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Tesla The Hedgehog, full name Tesla Hunt, was a martial artist and the main protagonist of Time Attack. Tesla was born to his father, Nikola Hunt, who is a genius scientist and inventor, and to a mother named Cornelia Hunt, who is a retired nurse who supported the military. Tesla has 2 other siblings: Nicanor "Nikki" Hunt and Theresa "Tessa" Hunt. Tesla is currently engaged to Aurora Hayes (who is currently not on the wiki yet).

In the Achterheim incident, Tesla was killed in a self-destruction sequence trying to provide as much time for citizens to escape, but was brought back to life through cybernetics by his father, Nikola. As a result, this created a profound impact in cybernetic development and protests have broken out throughout the developed world.


Tesla designs

A history of Tesla's known redesigns.

I remember creating Tesla back in 2005 through a Sonic character builder I found while searching through the Internet. Back then, he was originally called Sparky, and he literally looked like a blue clone of Shadow The Hedgehog. I don't exactly remember what I did with him after that, though, but I know that I kept modifying his appearance.

In the end of 2013, Tesla received a big redesign. He still looked a little like Shadow, but at the same time, he was more like Sonic. He was black, had a blue stripe that went from his topmost quill-- he didn't have hair tuffs yet, though. He also wore black and white socks with some cool-looking sneakers, too. He was redesigned again in 2014, and he started to look a little like Silver now. He now had boots, 3 emo-like hair tuffs, and his gloves were now blue. Near the end of that year, Tesla would receive his final redesign. His design was aimed to be simple, yet interesting at the same time. He now has 2 stripes on his arms and legs, which glow when using powers, and the hair tuffs have been "cartoonified" to look like leaves instead of messy, emo bangs.

After failing to win the SFW Winter Awards in 2016, I gave Tesla a concept design, following the rules of a new retrofuturistic design aesthetic that I call "zipperpunk". I forgot what it was supposed to be, though. All I know was that this was not a true redesign and Tesla would still have his 2014 1/2 design for this year. Later this year, Tesla would receive his current and final design, Model 2017, combining features from both the 2014 1/2 design and the 2016 Zipperpunk design into one unique design.



Ambiguous Sexuality the Hedgehog.



Active years

Tesla, Akio, Izzy, and Mario are fierce competitors in Siegeball, and became firebrands in the sport with their unmatched skill and winning ratio of 6:1.

On Earth, Siegeball is a popular division of team-based martial arts that began in the early 1910's. The object of the 16-player game is to throw a ball inside of wells to infiltrate the opposing team's base. In a standard game, there is one well in three rooms, and the offence players must get through all rooms in 15 minutes to win the game; all of which are heavily guarded by the defence team.

Exactly 100 years after the first Siegeball game, the 23rd and last game of the season took place in Achterheim, whose castle-like stadium proved to be an interesting challenge for the four superpowers. In a very close game, Team Radical defeats their all-time rival, Vanguard Force, when the timer was down to just one tenth of a second.

Achterheim incident and death

During the awards ceremony, what was supposed to be a beautiful summer Friday turned into a nightmare. A mecha from a robot fighting league that was supposed to begin later that day had gone rogue, and attacked. The security guards were unsuccessful at holding back the mecha, resulting in casualties. Even Team Radical and VF were unmatched against the war machine, and knew they had to get out of there as fast as possible. Other fighting robots in the ring could not be activated by their owners to fight the rogue killer, since they have been locked away from them and the officials were afraid that they would also attack. Tesla, against orders of security, held the robot back for as long as he could to provide enough time for everyone to escape.

In a long battle of nature vs. machine, Tesla was unsuccessful at defeating it, though he saved over 20,000 lives in his siege. The robot catches the electric hedgehog and self-destructs, destroying most of the castle in a purple explosion and instantly killing Tesla. Weeks since the Achterheim incident, it was eventually revealed that it was actually an act of cyberterrorism by an anti-robot group known as "Von Nix" (from German slang term "from nothing"). The attacking robot was remotely controlled by a hacker, but no one knows exactly who performed it. It was under speculation that Conficker was the man responsible, but since it was impossible to trace his identity, this was never proven.

He was almost turning 18 at the time.

Thousands were at his funeral in the center of the former Achterheim stadium, including all members of Team Radical, which had broken up ever since. There was only one person there, however, who wasn't ready to see him leave this world yet.

That was Dad.


Nikola, using his own electrokinetic abilities, infiltrated his son's burial grounds and undug his grave, which resided next to a giant statue of himself holding the siegeball  high in his hands (the same pose that he made at the awards ceremony). Nikola uses one of his devices, the hyperspace storage, to temporarily shrink Tesla into the size of an apple to carry him easier without raising too much suspicion. The 52-year-old hedgehog successfully and narrowly escapes the memorial, and continues to work on bringing his son back to life.

Using cybernetic technology, Nikola has spent over 2 years and millions of credits cyberising Tesla's body. Since most of his bones were broken and his organs decayed, they were replaced with a titanium endoskeleton and artificial organs made of flexible steel lattice. This made Tesla strong, and highly durable. Computers were also inserted into his brain to further augment his electrokinetic abilities, so he could take in twice as much power than he originally could. Using powers required using a specific part of the brain that was difficult to access, and this was designed to resolve that.

Nikola uses defibrillation on Tesla, and within moments, he jumps up with a gasp, as if he had woken up from a nightmare. He asks what happened last night, totally unaware that he was dead for 2 years. The next thing he knows, was that he was embraced by his father, left questioning what had happened.

In the aftermath, many scientists and inventors like Nikola questioned his mental state. Some have praised him for saving his life, while others criticised him for disturbing his final resting place. Although Tesla was not the first cyborg, this eventually leaves a profound impact on cybernetic development in the future, setting the stage for global anti-cyborg and pro-cyborg protests...


Tesla primarily has electrokinesis, which is the ability to use electricity as a form of power. With these powers, he can carry over hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity without hurting himself, and use them in combat. Tesla has stripes on his head, legs, and arms that can glow whenever he uses these powers; however, they can be lethal and touching his stripes would feel like touching a hot pan. Another power that Tesla has is nightvision. Thanks to his pupilless eyes that can glow brighter than LED, Tesla is practically a living flashlight. He is able to see in total darkness for only a few meters ahead of him.

Another unique power Tesla has is the ability to run as fast as light. However, he limits this to running only as fast as 750 mph and only travels at lightspeed for quick teleportation. Light-speeding would drain a lot of power and Tesla couldn't be able to perform this with his strength alone-- he would need (TBA) to give him just enough energy to use it.

Tesla's electrokinesis is fueled by electrical signals and sources. This means whenever Tesla is near an electrical source, such as a generator or a thunderstorm, the severity and strength of his powers can vary based on how strong those signals are.


Night vision: Able to see in near-total darkness, but can only see no more than 290cm away from him.

Electromagnetic Teleport: Capable of turning into a huge bolt of lightning, pouncing into the most powerful source of electricity in the area; similar to Sonic's Homing Attack. This will only work if the electric source is within half a mile of where Tesla is standing. Electric source must be strong enough in order for this to work; like a generator.

Thunderstorm Travel: Tesla can turn into a bolt of lighting and use a thunderstorm cloud large enough to travel through that cloud to somewhere else. Great for long-distance travel.

Tridents of Jupiter: Tesla's arms turn into two large bolts of lightning, which he can use as "swords" to battle enemies with.

Plasma Whip: From his fists, Tesla can generate a long string of electricity, and can use that as a "whip" to attack enemies from afar. Anything it hits creates a loud, distinct "pop" noise.

Electromagnetic Surfing: The ability of turning into a bolt of lightning and "surf" across a line emitting electricity, like a telephone pole. Heat empowerment: Powers are most powerful during thunderstorms and hot temperatures (deserts, coastal plains, greenhouses).</p>


Heat: Heat in all forms can increase Tesla's power output, depending on how much heat he is exposed to.

Electricity: Electricity in all forms can increase Tesla's power output, depending on how much electricity he is exposed to.

Tesla coils: If Tesla runs through a Tesla coil, it allows him to boost at hypersonic speeds, only lasting for a few seconds.


Cold: Tesla's powers are almost useless in cold weather, specifically when it's below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This is mainly due because in order for his powers to work, it must be in a warm environment. Lightning won't work at all when it's cold. Cold is commonly found in sub-arctic environments, or can be induced by cryokinetics and aerokinetics.

Colorblind: Tesla's eyes are simply colorless rings, but they glow blue because of electricity flowing through his blood. As a result, Tesla can only see cool colors such as blue, green, or purple. Colors besides that are in monochrome.

Insulators: Tesla's electrical powers are less effective on objects made of materials that negate electricity, such as cardboard, concrete, and brick.

Water: Exposure to water of any form (even precipitation), especially to the stripes, affects Tesla's powers. They would be weakened and would not do as much damage as normally.



Tesla Hunt


Nikola & Cornelia Hunt


Nicanor Hunt


Theresa Hunt


Akio Tsukuda

Tesla and Akio go way back. They met in high school and became best friends ever since. Although Akio does get on Tesla's nerves most of the time, he's able to set aside their differences and build the most powerful friendship ever seen... at least for a little while, maybe.

Isabella Castile


Mario Ascari




  • Tesla is among the oldest characters in the fanbase. He was created in the year 2005.
  • Tesla went through more redesigns and reboots than any other character Alphonse Uprising owned.
  • Tesla, back in his earliest designs, was originally a Shadow recolor.
  • Tesla does not have a super, dark, or hyper form.
  • Tesla's stripes are lethal. If anyone tries to touch his stripes while they're at full power, they will burn their touchers.
  • Back then, Tesla was originally known as Sparky.
  • Tesla's stripes were partially inspired by Alphonse's computer, which is an Alienware x51. That computer has lights that glow whenever it's on, and turn black when asleep.
  • When struck by lightning, Tesla's fur turns blue for a short period of time.
  • Tesla was indirectly mentioned by a YouTuber named Mr. Metokur in one of his videos. There, he was referred to as "Ambiguous Sexuality the Hedgehog ".
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