This page is about the first issue of the Terrible Luck Saga. For the page about the collective graphic novel series, click here. For the game based on the saga and movies, see Terrible Luck (Game).

Terrible Luck is a graphic novel by Manta-bee and the first issue of ten comics in the Terrible Luck Saga. It features characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese) and has them in a situation when they are captured with intent to be made slaves by the abominable Lerich.


The story begins with Sonic and Co. in the Blue Typhoon when the ride gets turbulant and the plane crashes. When this happens, the plane also breaks apart, making it unable to fly.

Of course, Tails knows he has to fix it, but in the meantime, they have nowhere to go, nor do any of them know where they are.

Then they meet Lerich, a man who lives in the strange place, who takes them in. He treats them horribly, he forces them to do all his cleaning and cooking and other difficult chores and tasks, and they are also forced to sleep on a cold, hard floor inside another dungeon-like room, where the walls only grow back when destroyed.

Lerich's horrible friends are coming to his place, and he orders Sonic and Co. to serve them as well. However, when Knuckles retorts to a comment by the the abonimable one, Lerich slaps him and tries to decide what torture he shall put the echidna in. The beastly friends applaud and encourage Lerich, and then Knuckles is paddled. That night, Sonic and company are miserable and sad all night long (Amy, Cream and Cheese are seen holding each other and crying). Everything seems to turn around when Polly visits and they tell him of Lerich's cruel treatment. Polly then tells them about a plan that she has to let them escape, but Lerich comes in and shoos her away. He then turns to the gang and sneers angrily at them. He blames Knuckles for the arrival of Polly and throws him in a prison chamber where he is tied to the floor with chains made of Dark Energy. Later on, Polly comes by again, and tries to rescue the red one along with Amy, but then one of Lerich's horrible friends appears and they try to hide, but Amy's shirt gets torn by a thorn bush. As Amy is tying her shirt back together, Lerich's horrible comrade is asking about what they are doing and when Polly tells him about one of her techniques, he thinks she is intrusive. When he has taken them to Lerich, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese are thrown in with Knuckles. Lerich then grabs Polly by the throat and says he would have never suspected her, but then said his neighbors were always suspicious. Polly then cries "Leave my friends alone!!" and the gang is astonished by this.

Quickly getting an idea, Tails sees Polly has dropped her staff and hoping it would work, he used it on the Dark Energy chains used to restrain Knuckles. Then he uses it on the other restraints used on the others (such as Sonic's shackles and Cheese's Cage).

They then escape through a timed-open double door in a room on the side and taunt him while doing so.

Lerich then vows to find and kill them all. But as soon as they could look back, Lerich was gone.

The story ends with Polly buying train tickets for Sonic and Co. and herself and they get on the train and head for a new location.


Cream: [entreing Lerich's home] This place looks kinda scary...
Sonic: Relax, we'll be fine.

Amy: I'm starting to think that Lerich is using us to do his chores.

Tails: Sonic, I think we're going to die.
Sonic: We all will, eventually.
Tails: But I mean very soon.
Amy: I can tell you one thing, I no longer fear Hell.

Knuckles: [to Lerich] I don't see how you can get kicks out of torturing us!
Lerich: But torturing living creatures is quite fun!

Knuckles: [after being paddled] I'm still tender back there... and it hurts like hell!! I probably won't be able to sit for a freaking month!!

Angelina: [looking at Tails]: My my, aren't you a cutie! Better do what Lerich says or he might wreck that cute l'il face of yours! Hehehehe!
[Tails shudders and turns blue in the face]

Knuckles: Son of a b****! [repeated line]

Lerich: [to Polly] I never would have guessed you would help them [Sonic and Co.], but after all, you were one of my most suspicious neighbors.


  • After Knuckles gets paddled, he said he wouldn't be able to sit for a month, but then by the end of the book, he is sitting just fine, although he may just have been exaggerating.
  • Yonn is based off of a bully that the author once encountered in high school.
  • Knuckles calls Lerich a sick b*****d when he is questioning Lerich's enjoyment in torturing living things. This is his first instance of the profanity he usually utters during this series (although there was more from other characters, he seems to be the one who usually curses the most in this saga). He also says a few more during his paddling in between his shouts.
  • This comic was originally written in 2005, but many edits were made for years, and the author wrote it before transferring to another school, and created it out of tension, hence the different tone than more recent Sonic cartoons.


Terrible Luck

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