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Tharraleos is a male, anthropomorphic Griffin. Despite appearing in between his late 20's and early 30's, he's actually over 2,000 years old as a result of his decelerated aging process.


Tharraleos' parents were part of an army of mythical creatures controlled by a powerful being whose name was known to only a few; Malefor. Tharr's father, Yvris, had an innate prideful disposition that formed him to be the perfect contender to fight for the wicked mage. He was a savage and adept fighter who instilled fear in all those who stood against him and his master. This however had changed once he met Andrea, where the endless power of love overwhelmed the battle torn Yvris. Andrea had always fought unwillingly for the dark wizard and quickly altered the mindset of her beloved. It wasn't long before their child was to be born, and the two Griffins had plotted to train him to overthrow Malefor and put an end to his tyranny. This notion did not go unnoticed, and days before Tharraleos was born, Yvris and Andrea met a swift demise by the mage despite their valiant efforts.

The soon to be born Griffin was brought into the same legion of warriors his parents fought in, where he would begin training to become an adept fighter. Most of these members, much like himself were able to fight for many eras given their mystical attributes. This appeared to be Malefor's goal; to amass an eternal army of the ultimate combatants. Upon hatching, he was taken care of by various members of the clan until he was strong enough to begin his training. Since he could walk on two feet, Tharraleos was trained day and night to become a formidable warrior. Despite the harsh training, Tharraleos was a rather meek and timid individual who was always reluctant to fight. Aside from this, the leader of this army controlled them by infecting them with the seven deadly sins. After the sin of Pride took over Tharraleos so many times, it eventually formed the Griffin into a prideful warrior who never questioned his unknown leader's intentions and wanted only to show his strength. He was even eventually counted among the very few to be one of the most trusted individuals and even led his own brigade at times to send forth destruction in the name of Malefor. Although with talk from his allies, Tharraleos learned of his parent's fate as well as additional information about them. It was at this moment he began to resent the sorcerer and swore to himself he would follow through with their intentions

Malefor never actually revealed his presence and instead commanded his army of mythical warriors by telepathy while remaining hidden in an unknown location. Despite this, any notion of disobedience or abandonment was promptly dealt with. Centuries of this passed and Tharraleos had fought in many wars; achieving many victories, but also facing numerous defeats. His initial plan never left his mind, but he unfortunately never found an opportunity to follow through with it. But his prayers would be answered, but not by his own hand much to his displeasure. A clan of Geomancing warriors had occupied a large mass of land Malefor desired. Thinking very little of the earth wielders, the mage sent a large majority of his forces to both eliminate them as swiftly as possible, and to establish his new base of operations. This proved to be a fatal flaw in judgement as despite effortlessly overwhelming the Geomancers, their leader appeared just as they lost all hope. This individual had been bestowed with a divine weapon; a staff composed of rock found only within the heavens. This individual's unprecedented leadership and abundance of tenacity and strength boosted the morale of the earthen combatants exponentially. Malefor had soon found his legion was outclassed, and soon outnumbered. Knowing defeat was inevitable and cursing his own foolishness, he severed all control from his remaining army and went into hiding. Tharraleos took part in this battle and was one of the few to survive and only from the mercy of their foe once victory was obtained.

Tharraleos became a wanderer with his newfound freedom. He roamed the lands seeking a worthy challengers to hone his fighting prowess. Combat was the only thing he was accustomed to and he became obsessed with becoming as powerful as possible. As such, he would continue seek battle until he meets his bitter end. The thought of Malefor returning is a frequent thought of his, however, and he intends to utilize his skill and power acquired over the decades to prevent another uprising of his.

Physical description

Tharraleos by Keitronic

Tharraleos is an anthropomorphic Griffin with a a sleek and toned, muscular build. Although he is over 2,000 years of age, he has the appearance of one between their late 20s and early 30s. Being the hybrid he is; he has the head of an eagle, sporting white feathers and a large and curved goldenrod beak with two nostril pits. Despite having a beak, he has 2 rows of teeth with the upper and lower canines being 3 inch long fangs which are easily exposed. A pair of elongated, slightly pointed and erect white feathered ears are perked on the top corners of the front of his head. These ears reach a height of half a foot and are curved outwardly. He has a pair of piercing and rigid eyes with a glassy white sclera, deep gold irises and black pupils. Another eagle trait is his strong and durable, dark brown feathered wings protruding from his upper back which are typically retracted and folded against him. Once he fully spreads them out, his wingspan of 10 and a half feet is shown. Tharraleos has a fan of wedge shaped, white colored tail feathers that is usually about half of his width and reaches down to knee level. Although, he is able to flare it out to the sides at almost two and a half times the size. White feathers cover a portion of his knees and ends at his upper shins, where his golden yellow tarsus begins. Tharraleos has 4 digit anisodactyl talons for feet with the same gold color and black, slightly curved 5 inch claws on each end. His arms, torso and upper legs are that of a lion with sandy brown, medium length fur covering those regions. He has a overly thick and well maintained, black furred mane with streaks of dark blond scattered about. This covers a majority of his head and leaves his ears mostly visible while also extending to chest level. His paws are large with brown paw pads and has 3 inch, retractable white colored claws hidden within them. He has a long and thin feline tail positioned near his tail feathers which both are connected near his body. The feline tail has a large tuft of black fur on the tip and is typically carried in an arc. When fully straightened, the tail is shown to be just over 2 feet in length. Oddly enough, Tharr is able to alter the position of his tails, often favoring the avian tail on top for flight and the feline tail on top for combat.


Due to his past transgressions under the rule of Malefor, Tharraleos lives by a personal code, swearing to never take one's life no matter the situation. Although in the midst of battle, he's not against severely injuring his opponent so long as he knows they'll survive. If one were to die by his hands, it would be the ultimate act of humility for him. Dire situations in the past have resulted in a number of lives taken by him and the consequences of such strengthens this mindset of his. There are exceptions to this when it comes to undead foes such as demons and vampires as he believes their lives have already ended. Although since mistakes have happened before, Tharr remains cautious of those he considers non living individuals. He possesses immense willpower, is extremely stubborn and does not believe in compromise. Tharraleos will rarely take the role of a leader, though he sometimes serves as second-in-command or as the backbone of an organization or group. When this position is offered to him and he has no option to accept, his natural born leadership is shown. This is when it is shown Tharraleos is fond of making impassioned speeches to boost the morale of his followers and to bestow them with his wisdom. He is extremely confident, though in a more stoic and less outspoken manner. Although he has a strong sense of self-worth and may express it in a particularly abrasive form of self-righteousness. His prideful disposition extends further then confidence as Tharraleos views himself as a beautiful creature, frequently grooming himself to maintain his appearance and almost always admires himself should the opportunity present itself. There can even be moments where he can become frustrated at an individual if they cause any disorder in his appearance, more so if said individual is aware of this fact and their actions are intentional. He has a natural warrior-like mentality, preferring to fight stronger opponents rather than weaker ones and generally shows reluctance to fight those he considers weaker than himself. Tharraleos has incredible amounts of courage, both physically and mentally. That being said, he has the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation with no problem. He can easily face physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death. He acts rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement. Additionally, he is somewhat judgmental and will likely view an individual as an enemy before he counts them as an ally. He believes in confronting facing problems head on with a direct show of force and intimidation before they can become too serious a threat. Despite his life revolving around combat and caring little for anything else, Tharraleos is rather nonconfrontational when it comes to conflicts. He will initially attempt to peacefully resolve problems with speech and will only fight if he feels threatened or challenged. Moreover, he is a rather polite individual, exhibiting fine etiquette and prim mannerisms to strangers and allies. The key aspect of his personality is his strong, mostly unalterable convictions. He values honor above reason, is rarely forgiving to those that upset him.


Born to be a fighter, he has spent the countless years of his existence training. He has a wide array of abilities he can use both in and out of combat.

Enhanced Condition

This ability has numerous uses. Tharraleos possess peak physical and mental condition. He has incredible physical fortitude throughout his entire body, allowing him to pull off astounding feats of herculean strength and can suffer high extents of pressure as well as damage. By placing a majority of the strength in his legs, he can leap far and high distances. Furthermore, he can fight for prolonged amounts of time before succumbing to exhaustion. Even so, he can function on low amounts of power, allowing him to operate for an extended amount of time and remain calm through stressful or painful situations. Tharraleos has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing him to maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to. The extent of this is so great that in Tharraleos' perspective, the world around him appears to flow at a much slower pace than normal. He has an extremely well developed sense of balance and can precisely control his movements and muscles, making him unable to be uncoordinated. He can only fall over when physically uprooted or pushed, though most times he can land on his feet. Through much practice, Tharraleos can stand upright on even the most unstable of surfaces and can fight at seemingly impossible angles and positions. Also with ample training, he has learned to bend and twist his body far beyond the normal limits of physiology, although still only from the joints. His joints, muscles, tendons and physiology in general is modified to allow him to perform near-boneless looking contortions without stress or damage and stay in any position he chooses as long he needs to without effort or strain. He's quite acrobatic as well, being able to fluently preform a wide variety of flips and somersaults. He has immense memory and other mental capacities, allowing thinking on several different levels at once and while multitasking. He can remember great volumes of information and can recall a vast majority of the details of his experiences. Because he has existed for countless years, he possesses great wisdom: deep understanding and realization of concepts, people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgments and actions in keeping with this understanding. It often requires control of his emotional reactions so that universal principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's actions. Tharraleos has a regeneration ability which mainly shows its usefulness after combat. He can heal from injuries slightly faster than what is considered normal and he can survive otherwise fatal wounds. This has further allowed the numerous scars inflicted on him throughout his years to eventually fade and vanish. He can also can deny requirements for a long time such as the need of food, sleep and even water and even has immunity to most illnesses.

Enhanced Senses

While his vision is normal, it can act as a sort of telescope, allowing him to zoom his vision at will and see clearly from far distances. Using this will cause his pupils to make a noticeable increase in size. His eyes also allow him to perceive his surroundings in the darkest of areas as if they were under light. Once the night vision is activated, his irises don a green hue. Both of these sight enhancers can be switched on and off instantly and require nearly no energy to perform. His other senses are increased beyond a normal level as well. He can hear and smell clearly from far distances, taste poisons or other potential hazards and has the ability to sense vibrations through solid substances, liquids or even the air-pressure changes.


His highly durable wings allow him to reach speeds up to 90 mph. However, he actually has difficulty reaching flight without using the momentum from a powerful jump. Even once flight is achieved, he has very poor acceleration and could take extensive amounts of time before reaching full speed. With an enhanced lung capacity, he has the ability to adapt to high altitude environments. He is able to withstand extremely high or low air pressure and isn't disoriented or deprived of normal breathing capacity by it as well as high wind friction, accompanied by an innate immunity to vertigo or fear of heights. Astonishingly, he can survive the vacuum of space for short periods of time, although it takes a bit of a toll on his body. He has learned to control his flying well and can fight while airborne just as efficiently as on the ground.

Pride Empowerment

Because of the overexposure to the sin of pride, Tharraleos has become an embodiment of it and has the unique ability of Pride Empowerment as a result. The more confidence he has in himself, be it through thoughts, actions or words, the more his overall power is increased. Moreover, this power is subconscious and he must act prideful naturally. If he is intentionally prideful, this ability will cease to function. There appears to be no limit to this once he begins gathering it up, meaning he can potentially reach a state of absolute infinite power if it goes on for long enough. Once enough time passes without exhorting pride, any built up power will gradually reset and the power will become dormant. In addition, Tharraleos unleashes this power by projecting a purple colored aura composed entirely of pride energy. The aura resembles purple fire with an occasional crackle of lightning colored a slightly lighter shade of purple. Once this aura is formed, Tharr will have access to the entirety of built up pride power. The aura will continue to cover him until the power reaches zero. The duration and increase of overall power depends on the amount of energy is stored in his body. Exhibiting prideful behavior will cause the aura to pulsate for a brief moment, adding a small amount of time he has access to it. The intensity of the aura is increased in accordance to his pride power and can become destructive at higher levels. The aura typically covers body, but he can minimize it to anywhere on him. However, only the part of his body covered in the aura will benefit from the gain in power. Since the power is much more concentrated at this moment, an individual limb will receive a more significant boost then his entire body.


Tharraleos' mental capacity and abundance of mental training has granted him the ability to control objects through sheer thought. Said objects must be within his line of sight, or at the least, he must have pinpoint awareness of their location and he must have the utmost concentration on this ability. The extent of this is identical to his physical limits, meaning with his mind, he can exhort the same amount of force mentally as he can physically and it corresponds to the amount of pride power he has garnered. In doing so, he essentially trades physical strength for mental strength.


Another feat accomplished through Tharraleos' mental strength. There are a number of prerequisites that are required to be in order for this to be fully effective. Firstly, Tharraleos must have ample concentration and almost enter a meditative state. Secondly, he must have physical contact with the target, preferably with one of his paws. The target must also be mentally willing to permit him this task, and once he makes the initial contact, he can speak with the target through thought and talk them through the process. Once this is done, Tharraleos can enter the mind of the individual, where he can see all the thoughts, memories and subconscious thoughts of that person. This ability also allows him to remain completely aware at all times of the true reality around him, potentially seeing through any optical and/or mental illusions that others attempt to deceive him with.


Tharraleos has limited control over the element of Wind. With a hefty flap of either wing, he can create and launch razor sharp, crescent-shaped constructs of wind from the feathery appendage. These cover a wide area and are known to cut through metal, but their accuracy is poor and it takes some time for it to be unleashed. As the amount of pride at his disposal increases, the speed in which he unleashes these and their speed once launched as well as their damage and accuracy can reach great levels. Using his enhanced lung capacity mentioned above, he can release a cone shaped torrent of wind from his beak. The reach of this is rather far and the most it would accomplish is knocking an opponent off balance for a short time. His pride power affects this as well and can increase the range and the amount of power is behind it.


Much like the element of Wind, Tharraleos has very little control over the element of Earth. By using his formidable strength, he can send a fist to the ground with great force that creates small fissures and has a maximum radius of 15 yards which often forms craters. Depending on the amount of power he places into this, it'll either decrease one's stability or knock them down. Much like his Aerokinesis, the range and power of this ability is heightened depending on his amount of pride power. The extent of these tremors can reach to devastating and destructive levels. He can also burrow just under the surface of an earthen surface and move at moderate speeds. This is mainly used for surprise attacks or to vanish from sight. This ability holds little augmentation with the increase of pride, as Tharraleos is only granted a boost in speed once submerged in the ground.

Combat style

Throughout his many years, Tharraleos has studied and mastered innumerable styles of different Martial Arts, giving him physical, mental and spiritual perfection when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. It has given him the potential to harness his body's natural energy to maximize the power of each individual strike. Although he does have vast knowledge in a wide variation of weapon styles such as swords, spears and staffs. he prefers hand-to-hand. He is an analytical and strategic genius, allowing him to swiftly and thoroughly examine his opponent's combat style through even the faintest of movements and with the abundant variants of combat styles, he can adapt to almost any kind of opponent. He can almost instantly understand an opponent's method of thinking and combat style. Once he understands his opponent's strategy, he's able to find their flaws and weaknesses and gain the upper hand with little effort. Tharraleos can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of his foe, making it seem as if he has a sense of precognition. He is able to elaborate complex plans and strategies and apply them to combat. He has a refined balance of offence and defense which he can fluently lean towards one or the other depending on his opponent. He commonly begins a battle defensively, primarily focusing on blocking, evading and sometimes even enduring attack. This is his way of studying an opponent's tactics and to discover a potential weakness. Once the weakness is found, he begins to attack relentlessly with unyielding force. Tharraleos is a tactical fighter who either utilizes very precise pressure point strikes to promptly immobilize foes, or target other crucial areas such as the stomach, chest and facial regions. This is further evidenced by the fact that because of he lacks attack speed, he relies on outsmarting his opponents. He is also a fair fighter and will refuse to strike a downed opponent or strike from behind. The power in his strikes is immense and his attacks have incredible accuracy.

With knowledge of numerous fighting styles, Tharraleos has also adopted his own and typically combines techniques from other Martial Arts with his own unique style. He has learned to utilize his body's natural tools to maximum efficiency. His claws and talons can add to melee strikes for maximized damage. His beak can send forth a barrage of quick and deadly pecks in addition to a lethal bite using his formidable fangs. His wings can be additionally used to wrap around his body for increased defense and even a quick and powerful melee strike by lashing them forward. His talons and feline tail are prehensile, able to grasp objects with surprising speed, strength and accuracy, which is highly useful for combat. His lion tail also aids in balance and is quite flexible, which he typically demonstrates by coiling it around even the smallest of objects. Despite his tail's slim and weak look, it can actually withstand slightly more than Tharraleos' weight and can be used to strike foes with a moderately damaging attack. His fan of tail feathers is more or less used to assist with steering and maximized control while airborne, but can be used for melee strikes with less range. Overall, Tharraleos is a highly disciplined and remarkably adept combatant who's well aware of his body's limitations. He can potentially overcome any opponent even with the odds against him.

Hobbies and talents

Combat isn't the only thing Tharraleos has a passion for. He is quite the skilled poet, often converting his experiences throughout his life into poems of various types. Dancing is another hobby of his after he learned it had similar attributes to combat with the need for coordination and endurance. It is something he thoroughly and has become rather experienced in doing so, learning many different styles. Finally, Tharraleos is an adept yoga practitioner. It keeps his mind and spirit clear and is a crucial component of his training among other meditative practices.


Speed and size

His agility is slightly below average; although he is more quick and nimble then he appears. However, he can be put at a disadvantage against fast fighters. He is also rather large, which makes him an easy target in combat, especially in more crowded areas.

Lack of range

Tharraleos has poor range with his attacks, especially considering he lacks any sort of reliable projectiles and relies heavily on extremely close ranged tactics. This can put him at a severe disadvantage against more ranged adversaries.

Limited durability

His durability only protects him from blunt force, meaning the likes of blades and gunfire can easily break through his defenses.

Mild Phasmophobia

Ghosts and spirits are another problem for him. His unfamiliarity with them both in knowledge and combat has resulted in a mild fear of them.


Although a versatile tool for Tharraleos, pride can serve as a weakness at times. He will always allow a foe a stronger transformation if they have one and will make no intents to stop them, or allow them to retrieve a weapon and will refuse to strike from behind or while an opponent is down. His demeanor may become brash and confident if he gains the upper hand in combat, often insulting his opponent's flaws and becoming relatively careless as a result. While in a battle, he typically does not fight with his full power, preferring to put himself at a weaker level then his opponent to present a challenge. This can potentially lead to a number of problems for him. Sometimes he even allows his opponent to strike him without any resistance in a way to test their strength. Other times he gives advice to a foe in the midst of a battle on how to gain the upper hand. The most prominent weakness of his pride is the desire to never back away from battle, even if he's aware it could be his undoing. Tharraleos prefers to die in pride, than flee and live a coward. Although since these actions fuel his Pride Empowerment, the level of these weaknesses is debatable.


Perhaps his most lethal weakness which has opposing effects of pride. This is visible by a dull, black colored aura that briefly surrounds him. If Tharraleos commits acts of humility, his power will make a dramatic decrease and will drop heavily the more it continues. The extension of this can be so severe to the point it could end his life. Unlike his Pride Empowerment, this will not reset over time and will instead slowly dissipate with prideful actions.


Tharraleos has a crippling weakness against magic based attacks, succumbing to four times the normal damage when struck. This is a result of Malfeor's sorcery, which would allow him to dispatch any rebellion with ease. The spell can be triggered on and off, however, Malefor made sure it was active before his disappearance.

Theme song


Disturbed - Warrior lyrics-0

Tharraleos' theme song


  • His first name is the Greek word for courageous while his last name is the Greek word for warrior.
  • Tharraleos' status as a "perfect warrior" and affinity for battle in inspired by the Spartans of ancient Greece.
  • Tharraleos' personality is a combination of the elements of metal and light.
  • Tharraleos has a signature battle cry he lets out before a fight. It starts off with a high pitched, eagle screech and ends with a deep and low lion growl.
  • Despite being humanoid, Tharr is still very much animalistic and possesses a number of mannerisms from both birds and cats. He frequently lets out a series of different types of growls and even purrs at certain times. He can also be seen perching himself on random surfaces much like a bird and most importantly, grooms himself primarily with his beak and paws.
  • When he speaks, his words lack contractions, meaning instead of saying things like "I'm" and won't", he'll instead use the full "I am" and "will not".
  • Much like the Griffins in mythology, Tharraleos' feathers can be used to cure blindness and his talons can detect poison by changing into a sickly green color when nearby.
  • His primary language for some time was Greek until he learned English.
  • For a short time, Graviton was turned into a Griffin. Finding the concept for the character unfitting for that species, he was turned back into a hedgehog. What was created from the Griffin was eventually passed down and expanded to the newly created Tharraleos.
  • Tharraleos has 2 fearsome opposing combinations. His immense physical fortitude and fighting prowess coupled with his IQ of 195 derived from the knowledge and wisdom gathered throughout many centuries has made him a combatant of both brain and brawn. Given the 2 elements he can slightly control as well as his fighting style, Tharraleos is a master of both land and air.