Thaddeus the Butterfly is

Thaddeus the Butterfly
Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Mutated Glasswing Butterfly
  • Skin: Black, w/ dark tan muzzle
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Wings: Iridescent, ranging from pale gray to a brilliant blue
  • Light green mask w/ brown marks around the eyes & mouth
  • Light green sleeveless shirt w/ wing-slits
  • Light & dark green shorts
  • Pale green wristbands
  • Green armbands w/ black edging
  • Pale green anklebands
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Moderate pyrokinesis
  • Trained with electrokinesis, aerokinesis & hydrokinesis
  • Skilled shot w/ laser weaponry
  • Trained in close combat w/ sai
  • Some hand-to-hand combat training
Other Information
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Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212
  • Derpythesonicfan (adopted)


A short, almost cherubic young butterfly, Thaddeus has black chitin and a dark tan "muzzle", plus big blue eyes. However, the most remarkable part of his body is the two wings on his back, which have patches of all different colors on them, similar to stained glass. The color in his wings is unusual for a Glasswing Butterfly, and is caused by a regressive gene activated.


As a child studying in the Soleanna Martial Combat Academy with the desire to follow family into the top-tier competitive combats arena, the independent country of Toranthe, Thaddeus wears the clothes of a hand-to-hand duelist, including sleeveless shirt, pants, armbands, wrist bindings, ankle bindings and a mask. These are all in the school's colours, due to the schools role of guiding these fighters into being sponsored by the country, rather than by one of the dedicated teams.



Due to his young age, Thaddeus is yet to compete in one of the inter-school championships, which pits combat-trained students from throughout Soleanna in an array of duels to crown the top fighter, who typically goes into the Toranthe circuit sponsored by the country. However, despite this, Thaddeus has beaten quite a few of the entrants, all of whom are three or more years older than him, so this is no reason to take him lightly.

One of the main traits connected to Thaddeus is his irregular fighting style. While the majority of the fighting techniques are taken from the Soleannan Combat Standard, the fighting style taught within the school and army alike, the seven-year-old combines his ability to fly near-silently into the mix, which grants him the ability to use kicks in the same way most others use punches, keeping himself moving by flying. This aerial style also fits with his four elements - Fire, Electricity, Air and Water. These elements cover the vast majority of elemental types, giving the child a powerful arsenal of techniques to work with. In addition, while he is usually on the ground to use these, he is trained in the use of the sai, granting him a dagger-like weapon to use in close-combat, a weapon he has taken to quite rapidly, as well as an array of laser-based weaponry, primarily a low-power laser blaster for training purposes.

Quite astonishingly, he has been seen using an incredibly rare Spark Shard Sai, a weapon likely worth millions of Mobiums, in arena matches. It was revealed that the weapon has been in his family for an incredibly long time, at least four generations, and that his parents trusted him with it to serve as a good-luck charm for when he goes into battle to earn the eyes of the Toranthe circuits.

Fire Abilities

  • Flame Tail (creates a tail of flame from his abdomen in order to use, has to reform it each time)

Wind Abilities

Electric Abilities

Water Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Thaddeus can be overly serious and literal at times, but he's mostly a fun Mobian to be around, and enjoys playing practical jokes on people.










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