The 10 Elemental Rings are, like the Chaos Emeralds, powerful power sources for characters and have their own history. They are said to be more powerful than Chaos Emeralds and have their own abilities. Unlike the Chaos Emeralds. 


Users are often ones who are in training or have mastered Elemental Magic. The user can control the certain Element of the ring he/she possess. Though they have been often used in battle.


Ever since the beginning of time, the 10 Elemental Spirits were created by the gods. And with each spirit, came a world. Each Spirit, was the keeper of it's own world. Making their own world in however way they wanted to. 

Until, however, the Goddess of Love, Yancalana, made mortal creatures like hedgehogs, tulips and etc. Setting them to live on the 10 worlds. This angered the spirits and they tried to destroy their queen. But Yancalana easily beat them and then came a punishment. The punishment was to be forever locked away inside 10 rings which would keep the spirits locked away until they finally learned to live in peace with the mortals. 

Each spirit represents an element and emotion. Trapped within each ring. Slowly starting to forget who they are and become emotionless and blank. Only used for power and war now.

The Rings

The First Ring: Water

This ring gives the user the ability to control and manipulate water. It bares the emotion of Trust. 

The Second Ring: Fire

This ring grants fire to the user. It bares the emotion of anger or rage.

The Third Ring: Plant

This Ring gives the controller the ability to communicate and use plant life. It bares the emotion of excitement.

The Forth Ring: Lightning

This Ring grants the ability to move super fast (faster than Sonic himself) and the ability to manipulate lightning. It bares the emotion of stubbornness.

The Fifth Ring: Snow

This Ring grants the ability for the controller to use snow and make snow blizzards. It represents the emotion of shyness.

The Sixth Ring: Shadows

This ring grants the person the ability to disappear into the shadows and control the shadows of people. Also controlling the person or object. This ring represents envy or jealously.

The Seventh Ring: Earth

This Ring gives the controller the ability to control the ground itself. To lift, to sink, to manipulate ground in anyway. Kind of like your own personal sandbox. You could make an entire castle from just dirt. This Ring represents honesty.

The Eighth Ring: Wind

This Ring gives the controller the ability to control and manipulate the wind. Also granting them flight and tornado controlling. This Ring represents loyalty.

The Ninth Ring: Darkness

This Ring gives the ability to create darkness and negative feelings (most often fear) in any area. Also gives the person the ability to blind someone for a temporary amount of time. This Ring represents Hatred.

The Tenth Ring: Light

This Ring gives the ability to create light and positive feelings in any area. Also giving the person the ability to see invisible and dead spirits. This Ring represents love and kindness. 

The End of The 10 Elemental Rings

Lara, after fighting Rino for a world, set the spirits free. The spirits in dept and kindness sealed themselves into their worlds and made their worlds more beautiful. But a part of each spirits still lives within it's controller. AKA Sonic and his Friends and enemies.

While Yancalana is grateful for Lara's kindness towards the once corrupted spirirts, she doesn't really trust them. But through time she learns to cope with the long lost spirits.

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