Texto is a female unicorn with Solarkinetic powers.


Early Life

Texto was born in a valley. It is unknown what happened to her parents. One day she wandered outside and came across a rock. It was glowing a yellow-gold color, and had tiny cracks on it. She grabbed it, and it disappeared, leaving her with a small glow in her hands. This was the beginning of her powers.


Years later, she had left the valley accidentally. She found her way into a lab, where there was a peculiar kitten. She walked away and found a tube, and someone pushed her in. A humming noise was heard, and when she awoke up she was in a differint part of the world. Then, she saw Xirunk the Mutt attacking people. She then realized that she was transported to Moebius. She decided to try and make the best of it, however.


Texto can get somewhat attached to things to easily. She is also kind, and she to protect anything she likes. She is known to be somewhat of a packrat.


  • Solarkinesis - she obtained this from a stone.
  • Sharp Horn - her horn is sharp, and she can take it off of her head to use as a weapon.


Overall, she looks like a deer. Her feet are light brown, and the rest of her is a darker shade of brown. She has a few spots on her back, which are light brown in color. She wears a light green shirt, and some black jeans. Her horn is dark brown (darker than her body).


  • Texto is based off of a real life unicorn, wich are just deers with a genetic disorder.
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