the list goes on but i'd rather leave it as the main characters


there are no rules or policies exept for torment and devour everyone and everything


they belive that they are the gods of everything (and everyone)

Base of Operations

there aim is to devour everything


they are demons from the void. the dimension were everything is evil. then they traveled to sonic's world and killed then took there bodies and are trying to kill everything else and to make sonic's world look like they see fit.


i dont have any pics but they look the same as normal sonic characters but there eyes are black there pupels are red there spines,mustashes,tufts of hair,dredlockes are dripping blood and there gloves are dripping blood


they were demons with no form until..they learned about sonic and the gang and there universe. they found a way to travel to there and they killed. them took over there bodys. then they started to kill everything and reshape the world until they saw fit. but there were two sonic's!!...?? and one of them survived. turned into hyper sonic and beat them back to there universe. took there bodys back and gave them there souls back.

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