The Tesla Hunt Gravity Suit (also known as the Gyrosuit) is a special armor suit designed by Tesla Hunt VIII that completely negates all weight on the user and strengthening blood cells, famously increasing their agility and providing more physical enhancements. The first prototype was built in 1971, and was eventually picked up by the Invidian military for the South American War from 1972 to 1975. Ever since the war, it has been used for various applications, such as treatment for paralysis and other physical ailments, Olympic sports, and even for astronaut suits.



The Tesla Hunt Gravity Suit is a weightless, full-body suit where, once worn, strengthens most parts of the organic body, including the exodermis (or skin), the matter of bones, the lungs, and blood cells. This greatly enhances the agility, endurance, and speed of the user to the point of superhuman abilities.


In 1967, Tesla Hunt VIII was inspired by superhero comic books he read when he was a child, and wanted to make eventually make it a reality.

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