Terrible Luck Saga
Directed by
Manta-bee, Meanfang
Produced by
Written by
Richard Cox, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Steven Blum, Monica Rial, Jessica Boone, Cynthia Cranz, Chuck Huber
Music by
Editing by
Distributed by
The Right Stuf International
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The Terrible Luck Saga (also known as Lerich the Tormentor) is a graphic novel/manga fanfiction series of ten graphic novels written and illustrated by Manta-bee. It is about the adventures of Sonic and friends after being marooned after Tails' plane crash lands in a strange location. The setting of the series sometimes makes refferences to other video games and/or anime. A fictuous animation adaptation is said to also be released in the summer of '09. The first production was in Japan of 2005, where as the US release won't be due until 2009. The first book in the series was Terrible Luck, released in Japan on April 25, 2005, the series has been cancelled from production in English. The series of stories written in this saga are rated T, so it may have more questionable content than the usual published works.


A 14-year-old high school student from southern California was transferring to another school. Fearing she would never see her friends again, she wrote a comic for them to remember her for. She was into anime like Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop and of course Sonic X, which was her current obsession. She also liked RPGs, such as Dark Cloud and Kingdom Hearts. She combined cerrain elements with her own original ideas, and used the Sonic the Hedgehog characters along with original characters and thus, the Terrible Luck Saga was born. It was first indended to be soley for her friends, she wrote it with elements only they would understand, but then decided to share it with others, so she altered it to be enjoyed by others outside her friend group, so they could understand it and not make comments such as "I don't get it".

Plot summary

The series follows the adventures of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese after they crash land in the Blue Typhoon in an unknown place. In Terrible Luck, they meet an inhabitant named Polly who often wants to help them before being taken in by Lerich. They all discover that he is a terrible man who is very cruel and intends to make them his slaves, of course this dosen't sit well with them, and by the end of the first issue, he vows to find them and kill them all. He makes it clear of it by following them through out the saga.



  1. Terrible Luck
  2. Hapless Hills
  3. Spellbound
  4. Sour Encounters
  5. The Sable Village
  6. Tangled Troubles
  7. Sideshow Story
  8. The Icy Ridge
  9. Shipwrecked
  10. The Final Call

Recurring Themes

List of Recurring Themes in the Terrible Luck Saga


  • The setting in the book Shipwrecked seems to make a refference to the video game Dark Cloud's shipwreck level.
  • The setting in The Final Call can be seen as similar to the bathouse from Spirited Away.
  • The setting in Spellbound seems be reminiscent of the Harry Potter series, although not thouroughly.
  • In one issue, Sonic and Co. temporarily take human form.
  • Also, in Shipwrecked, there is a scene where part of it includes a hook swinging towards Knuckles, and almost hitting him in the eye. This could refference the Sonic Archie Comics, where he lost an eye in the future stories.

The Animation

Fictuous Voice List

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Junichi Kanemaru Richard Ian Cox
Shadow the Hedgehog Kouji Yusa Chuck Huber
Miles "Tails" Prower Ryo Hirohashi Coleen Clinkenbeard
Knuckles the Echidna Nobutoshi Kanna Steven Jay Blum
Amy Rose Taeko Kawata Monica Rial
Cream the Rabbit Sayaka Aoki Jessica Boone
Caterina Diff Chieko Higuchi Maryke Hendrikse
Lerich Snomis Ken Narita Chuck Huber
Irrika Vexus Rie Tanaka Kathleen Barr
Polly Kai Kaori Aso Cynthia Cranz
Doren Mitsuki Saiga Stephanie Young
The Alma River Houko Kuwashima Manta-bee


  • Brina Palencia
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey
  • Dave Wittenberg
  • Janyse Jaud
  • Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Kate Oxley
  • Laura Bailey
  • Liam O'Brien
  • Richard Ian Cox
  • Sonny Strait
  • Tom Gibis
  • Troy Baker


When this is fictuously played on the fictuous Right Stuf Network, certain things were cut or edited.

  • Alot of heavy violence scenes were cut or toned down.
  • With the usage of profanity, (especially from Knuckles, who had something profane to say at least 5 times an issue) it was either cut, bleeped or replaced with a different word, though usage of the words "hell" and "freaking" and to a lesser extent, "damn" were sometimes kept in.
  • In The Final Call, Caterina wears a thong-like garment under her tunic, but even in less heavily edited showings, it is changed to full-coverage bottoms.
  • The "f" word was used at least 1 time uncensored (in the animation and the manga), thought it can only be heard during late night showings of the movies.

The Video Game

A video game based on the saga was released in 2009 (not really) for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, the Wii, the Nintendo DS and the PC. The player plays as each character in a group, albeit switching between them with the others following, as the mechanism in Sonic Heroes and Star Ocean, otherwise they will play as one character alone without a group, and even switch in/out party members as in Sonic Chronicles, (though all characters will be present in the cutscenes), and encounter characters such as Polly, along with villains such as Lerich, the Sasquach Mezz, the Harpy Lady Angelina, and the manipulative dwarf Mort.

For more info, see Terrible Luck (Game)


The saga was split into a trilogy, which were set to air in early February 2010, but Right Stuf Network wanted to air it first, resulting in the other channel that planned to air it to show Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie instead.


  • The saga had to go through edits for years before finally being finished.
  • The woman in The Final Call, who cries while she has her ribs kicked by Caterina is also voiced by (and even resembles) the author (the other character she voices being the Alma River).

Voice Test

Terrible Luck Saga Voice Test

Terrible Luck Saga Voice Test

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