The Interview

# 1. As mentioned in her infobox caption, Tessa was originally a gender bend of Tesla. Was there a reason for her being originally like this? And why did you choose to make her into her own character?

A) On DeviantArt, where I am mostly on, there was a fad going on where artists genderbent (switching the genders of a character into another) their OCs, so I've decided to jump in. I've finished the art of her and after a day or two, I noticed it was becoming extremely popular and eventually became the highest-favourited deviation on my profile with +200. There, I noticed potential with this character and I couldn't let her just remain a form of Tesla, so I branched her out into becoming her own character, Tessa.

# 2. Do Tessa and Tesla have a good relationship as brother and sister, or is it more of a sibling rivalry?

A) It's a pretty intense rivalry between Tessa and Tesla, mostly because she was jealous of how her brother was able to grow up with his birth parents and not her; as time went on, her jealousy grew into hatred. Tesla, on the other hand, doesn't hate her-- in fact, he tries to make ammends with her by trying to visit her often and... you know, be a big brother to her.

# 3. What role in a Sonic Team would Tessa have (out of Speed, Power, and Flight), and why?

A) Tessa would be a speed-type alongside Tesla, which would be pretty confusing since... they're both speed types, obviously. Like the electrokinetic Tesla, she can use her abilities to travel at speeds of 50% lightspeed, and can home towards strong electrical signals like generators, telephone poles, or maybe even travel through cumulonimbi; very similar to Sonic's Homing Attack, but limited in that sense.

# 4. If she had a theme song, what would it be, and how does it connect to her?

A) Wow, this was kind of tough for me, since there aren't too many songs that involve separation at birth, sibling rivalry, or other themes of that nature. I think the best song that fits her would be "Misunderstood (2002)" by Dream Theater. It's a 9-minute ballad with lyrics hinting at social reclusion and being "Misunderstood". Tessa was actually a social recluse for the majority of her life, having only a few friends that came and went, and spent most of her time on the Internet and helping Magnes with his stuff; so that's a good connection to me.

# 5. Does Tessa have anything to aspire to aside from stealing scrap for Maggy?

A) Well, Tessa pursues to be an archaeologist, hunting and finding various artifacts that are notably rare or were forgotten in time. This actually kind of makes sense now since she's kind of an artifact herself; lost and unfortunately forgotten by her own birth family which she completely abandoned.

# 6. Does she have any thoughts on romance? If so, what are they?

A) Tessa is barely interested in romance, but there are times where she would wonder how it feels to fall in love and be loved by others besides family members. It's a bit hard to explain that but it's like having a crush on someone, but you try to hide that by masking your emotions and making it seem that you hate that person, but deep down you wish to spend every moment with them.

# 7. Finally, in terms of tropes, which one do you think applies to her in particular?

A) I'd say she's the loner type of character if that's what you mean. Being separated at birth, living a mostly private life, masking emotions, and disregarding her own family really makes her an absolute introvert-- in my opinion at least.
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