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You'll be scratching your head, racking your brain and breaking your bones with these fellows. The 15 Break, despite their antics and inconsistent intelligence levels, are not anybody's fools, sans whoever they serve.


The members of the 15 Break are, in order from least to greatest number:

U'une: A one-armed cyclopean swordfighter who makes use of both swift, singular strikes that do not combo into each other and swapping to his greatshield for defending. Often works alone, but is better when grouped with HeMeT and Noir.

Buds: A decently-built humanoid who always wears earbuds and suspenders. His weapons of choice are two pairs of magic scissors, one that can cut through the fabric of space and create wormholes, and the other which can cut holes in time to travel throughout the past and present. Can also create doubles of a given singular object, but only once every two days and only for up to two hours. His text is normal, but will always be processed as having the last two digits of it's post number being the same.

HeMeT: A tall, sharp man with a mix of Egyptian and mobster themes in his clothing. He has a third arm made of bandage-wrap that can be used for a number of different purposes. Good friends with U'une and Noir.

Quad: A large centaur man with four arms, four horns, and thin-rimmed glasses. Quad is a mute, and uses his arms to create invisible walls and boxes to impede his opponents.

Limaa: A katana-wielding woman who can control plants. Limaa also has an UNNATURAL SURVIVABILITY FACTOR, which helps her survive even the most catastrophic attacks.

Roulet: A stick-thin woman sans her wide base/hips. She has an affinity for puffy dresses and likes to use a magic revolver, one that has unlimited ammo, but must reload on every sixth shot. Also, from said gun, every 18th shot is an explosive that discharges a massive amount of negative energy.

Slither: A snake-person who often hides in his magic jar. This jar allows him to bounce back attacks as well as trap others inside of it. Slither runs the group whenever Kyu is not around, and is responsible for keeping these idiots in line.

inFinity: A potentially dangerous mechanical being, with a sideways tv for a head. Can manipulate radiowaves and sonar, and is also able to project holograms and messages from others, but never, under any circumstances EVER fix his head. His voice is mostly television static with a faint sound to it, and his typing always h̸̻̝̫̙̥a͙͈̫̹ͅs̝̜͈ ̧̖̖̯̹̺a͙̥͔̼̣̗̗ ̠̪͚̹̦ͅs͇̳ͅt̷̜͉͎̦ra͎͕̼͢n͍͚g̲̪̹̰̺̞̕e҉͖̻̰͇͇ ̸d̡̤̼̲a̩͖̩̳r̶̮̭̳̲̹̮̹k̖̲̠n͞e̦͈̩̗͘s̫s̢̺͓ ̧̮̗̺̣a͢r̭̰̹̞̯̜ͅo̶̺̜̞̮̻̝̮u̼̳̖̱n̖͎dͅ ͉͔͚̭͓it.

Noon: An old man from a long-gone era who can create miniature stars. For his age and even compared to the other members he is pretty fast, always attacking first when in combat. Noon is usually used to scout and scope out rival gangs' plans.

Buck: A cursed bull man with ten horns, a nose ring, and rubber gloves. The gloves are their to conceal his uncontrollable power to turn anything he touches into solid gold, which he laments even having. Buck u$ually ha$ ab$olutely nothing wrong with how he type$.

Thostwoguys: Two twins bound together in the same cursed suit. While both seem to be insufferable together, their combination attacks outrank that of even gods, that is, if they can plan one out without arguing. Both twins can fire lasers from each of their mono-eyes.

Ruler: A stick thin man who is married to Roulet. Possesses two regular revolvers and a magical foot-long staff that can change the size of any object or person by one foot/twelve inches each time. Ruler, for whatever reason, can teleport throughout time whenever he gets hit, along with the person who is hitting him. Ruler has an obsession with stealing clocks and 12-inch long measuring tools over anything else.

Noir: A very lucky man, often called "the Black Hole of Hope." He is only as lucky as their are people around him, as he uncontrollably absorbs luck from said people. Also has 13 pockets throughout his large overcoat that can hold any number of objects of any size. He works alone, but is pretty good friends with U'une and HeMeT.

Wotchi: A mechanical crab whose body is made out of silicon with quartz eyes. Wotchi can manipulate time at will, but only for what feel like 14 seconds to him once every two weeks of not using it, due to his 8th gear out of 15 always acting up. His weapons of choice are a pick and a shovel, and is usually seen around inFinity, always trying to upgrade and fix it.

Balqudan: A huge humanoid whose head is shrouded in a mixture of shadows and a large football helmet. He can create explosive balls similar in appearance to any sports ball which explode shortly after being hit. Can also make the people around him very competitive and easily agitated.

Kyu: the leader of the 15 Break, a white fox with only one long, stiff tail. She can resurrect any fallen member of the 15 Break at will, but only one at a time. Can also kill any member of the 15 Break, this time at any amount she wishes, but only once per day. Prefers more gentle, sophisticated mannerisms and would rather puzzle opponents rather than fight. It's important to the group to keep Kyu alive, not only for her revival magic, but for reasons difficult to explain. Kyus text is often an irritating white, which she uses in an attempt to fool and overall inconvenience readers, though it really doesn't for whatever transparent background reason.


The 15 Break serve anyone who holds the Rack of Scratch, a triangular artifact with 16 grooves which can summon and revive any members of the group by use of magic pool balls. Each member can function in however way they wish, as long as they neither impede each others progress or cause direct harm to Kyu. Most members use their varied powers and weapons in combinations to pull heists and cause controlled mayhem, and as such fluctuate between the lows and highs of the Villains Rankings due to their inconsistency.

Base of Operations

The 15 Break function in an obscure valley surrounded by flat-topped mountains lush with life. In said valley are 6 cylindrical holes in the ground that are connected by underground tunnels, which is where their underground hideout and homes are. it's often described that getting into their base is easy, but getting out is always the hardest part. Due to the magical abilities and weapons each member has, unless most/all are nullified, nobody other than them can leave the holes.


The 15 Break are a universal constant, meaning that every universe should have or had them exist together in some way, shape, or form. It is unknown exactly where they come from, but it is said that whoever can obtain and hold their most treasured artifact can control them all. They have the potential to be one of the greatest fighting forces ever known, but are always too busy pulling off stupid low-tier villain stuff like robbery and general defacing of property to get anywhere too high in any hypothetical rankings.

General Strategy (for dealing with them)

When dealing with each member, make sure to keep certain strategies in mind so as to not be overwhelmed. Keep in mind that almost every member is trained in using firearms, so make sure to not forget that, unless you like getting swiss cheesed all over the wall.

  1.  Take advantage of U'une's Loner status to easily outnumber him. Subdue him before HeMeT and Noir can be called. Ranged Weapons that fire multiple shots are recommended, as he switched his sword and shield with each singular hit, increasing the chance that at least half of your shots land.
  2. Buds is fairly strong hand-to-hand, but his space-cutting scissors are his strongest point. Make sure to remove those from his possession to more easily defeat him.
  3. HeMeT can only control his third arm when in focus, distracting and annoying him for long enough will negate this power.
  4. Quad's mime-powers are tricky to deal with, and his silence would make him hard to track, but his sheer size negates the latter. Overall just wear him down.
  5. Limaa's UNNATURAL SURVIVABILITY FACTOR can be used by her to regenerate lost limbs from practically nothing, which can be used to sneak by with a small chunk and still be fine. Bring someone who knows their flames and block any nearby exits.
  6. Without her revolver and when alone, Roulet is very weak. Make sure she and Ruler are not near eachother.
  7. Slither's jar makes sure that he takes no outside damage, while his wide cobra-head allows him to bounce back items thrown in. Keep out of range of his grabs and just stall him out.
  8. Make sure to kill inFinity LAST. Killing it before anyone else will trigger a series of supernatural events that end in killing off all life in the entire universe. Keep it subdued until it's the very last one, then it would be safe to kill, p̨̥͓̣̣̥͖͎̼͟ŗ͍͔͇͞o̢̹͖̳̙̠͇̖̦v̶̢͇̻̤̞͙̪͖̙į҉̮͙̘̭̘d̸҉̯̬̳̪͍̳͇̳̗e͉̳̰͚͇͢d̷̡̠̭̼͖̙̮̀ ̱̟͓̹̦̙̘y̨͙͖̞̯͇̼͔̮̼̕o͉͓̮͈͎̰͇̯͜͞ͅu̥̭̭̹͎͈͍̯͝ ͕̦̰͖̕a̶̛̜̫̦͇͠ͅc̷̵̥̗̗̤̙͟ͅț̻̲͟u̸̬̳̪̼͟ḁ̛͉͙͖̪̖͙̀ͅl̨̠̫͇͙̱͎̮̺͘͡l̡̦̭͕͖y͝҉̧̩̱͇͉͇͎ͅ ̢̼͎͔̹̲̪c̵̣͍̟̯̕͜a̷̠̲͇̺͘͠n̛̜̞̬̖̳̕ ̡̪̹̖g̴̗͖̼͓̤͇̕o̯̯̰̝͔̕͟ ̸̜͔t̤͖͈̥̣ḩ͏̟͇ͅr̵̝̣͚̹̜o̸̬͎̪̻̝͖̬̫͜u̡̪g͚̲h̡̧̪̩̠̰̤̥͕ ̡̖͜͟w̴̟̣͔͎͚̟̞͔͜i̵̧͉̫̣̱̗̼t̯̜͙̜̬̖h̴̲͔̺ ̗ḭ̶͔͔ț̢̢̛̟̻̬̘͙͇.̷̯̺̰͞ ̛̞͎̯̖̀H͚̘̩̯͓̹́ą̸̣͇͈͔͍͈̖͉h̵̷̢̘͇̺̥ą̵̞̺h̫̭̫̠̮̭͈͙́̀a̷̛͕͍̫̪͍h͔͢a̹͚͈͕͈͎.̢̣͔̰̪̟
  9. Try your best to predict and counter Noons swift moves, do not take his honorable fighting-style for granted, he can get very aggressive if you do.
  10. Just don't let Buck touch you without his gloves. Best options seem to be either cutting his hands off or just shooting him to death.
  11. Thostwoguys' arguing will give you ample time to throw pot-shots at them, but be careful of their lasers, those things can desintegrate solid steel. It's best to kill both of them at the same time, but also be careful of the resulting explosion of energy that occurs afterward.
  12. Ruler's size-changing powers are no real threat in combat, but make sure that he does not join up with Roulet. Hitting him when she is around will flung all three+ of you throughout time and space, and you might just end up with dozens of both of them from various timelines beating down on you in no time. However, you can predict when they'll show up through time and kill them in the past or future before things get out of hand. Alternatively you could find and kill the original to insta-kill all duplicates, but that's not recommended.
  13. Use weapons that are guaranteed to not break or jam, as Noir's luck-absorption will make sure that those can and will happen.
  14. Kill Wotchi before he can use his time shtick, or better yet use that to your advantage to kill him while things are speeding up around him, so that he won't be able to react in time.
  15. BRING. LOTS. OF. AMMO. Balqudan is very tanky and hits like a bullet train, so also be swift.
  16. Kyu: You can't.


Each member of the 15 Break has a reference to their number within their small biographies, such as:

  1.  U'une's name is a corruption of the word uno, and not only does he have one eye, but one arm and uses one sword and one shield.
  2. BudS' name and typing are a reference to the 4chan term "dubs," which is when a post's number has the last two digits as the same. This name also references that he always wears earbuds and uses scissors, which are essentially two knives bolted together.
  3. HeMeT's name is a corruption of the egyptian number hamtat, which is just three, as he technically has 3 arms
  4. Quad's name is simply a corruption of quadruple, which is to consist of four segments or parts. This is why he has four arms and four legs. Quad wearing glasses is also a reference to the insult "four-eyes."
  5. Limaa's name is a basic corruption of the word Lima, which translates to five in too many languages to list. Her ability to control plants is based loosely from her name being similar to that of Lima Beans, and her UNNATURAL SURVIVABILITY FACTOR is a reference to the phrase "Number 5 is alive!" from the movie "Short Circuit."
  6. Roulet's name is a butchering of the word roulette, cut down into six letters. The 18th bullet being an explosive is simply due to that being the third 6, or 6 6 6 if one may.
  7. Slither's name has seven letters, and his position always has him partially crouching to resemble a 7 when out of his jar.
  8. InFinity's name and head position are based off of the symbol for infinity being an 8 if flipped 90 degrees. Him being able to control darkness and h̃̉ͥ̉̋i͑̄͋ͪ̽̚͏̻̯͈̣̣̙̟s͚͕͉͎̿ͩ̋͑͑ ̨̩̔ͪt̥͖̭͓̟͔̬̄̈́ͩ̐͊̽͡é̸͌̐xͭ̂͂̉̎ͫ̈́t̫͇̓̒ͩ͘ are based on the 8 ball, the black ball, shifting the balance of pure-color and striped pool balls, and his stronger power is based on the rule in Pool that the 8-ball is always supposed to be the last ball to be knocked out or else the player loses.
  9. Noon's name is simply a corruption of the letter nine.
  10. Buck's name is a cut of the term sawbuck, which is a slang term for the US ten dollar bill. This money-based theme is also where he gets his Midas Touch and text quirk from.
  11. Thostwoguys' name and form are based on the fact that the number 11 is just two 1's locked together.
  12. Ruler's name, weapon, and power are named after the measuring tool of the same name, which usually go up to 12 inches, or 1 foot. His time travel ability is based on clocks only showing twelve hours, despite there being 24 per day.
  13. Noir's name and power are based on unluckiness, as 13 is often seen as a very unlucky number and his name is in reference to a black cat, or "chat noir," another symbol of bad luck.
  14. Wotchi's name is a reference to watches, which are made primarily of silicon and quartz, which are what make up his body, as well as silicon having an atomic number of 14. His ability to travel through time reflects this as well.
  15. Balqudan's sports-based powers and clothing are a reference to 15 being associated with sports, as it is a common number for retired jersey's throughout many sports. His name and power-inspiration is a corruption of the word Bakudan, which is japanese for "bomb."

Theme is "Let's All Rock the Heist" from At the Price of Oblivion

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