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Terris is a semi-roboticized squirrel Mobian with liseran purple fur. Her left eye, cheek, forearm and hand are mechanical, as are the bones from her shoulder to her robotic arm. Her hair is short and unkept, crudely cut to keep out of her line of sight. She wears a faded red jacket over a dark gray t-shirt, skin-tight dark turquoise leggings and tall, black boots. She has a noticeable overbite, though not quite as prominent as most squirrel Mobians, and a long bushy tail with a streak of slightly lighter fur from it's base to the tip. Her eyes are gray, though her robotic eye projects light.


Terris was born as the younger sister of Zarazan the Squirrel in a village two days travel from Old Robotropolis, a village which had been constantly bullied by Eggman forces of roboticized mobians, known as robians. The Egg-Force Robians would periodically visit the village and take members to add to their own numbers, claiming to give them 'protection' in exchange. Having little choice but to accept this arrangement, Terris and her family were never specifically targeted by the Robians. As teens, Terris and Zarazan had grown arrogant and hot-tempered enough to try and challenge the Egg-Force when they came again, but were woefully unprepared for any kind of fight. Both were knocked down without issue and taken to be roboticized.

Terris was forced into a roboticizer ahead of Zarazan, which began it's work. Terris was not mentally or physically prepared in any way for the torturous process that was roboticization, and her suffering pushed Zarazan to awaken his toxikinesis. With powers over corrosives as well as toxins, Zarazan freed them both and escaped, though at cost.

The roboticization process was incomplete on Terris, leaving the left side of her face, the bones in her left shoulder and arm, as well as her left hand and forearm, mechanized. Her mind was cracking from the strain, and was unresponsive to outside stimulus for days, forcing Zarazan to carry her home. When they arrived, the village had been attacked and destroyed by Robian Egg-Forces, and Zarazan had to make the journey to Old Robotropolis, carrying his unresponsive (and slightly heavier) sister with him.

Three days later, the pair had made it to the home of the Poison Clan where the survivors of their village had also travelled, including Terris and Zarazan's parents. A bittersweet reunion, as Terris had to attend support groups and psychotherapy in order to come to terms with her experience. The entire ordeal had shifted Terris' personality, accentuating rude behavior and weakening her empathy. While not the only one affected, Terris was hardly concerned with how her family had to deal with it.

This, unfortunately, created problems between her and Zarazan over the next few years. He had begun to resent and even hate Robians for what they did to her, and was unable to ignore the change in her attitude. Zarazan had begun to associate with anti-Robian groups and people with anti-Robian ethics, and neither he nor Terris were willing to sit down and talk about their problems. Both were uncompromising, frequently getting into shouting matches.

Eventually, Terris enlisted to the Poison Clan's forces, and joined as an Assassin. She still lived with her family, still verbally fighting with Zarazan. She was soon dropped after basic combat training, as she was not able to remain undetected very well. Unsure what to do, Terris only grew more frustrated and angry, causing a full fistfight between her and Zarazan, which was eventually broken up by passersby and neighbors.

While Zarazan turned to his only friends, his anti-Robian groups, Terris had no recourse but to wander Old Robotropolis. With her attention focused on stirring her anger, Terris didn't notice that she had walked into the nest of an abnormally large Harjahama, a large spider creature which had spun it's web in abandoned areas of Old Robotropolis. To her own surprise, Terris found the giant spider rather emotional, like a pet knowing it's master was having a bad day. Deciding that she had nothing to go back to, she spent a day with the Harjahama, naming it Frida.

Returning to the Poison Clan, she re-enlisted to their forces as a Summoner, with Frida as her companion. Though her attitude had barely improved, she was very capable in her new role, and became successful. With her last memories of family being her fight with Zarazan, Terris did not contact her family directly, though did not stop her new roommate from doing so in her stead.


Terris is a member of Squad E-7, the 7th External Activities squadron, nicknamed "Team Toxicity" for it's notoriously rude members and poor teamwork outside their own group. Though Terris dislikes this nickname, as well as being called a "toxic" person, Terris fits in with the squad well, frequently blaming others for her own mistakes in combat. She is quick to anger with her own team, as well as insult others, rarely acknowledging her own faults, even in the face of reasoned discussion. She never takes back her words, even when proven definitively wrong, either adding more insults to pile on her karma or just fuming wordlessly.


Terris is a Summoner-class member of the Poison Clan. As such, she is able to call on the help of Frida, a giant blue and orange spider-like creature, in battle.

Frida's legs are long and have thick exoskeletal plating on the outer side, which are difficult to pierce. The tips of it's legs are sharp enough to pierce flesh, allowing Frida to wound by stepping on someone. It's fangs are large, and it's venom is potent, causing muscle fatigue, blurry vision, loss of focus and painful fits for several hours if left untreated, leading to eventual death. Frida's webbing is thin but strong, and can be adhesive enough to lift up to 100kg per square millimeter.

Frida's exoskeleton is strong enough to resist most bladed weapons, but not invulnerable. It's underside is much less protected, as are the inner side of it's legs, making it hard to damage when facing head-on, but rather easily wounded if attacked from below. Frida is fast, able to outpace most Mobians with ease, has powerful leaps, and is agile in close combat. It is also able to fit happily into spaces that seem much too small for it.


JemHadarKartakin zpsc73fd83c

Terris's weapon, a Kar'takin

Terris, prior to learning that she could summon Frida, was trained in the basics of an Assassin class. She is nimble and somewhat strong for her size, preffering to fight with hit-and-run tactics, though has low tolerance for pain and injury. She carries a kar'takin, a straight bladed polearm type weapon, which she can use to launch herself upward or hang off walls by sticking it into them. Additionally, she carries 2 kinds of poisons, which she uses in conjunction with Frida and distraction tactics to slowly whittle down her opponents.

Her first poison is an extract of Frida's venom, which causes muscle fatigue, blurry vision, loss of focus and pain for several hours, with the symptoms slowly ramping up over the course of it's time before it eventually kills the victim, if left untreated. Terris also carries an antidote for Frida's venom which prevents death and diminishes the intensity of the other symptoms, but extends them for several extra hours. She applies this venom to her kar'takin and several small knives which she throws at her opponent from cover.

Terris' second poison, which she calls "Stun Spore", is kept in glass vials in a liquid form. This poison can be absorbed through the skin, and is often used to either incapacitate large groups or herd targets towards a location, typically where Frida has set up a web. 'Stun Spore' interferes with nerve signals, making one's body harder to move, until eventually causing complete paralysis for several days if left untreated.

With her mechanical left arm, Terris is able to attack with much greater strength than she would naturally, and is able to defend against most bladed weapons with it as well. The artificial bones in her left arm also make it a greater defensive option than her completely flesh-and-blood right side, as well as much more reliable when hanging or pulling herself up. To make up for this, Terris typically wields the kar'takin right-handed, though is naturally left-handed.


Being only partially trained as an Assassin, Terris is not particularly stealthy. Her mechanical limb is noisier and heavier than flesh, making it stronger both offensively and defensively, but slower and requiring more effort to move to it's full potential. As her style of combat involves a lot of misdirection and hit-and-run guerilla attacks, Terris is far less effective in open spaces. Her low pain tolerance makes a straight-up fight disadvantageous, and her low close combat capabilities make her rely on being ignored or unnoticed. If focused down, Terris is not a difficult opponent, forcing her to either retreat or call Frida in to provide an escape.

Frida is not without weakness either. The giant spider is tough on the outside, but getting underneath it yields easy victory, either by immobilizing it's legs or by simply attacking upwards into it's thorax. Frida is susceptible to most elements, including fire, ice, electricity which not only has little difficulty passing though it's exoskeleton, but also prevents it from climbing walls, and water. Light, darkness and nature powers often have the mobility or range to attack Frida from below, allowing for easy access to it's weak points. As such, it's a difficult fight for bruiser- or archer-style fighters but an easy kill for mages.
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