then, i pick your speed as well ... that is as fair as i can make it

Announcer: are there anymore questions before the match starts?

Sam: What sort of traps are there?

Announcer: The traps have been seperated into three categories: Push, attack, and summon traps. Push trap will be a trap that will try to push one of the fighters towards the edge of the arena and then be disqualified. A summon trap summons either a pokemon or some sort of little gremlin to join the fight with on of the fighter for a short amount of time. A attack trap will be something shooting at the fighters, an arrow, bullet, or some form of long-range weapon. Does that answer your question?

Flab: I guess, the only way to see how well they work is to get the match started, hey Sam?

Sam: I guess, but I would have prefered a fight without restrictions.

Flab: Yeah, but i think it's safer this way

Announcer: Then without further waiting *teleports away* LET THE MATCH COMMENCE!

Sam: I'll give you the first move in this annoyingly restricting fight.

Flab: *appears to be just standing there, motionless*

Sam: What? Are you scared or something?

Flab: *the image stays where it is and a second Flab punches Sam in the back then disappears, the first Flab still motionless*

Sam: What the...? And aren't you only allowed to use Super speed?

Flab: *stands there and nods his head* i am, i'm just running so fast *punches Sam in the jaw* that you can't see me move, you gave me my speed, so i'm going to use it this time!

Sam: (Charges up his Supersonic speed and charges at Flab at 2000km an hour and punches him VERY HARD) And that's me using my speed.

Flab: *the flab sam punches fades away like an image, then the real flab appears behind sam and slams his fists down on his shoulder's pressure point* obviously your not fast enough!

Sam: (Turns around with Supersonic Speed, slams into Flab then punches him in the jaw once he lands) Guess again.

Flab: *staggers back* you are fast, but i'm still fas-

Announcer: TRAP TIME! *two large percision fans open up on the edges of the stage and aim at Flab and Sam*

Sam: What the? (Uses Supersonic speed to get to one of the fans and then turns the fan off and throws it at Flab)

Flab: *runs in a circle making a small tornado, sending the fan back to Sam twice as fast) effective trap, too bad it wouldn't work

Sam: (Runs through the fan using Supersonic speed) Nice throw, too bad my Supersonic speed literally broke the Fan. (Runs up to Flab, punches him, then immediatly returns to where he was)

Flab: *the one sam hit was an illusion due to speed, taps on sam's shoulder* right here *punches him multiple times in the stomacxh then throws him onto the arena floor, and is falling down to pull a body slam*

Sam: (Rolls out of the way with some pain) Man these restrictions are so... restricting!! (Grabs the fallen Flab, throws him in to the air, uses SuperSonic speed to boost into the air, grabs Flaband stands on him as they fall to the surface)

Flab: *thinks* i hope they use a-

Announcer: TRAP TIME! *a big fan opens up in the floor and it keeps Flab and Sam suspended in the air*

Flab: *thinks* thank god

Sam: (Thinks) When I win this fight I am going to kidnap the Announcer (Grabs Flab and using Supersonic speed Sam pushes himself and Flab out of the Arena then Sam does what he was originally doing before the giant fan came out of the ground)

Flab: *the flab sam grabs disapates cos it's an illusion, and the real one if aim straight at sam and is rushing with his foot aiming at his head* no matter how fast you are, i am alwa-

Announcer: TRAP TIME! *a trampoline appears and bounces them back into the arena, both landing hard on their faces*

Flab: *getting up and thinking* i swear, when this is over, i'm going to cook the announcer and send it to bobo as a meal!

Sam: (Kicks Flab into the ground) (Thinks) When I kidnap the announcer I'm going to kill him in the most torturous way I can think of.

Flab: *rubs his nose* damn the hurts! *thinks* been so long since i felt pain, better not get too reckless *gets up and enters his defencive pose* *thinks* any minute know he's going to pull a trap, may asweel be prepared and use it against Sam

Sam: (Crouches, then uses Supersonic speed and crashes into Flab, then follows up with a series of punches and kicks)

Flab: *gets sent back a few metres* *thinks* Dammit! Without my defence, this is going to end quick, i need to stall until i get that summon trap *runs away from Sam* I bet you can't catch me!

Sam: You know as well as I do that I have the faster Super speed. (Runs after Flab using Supersonic speed)

Flab: *runs right next to Sam* if it's a race you want, it's a race you get

Announcer: NOT A BAD I DEA! *turns the arena into a super mondo race track*

Sam: THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Overtakes Flab on the race track and continues to run faster)

Flab: *thinks* seriously? he's only clocking sonic speed, i'm way faster than that! *runs right next to sam and head forward a couple of metres* what was that about being faster?

Sam: I control Supersonic speed, which means I use the elements to control my speed, and because I'm allowed to use this technique, I can use my elements while doing this. (Fire shoots out from behind Sam and boosts Sam in front of Flab)

Flab: *trips Sam over and stops running* HEY! announcer person! Didn't you say no elemental powers?

Announcer: True, but you allowed his super speed, and that is the only time he can use it

Flab: *kicks Sam then runs again* *mumbles* darned stupid rules, i'm goin' to fry that announcer

Sam: (Starts running again)

Flab: Dammit Sam! *runs up next to sam and starts to whisper* hey, why don't we stop running and get that announcer, this way we can use our powers ...

Sam: (Whispers) Good idea, I'll keep running, and you attack the announcer, then I'll charge up a massive attack to fry him. (Runs even faster)

Flab: *thinks* that annouuncer will get whats coming to him! *runs up a side ramp as fast as he can, and he glides through the air using his vest, and he slams right into the announcer's room* HERE'S FLABBY!

Sam: (Charges up a massive Five Powers attack and when he goes past the announcer he fires it at the announcer, then Sam flies high above the air, lights himself on fire and slams right into the announcer, narrowly avoiding Flab)

Announcer: *is knocked out anime style*

Flab: i think that did it ... lucky i put on my defence before you landed, i woulda been a goner

Sam: I suppose you would've, before we fight this match with no rules, I won't use my Inferno Emeralds if you don't use your Emeralds.

Flab: That's fine *throws his best with the living stones across the room* this'll make it fair asweel, my axe will teleport to me when i need it *enters battle stance* and i have got my amulet in my shoe, this way, i won't turn into that thing ...

Sam: (Makes a deep hole and puts the emeralds in then, then covers the hole up) Then its settled, you can have the first move.

Flab: *exits battle stance* for satan sake Sam! i told you, i cannot make the first move

Sam: (The earth underneath Flab drops, then a hard fist made of Earth punches Flab)

Flab: *destroys the earth fist and gets up again* same old tricks? *dashes at same, but an image of Flab hits sam and it disappears*

Sam: (Gets up) And your using your same old tricks as well. (The weather around the stadium changes, with the weather turning into an Ice Cold Blizzard with powerful winds blowing everything around)

Flab: *only his voice can be heard, but it sounds kind of warped* Sam sam sam, you must learn by now, no weather can affect me, unless it is at a degree below sub-zero *appears in front of Sam* but then you wouldn't survive either *disappears again* TELE-BASH! *randomly, a fist hits Sam once, then twice, then the value continue to doubles as well as the strenght of the punches, and finally Flab sends Sam flying once Flab hits Sam 128 times in a row* and that's how you use super-speed ...

Sam: (Gets up with some pain) THEN I'LL MAKE IT COLDER!!! (The temparatures in the fighting arena plunge to -80C, meanwhile Sam starts healing himself with Hydrokinesis)

Flab: *guitar appears in his arms* NOT THIS TIME! YOUR NOT GOING TO HEAL YOURSELF THIS MATCH! *starts playing a weird tune from his guitar, slowly reverting the weather to normal, and cancelling Sam's hydrokinesis*

Sam: AND YOUR NOT GOING TO WIN THIS!! (Magma starts coming out of the earth and starts engulfing Flab)

Flab: *adds another strange tune to the mix and it cancels out Sam's magma and pyro abilities* Sam, you might as well give up, i know the secret to how elemental powers can work, why else do you think i was entrusted with the elemental living stones? the strongest elemental stones on mobius

Sam: (Strong winds start to blow Flab's Guitar out of his hands)

Flab: *tightens his grip on the guitar thanks to his gloves, and adds multiple more tunes to the mix, resulting in the cancellation of all of Sam's elemental powers* i have now stopped all elemental powers, even i can't use my demon release attack, and the best part *takes his hands off the guitar, and it wraps around Flab's chest still playing the music* it can't be broken or stopped ...

Sam: Then I'll just have to break you. (Runs straight at Flab and throws a throwing knife straight at Flab)

Flab: *opens his hands, and the knife breaks on impact* Really Sam? *walks forward slowly* i researched all i can about why the living stones activate when thoughts of music begin, but then i realised, that when this happens, i unlock the secret to why elemental powers can effect them, face it Sam. Without your elemental powers, you can't win

Sam: Your probably right, but I don't give up easily. (Walks behind Flab and wacks him in the head with a hard, steel, baseball bat)

Flab: *the base ball bat is bent, and Flab grabs it and puts it in his mouth and starts to chew it* *muffle* yoo canch wiin Sham *spits out the peice of metal which is now in the shape of a ball* you like baseball? *throws a REALLY fast ball at Sam which collides in his chest* Well then, i guess, YOOUUURRR OUT!

Sam: (Gets KO'ed then suddenly goes into a trance, and the elements from within Flab's guitar begin to spill out of the guitar with such force that the Guitar completely shatters and speaks in a deep, otherworldly voice) I AM ELEMENTAL SAM!!! MY POWERS ARE SOURCED FROM WITHIN THIS BODY!! AND I SHALL USE THESE POWERS TO CRUSH YOU!!!

(random: then i guess i have to pull out the heavy artillery! dun dun duuun)

Flab: *arms start to thicken in size, and hair starts to round* well then, i guess i shall use MY powers to CRUSH YOU! *the earth around flab starts to get buried under the power emanating form him* i have used this form only once before, you are lucky to even see it! *a brown and grey aura comes out of flab's chest and wraps around himself, his forearms start to grow, and his legs do the same,Flab's shoes ripp of from the growth and so do his gloves* Behold ... the glory ... that, IS, GOLEM FLAB! *the fur on flab's head flattens and looks like a backwards funnel with a spine sticking out under it* This form is the peak of defencive forms, nothing can hurt me, and nothing can escape my reach.

Elemental Sam: (Rises into the air with some god-like power and all the elements from within the Arena get sucked into Sam's hands and a powerful laser containing all the elements is fired at Flab at the speed of Sound)

Golem Flab: *opens his hands, and mini-portals appear, and he also takes a deep breath, in which, the beam is consumed and refired at sam*

Elemental Sam: YOU FOOL!!! (Elemental Sam deflects the beam straight back at Flab at 5 times the speed of Sound)

Announcer: *cancels the beam, and uses his powers to turn Sam and Flab into mortal beings* ENOUGH!

Sam: ...What happened?

Announcer: *angry anime face* YOU ARE BOTH DISQUALIFIED FOR CONCORTING AGAINST THE ANNOUNCER! *pant pant pant*

Flab: Sooo, we no longer have to listen to you or suffer your stupid traps? *grabs his vest and puts it on, also grabbing new shoes and gloves from the pockets*

Sam: Hang on, if your disqualifing us, then who's going to fight Hayden in the third round?

Announcer: Hayden will fight Matt Pulveriser the Echidna, he was automatically pushed into the final round, so hayden gets moved up

Flab: *looks at Sam, then at the Announcer* so we can go?

Sam: We can. (Looks at the Announcer) You will pay for this, you WILL pay. (Flies off)

Announcer: GOOD RIDDANCE! *walks away and calls for repairs*

Flab: *looks left, then right* ... now what? *gets up* i could go home *looks at sam* i could chase sam for a race *looks at announcer* i could annoy then announcer *rubs hands* but then again, a ham sandwich isn't apart of those plans! *runs home*

The Final

The audience is eagerly anticipating the final between Hayden and Matt.P. Both contestants have recieved their standing ovations, but Hayden didn't get as much respect as Matt.P did. The audience is eagerly waiting in anticipation for the match to start, while there is also the mystery of what Sam will do to get payback on the Announcer.

Announcer: Before we start the final of The 1st Character Tournament, some restrictions have been set up to make this fight fair.

Hayden: Restrictions, what are they this time?

Matt.P: I'm going to take a wild guess it involves our powers ... am i right?

Announcer: The restrictions are:

  1. Both contestants must not use any forms and stay in their base forms.
  2. Both contestants can only use 1 element.
  3. Both contestants can only use long-range attakcs.

Hayden: Interesting...

Matt.P: okay then, i have to questions, one, why did you say '1.' for each restriction, and two, do we get to choose our element?

Announcer: First I never said 1 for each restriction, you heard wrong and secondly you get to choose your element.

Hayden: Well, in that case I choose Pyrokinesis.

Matt.P: hmmm, pyrokinesis eh? then i pick ... myyyyy ... psychic powers, is that alright?

Annoucer: Unfortunately for you, a person with Psychic abilities and Pyrokinetic abilites would be unfair.

Matt.P: i thought you'd say that, then how about my shadow abilities?

Announcer: That is fair, are there any more questions before we begin the match?

Hayden: None.

Matt.P: i have one last question, am i allowed to use my hammer in this long range battle? because i can extend it across the stage if i'm allowed

Announcer: As I stated before, this is a long range battle, so even if you extend a weapon across the stage it would still be considered a short range attack which means you can't use your Hammer.

Matt.P: *drops his hammer on the arena floor* fine, how about for defencive purposes?

Announcer: (Is getting frustrated) Because it is a long range battle, you wouldn't have any need for it.

Matt.P: *getting annoyed* of course i can use it! i can whack awy and fire balls he shoots at me! *thinks* like how i'll whack you if you stop sounding like a smarty pants!

Announcer: (Starting to get visually frustrated) Well your opponent dosen't have a Hammer, or a weapon that can whack away your shadows, so it would be unfair!

Hayden: Are we going to fight or what?!

Matt.P: *angered* FINE THEN! *throws his hammer at the announcer* YOU CAN HAVE IT SO I WON'T MAKE THIS FIGHT 'UNFAIR'!

Announcer: (Grabs Matt.P by his shirt and whispers in an angry voice) I can disqualify you right here and now, but I'm not going to because I had to stop one match, be very thankful.

Hayden: Guys! Calm down!

Announcer: Oh, sorry I got a bit carried away. LET THE MATCH, BEGIN!!!

Matt.P: *waits till the announcer can't hear him* *talks to himself* god darned announcer, thinks he can stop me from using allison ...

Hayden: (Flies up into the air and throws five fireballs in quick succession at Matt.P)

Matt.P: *shadow dodges all the fireballs and counter attacks with a flat ball of shadows aimed at hedge's legs* nice try, but i never llet my guard down!

Hayden: (Lights his legs on fire to deflect the Shadows) Nice counter attack, its a shame that still hurt. (Throws seven Fire beams at Matt.P)

Matt.P: *expertly dodges three beams, deflects two of his hair, and makes twoshadow portals infront of him, making the beams enter and exit another portal behind hayden*

Hayden: (The two fireballs hit him but do no damage) As much as I like to fire my shots, I'd like to see one of your moves.

Matt.P: *charges his fists with shadow energy* and i'd be glad to show you * spins around, then fires a shadow tornado towards hayden, with the end of the tornado in matt.p's hands*

Hayden: WOOOAH!! (Flies away from the Shadow Tornado then creates a Fire Tornado of his own and makes it collide with Matt.P's Shadow Tornado)

Matt.P: GOTCHA! *turns the tornado into a thin shadow line that goes through the centre of hayden's tornado and hits hayden's hands*

Hayden: (Gets knocked back) Nice move. I wasn't expecting that. (Charges up three big fireballs)

Matt.P: *dodges two and turns one into a shadow ball returning it towards hayden at triple speed*

Hayden: (Makes an ice sheild but the shadow ball still hits him and he goes flying back) Man, I haven't been hit by Shadow's in a long time.

Announcer: DISQUALIFICATION! *puts hayden in an energy ball* you broke the restrictions of this fight and you are- *is cut off by flab punching him in the mouth*

Flab: WOULD YOU SHADDAP!? *jumps back*

Hayden: (To self) Damn it! I forgot about that!

(A human figure crashes into the earth right where the announcer was standing)

Flab: *speaks into his vest and david and jason appear beside him* looks like something bigs gonna happen guys, hope you haven't forgot our old moves

David: you wish!

Jason: *snaps his jaw* bring it on!

Sam: (Steps out of the massive crater he just created and sends up a flair)

Pitch: (Shadow teleports into the arena) Its payback time!

Hector: (Appears out of the ground)

Flab: *phew* thought it was selmah for a second, hey sam, hayden

David: hey hector!

Jason: where is selmah?

Flab: he left after he fought sam, dunno where he is now

Sam: Speaking of which I don't know where Lyra is.

Announcer: (Gets up out of the crater covered in smoke and debris and sees the announcer) What are you guys doing here!?

Jason and David: *fly up into the sky*

Flab:where here to get back at you for being such a- *following content cannot be displayed*

Sam: YEAH!! AND WHERE HERE TO MAKE YOU PAY FOR (Following content cannot be displayed) SO THATS WHY WE'RE HERE!!!

Flab: *gets called on his mobile* gimme a sec *answers it* talk to it ... in place? ... operation burnt *following content cannot be displayed* a go? ... sure *hangs up and walks to sam, pitch, hector, hayden, and matt.p* huddle up i got a plan *winks*

Hayden: Where did Jason and David go?

Sam: What do you have as your plan?

Flab: i will answer hayden's question first *whispers* as we speak, jason and david are charging up a ball of light based on a water and earth foundation being held by the two of them and will drop when i yell ... and trust me ... they will here me ... Matt.P

Matt.P: yo

Flab: i need you to keep the announcer paralysed with your shadows whilst sam and hayden charge up a mega ball of fire ... then i will charge up my demon release attack in my golem form so i can handle the power of david and jason's ball and sam and hayden's ball being mixed with my attack ... then i will blast the announcer and he will go flying to eggman's toilet ... yes, david calculated where he will land *smiles* awesome huh?

Matt.P: O.O

Hayden: ...

Sam: I'm liking this plan already.

Hector: It sounds like fun.

Hayden and Sam: (Start charging up a MASSIVE ball of fire)

Matt.P: *paralyses the announcer with his shadow*

Announcer: what the *following word cannot be displayed but will be replaced* fudge?

Flab: hector, i got a big plan for you, wether you can do this is crucial to the plan

Hector: (Casually) What's the plan?

Flab: *leans in and whispers in hector's ear* this plan ... it isn't going to work, keep your voise down though ... the announcer is extremely powerful, more powerful than the ten beasts combined ... but two words will end him ... it's just surprising no one has said it to him ... the attack will land and cause only a little damage ... you take that chance to pop out of the ground and yell in his face the two golden words that will make him explode ... you in?

Hector: (Whispers into Flab's ear casually) Sure, this sounds like fun. What are the two words I need to say?

Flab: okay, the two words are ... The ... Game ...

Hector: (Whispers into Flab's ear) That's all. Your kidding!

Sam: We're struggling to hold this now. (The ball is 10 metres high and 15 metres wide and is still getting bigger)

Flab: go hector! *turns into his golem form as hector dives into the ground* NOW! *david and jason throw their balll down and flab charges up his demon release attack which absorbs it* now you sam and hayden!

Sam: (Throws the now HUGE fireball at Flab with Hayden as fast as they can)

Flab: *absorbs it in his palms and teh attack he charges up turns rainbow, and he looks at the audience as his hands turn rainbow* this is now way a rip off of sonic's final attack from sonic colours! *fires it towards the announcer and flab is flung back against the wall of the arena from the kick back*

Announcer: *gets hit and the shockwave sends Matt.P, sam, and hayden flying towards te arena floor as well, as the dust settles, the announcer is laughing* you honestly think you can defeat me? i am the mobius equivalent to arceus the god pokemon from the pokemon galaxy *charges up a small attack* and with this, will spell your death ...

Hector: (Appears behind the announcer and taps his shoulder)

Announcer: (Turns around)

Hector: THE GAME!!!

Announcer: *falls to the ground and takes a large deep breath, only to yell a liud and short* NO! *the announcer then turns into a puddle of blue goo, evaporates and turns into a fly and goes away*

Flab: *turns back to normal* all over *falls down*

Hector: Well... That was easy.

Hayden: To Matt P. So what's going to happen now.

Sam: Well, I think I've had my well sought after revenge. (Flies off)

David + Jason: we got a mission, see ya (flies off)

Hayden: Okay, see ya.

Matt.P: i think we leave ... and never take part in a tournament again ... with me hector?

Hector: I suppose, I might go and see Rosa now.

Matt.P: okay *runs off*

Hayden: I guess I better get going now. (Flies off)

Hector: (Dissapears into the ground)

Flab: GREAT! i've been ditched again ... *sits on the ground* what to do what to d- *light bulb* HAM SAMMICH! *runs off*


  1. The Sam vs Flab fight ended in a draw so instead of Lyra fighting Selmah as was originally planned, Flab fought Lyra and Selmah fought Sam.
  2. Hayden automatically qualified for the final after Flab and Sam were disqualified after concocting against the announcer in their second round fight.
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