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Of course, when coming up with someone to blame for a disasterous event, the answer is always............. crab-people.


Tetsuya appears as a skinny, somewhat tall and gangly humanoid with pale-brown skin. Worn on his head is a shell-like hat that keeps his head in the dark, this having the astrological symbol for Cancer on it. The rest of his clothing is generally "punk" style clothes, those being tight gray jeans, a black coat with cuts resembling a pentagram when observed closely, a white belt with several small holsters clipped on, torn leather shoes with rips all over the tops, and a light-brown undershirt with his emblem shown clear on the right-side of his chest. Tetsuya's hair is long and wavy, as he never really sees a point to cleaning it when it's just going to get messy again anyways. Tetsuya always keeps an eerie smile, along with half-open eyes with a lot of black face-paint lined underneath, and a somewhat long nose.


Tetsuya is, in short, an egotistical madman. He always like to talk himself up as if he's some kind of unstoppable level-infinity-epic-super-god-turbo, but really he's a cowardly trickster with a bad attitude. Tetsuya cares not at all if something is fair or just, just so long as he's the one one the positive-end of an event. He'll do anything to pride himself, from getting into fights against people way stronger than him (only to throw a cheap blow by either faking an apology followed by a swift jab or by just rigging the fight in general) to just throwing the faces of anyone slightly lower in ranking than him deep into the dirt. If so much as a single accomplishment is made by him, Tetsuya will boast about how great and amazing he is not until people get annoyed, but rather until he runs out of things to say about himself.

Tetsuya has a few other weird actions that make him easily noticable. He has a weird speech quirk of sometimes saying "craw," whenever he finishes a sentence. This isn't just for when he's talking either, as he also does this when writing, typing, or even texting other people. Whenever trying to sneak, his version of stealthy movements are walking sideways with his hands arched upwards and inwards like a crab. When angered, Tetsuya has a habit of saying "chichichichi," followed by "CHA!!" before brainlessly lashing at his aggresor.


A Crucite raised on (insert planet name for series) by a woodworker, Tetsuya had gained a fascination in cutting things by watching people work in a lumber mill. This carried over to his premature form through the ability to cut solid objects with just his fingers. In school, Tetsuya always found a way to work the system to his advantage, whether it being tricking teachers into giving incorrect grades or just straight-up cheating whenever the chance to do so arrives. Tetsuya acted as the leader of a gang of bullies in his area, constantly terrorizing other kids and even adults that irked him. His favorite prank was cutting a person's most cherished belongings, from drawings to cars, but never anything that had emotional value to that person. He constantly got in trouble as his methods of hiding what he had done were good, but he had tendencies to overuse them, allowing others to learn how to tell if he was lying.

In high school, Tetsuya had cheated on a placement test during 3rd year, and as such was expelled from the district. No school would take him in, whether it be from his poor grades or his previous actions, so he instead worked with his father in the lumber mill, cutting logs for easier transport and passing them down the line to be packaged. This proved to be quite important to Tetsuya, as he would wake up early in the morning and start cutting before anyone else even arrived, sometimes going without sleep just to work overtime. As he was finally in an environment he truly felt "at home" in, Tetsuya felt no need to really bully anyone, maybe just playfully picking on lesser workers every now and then but nothing more.

Although he was finally happy, this feeling did not last long. After a few months, the lumber mill had begun firing several workers, though Tetsuya had never been fired throughout the mill's history. Instead, however, the mill was shut down due to becoming outdated as machinery was performing the same jobs more efficiently and much cheaper. Tetsuya, filled with rage, then proceeded to go on a chopping spree, cutting down signs, patches of forest, and even entire buildings. He was later arrested and sent to a far away high-security prison. There, he would spend many years enraged and miserable at what life had done to him. Every option was taken, he had nothing left.

As he grew into his adult form, Tetsuya's emotions as well as the conditions of his living-space had played a part in his physical form, making him a gangly abominable humanoid. He also discovered that his finger-cutting had also improved to, now able to grow the length of his fingers as well as cut through much thicker objects. He used this to easily break the locks and initiate a mass jailbreak along with hundreds of other inmates, but instead of doing so to set everyone else free, Tetsuya instead used them as a distraction for him alone to escape, as he was still too weak from hunger and lack of exercise to really do much. After raiding the prison's Mess Hall for food, Tetsuya had bolted from the building, never looking back and never hearing the sirens coming for him. He was truly free at last.

While wandering around, Tetsuya settled in a broken-down mansion on the top of a steep cliff. Here, he and a few escaped convicts had made their livings as a gang, known as the "Dice Cobras" to the locals. His actions caught the attention of EQuartz head Jared Infiern, who had then sent him a letter detailing a supposed stash of money being held within a nearby bank, and later that night, Tetsuya and the rest of the gang had gone their, only to be surrounded and captured by EQuartz Pentamids disguised as pillars.

Tetsuya and his gang had been taken to EQuartz HQ in Soulstice City, where Tetsuya was sent to speak with Jared while the rest of the gang were whisked off to who-knows-where. Jared had then given Tetsuya a contract, which would enlist him into EQuartz if he were to join. At first, Tetsuya refused, stating that he had been plucked from his happy life into some kind of "futuristic nightmare straight out of a bad action movie," but then Jared had presented him with an offer. Either Tetsuya joins EQuartz, or he and his gang are experimented on, which would most likely had killed him. Afraid and without any thought, Tetsuya agreed to join, at the cost of his gang's lives. They were never seen again, even by Tetsuya, and can be assumed dead.

Afterwards, Tetsuya would lie and cheat his way through the ranks, eventually becoming able to challenge one of the Holy Zodiac to a fight for his/her position. At first, Tetsuya had gotten his a$$ handed to him on a silver platter, as none of his previous tricks had seemed to work. However, Tetsuya had managed to pull a new idea out of his head. He begged for forgiveness, stating that his actions were rash and unjust.

When the Zodiac member was about to declare the match as a victory for him/her, Tetsuya quickly jabbed the opponent right in the gut, then extended his fingers to pierce right through the Zodiac member's armor and push him/her high into the sky, where he/she then fell flat on his/her face and was knocked out. As this was never done before and no rules against it were made, Tetsuya was declared the winner, and promoted to become one of EQuartz Industries' Holy Zodiac as the Cancer/Rat agent. From then on, Tetsuya lived a life of luxury, being able to boss around pretty much any member of EQuartz aside from other Zodiac's and Jared. He is also given huge sums of money weekly, which he uses to commission high-quality paintings and sculptures of himself in all of his glory. But do have hope, for one day Tetsuya will fall so high off his high horse that he'll never be able to get back, no matter how hard he tries.


Tetsuya has two unique abilities from Crucite evolution. These are the ability to extend his fingers to almost any length he desires, and to be able to cut any matter between his fingers. Whether it be solid steel or the fabric of space itself, if it can be cut, Tetsuya can do it. With this, Tetsuya can cut holes in reality and pop out of any other holes he cuts, making him a tricky target when doing this. As he is a Crucite of the Sea (more of a River Crucite, but still classified as Sea,) Tetsuya can breathe underwater and has amazing maneuverability within water.


Tetsuya has an... odd assortment of skills that he often deploys. He, as we all know, is a chronic cheater, and this carries over to here as well, as he can easily create very convincing lies in almost an instant. He is also light-footed, never leaving much of a trail due to his bizarre crab-walk stealth maneuvers. Tetsuya has great speed both on land and underwater, and can swim-er, scuttle far distances as an escape mechanism. He also is very crafty, able to just pick up any old object and instantly find a use for it in whatever situation he may find himself in (even if it's a rubber duck while being chased by a saw-weilding maniac, Tetsuya will still find a way to come out on top.)


Tetsuya, being a massive liar, is also an immense coward. If his sneaky tricks fail, he does not have much to fall back on, as he never really has any strategy when it comes to fighting and hardly ever even knows what he is doing when in the heat of the moment, just violently slashing every which way in hopes of hitting his target. The further he stretches out his fingers, the less powerful his cuts become. He also has a limit as to how far he can stretch his fingers, only being able to go out to about 60 feet far, becoming weaker as well as smaller the further they go, eventually ending in two stick-like points that are thinner than singular hairs.


  • As an idea, Tetsuya has been in the creators mind for a while, whether being just the name or the character itself.
  • Tetsuya's name and behaviors are extremely similar to as well as based on those of Tetsuya Watarigani from Beyblade Metal Fusion, and is also somewhat based on the character Aran Ryan from the Nintendo Wii remake of Punch-Out!!
  • Originally, Tetsuya was going to be a punk rat with poison-manipulation, but was scrapped due to a lack of ideas.
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