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"Sub-Zero, I have officially had it with your drama-fests. Either man up like a big boy, or wind up with a new beauty mark on your face."

Terrence "Terror" the Rottweiler, or just Terrence, is Raven's former friend and now considered as the mad terrorist in T.Y.R.A.N.N.U.S. He knows how to craft forged Cyberspace weaponry, hack into machines, and "Clean up after his messes like a big dog."(Quote from Radon) He is also a master of disguise. His best friends are Nack the Weasel and Sub-Zero.


Terrence is a 21-year-old Rottweiler with tan skin, black fur with floppy ears, and red eyes. He wears a torn up purple labcoat, indicating that his is possibly a mutated overlander/human. He also wears thick black cuffs secured by chains, torn gloves as a result of razor-sharp finger tips, and torn tan boots secured with chains around the foot of each boot. He also has a red scar by his right eye.
Terrence "Terror" The Rottweiler


Terrence is a short-tempered dog with a massive hatred of drama. As proof, he tore sub-Zero's drill hand off intentionally. He even stepped on his lungs and used his razor-sharp fingers to cut a massive wound into his back. He hates being teased and made fun of. He punched Radon to bed for that. He tends to be smart in his disguises, but can be a bit off his guard sometimes. Also, Terrence is a slob, leaving wrappers, radioactive materials, and every once a while, weapons and ammo, all over the floor. 

Despite being abrasive so much, he is secretly lonely and merciful behind the violent curtains. This is displayed when he remembers things that happened in the past.


Terrence was born with a loving mother and an abusive father. It's clear to say that while he was taking assault from his father, he was loved by his mother. He met his future (former) friend, Raven the Cyberhog when he was 7 and Raven was 5, but it is not determined how they came to be enemies. What can be presumed is that Terrence was outraged when his father was arrested when Terrence was a teenager, and Roscoe was the officer that arrested his father (name not specified). His dad was killed in a gun fight between him and Roscoe, and his mom commited suicide hours after that.

Terrence has been on the streets ever since, and has been constantly begging for a job, He finally got one as a terrorist for T.Y.R.A.N.N.U.S., but prior to this, he has been wanted for numerous witness accounts of carjacking, aggravated assault, and attempted murder. After running from the law numerous times, he was finally arrested, but the joy didn't last. Terrence made friendships with Sub-Zero and Nack the Weasel while in prison, and escaped with them on the same night they met. He has become a wanted man of the law ever since. Since the escape, he has assumed many identities over the years. Some of the identities include Tanner Reich, Geraldo Vandals, and Charlotte Vandalia. 

Identities he has assumed

Tanner Reich

This identity involves Terrence impersonating a mid-German/Polish military official who has recently come to watch over the missile defense system. His actual target: obliterating Station Square. He is given a tutorial of how to work the missiles and maintain the structure, but most are suspicious about him. While in the base, Tanner( Terrence) uses a black hat hacker to override the defense grid and security system. Afterward, he locks all the personnel in air-tight quarantine areas and knocks them out with a stun gas. Towards the end of the countdown, Amy is notified of the disturbance and races to fight the enemy. She faces Tanner in a fight and loses, only to discover Terrence IS Tanner Reich, and ends up captured. Raven destroys the missiles and saves everyone in one move, much to Terrence's displeasure.

Geraldo Vandals

Again, this identity is official, except he is a private at the G.U.N. force building, arriving to help construct drones and aircraft. Geraldo had other plans for this, he sees his opportunity and knocks the workers unconscious with a toxic sleeping gas. He hacks into the machines with a mecha-neuralizer, and hacks unto the CPU unit controlling the entire drone fleet. This time, Raven arrives with amy and his adopted sisters and they bust him on the spot.

Charlotte Vandalia

This is the first identity that involves a feminine touch. He uses his trickey to become a successful business woman that also becomes Jacqueline's future band manager. She even says she is an experienced cop in an attempt to get on Raven's good side. All went smoothly until a tiny puff of wind swoops by and phffft....Bye-Bye goes the wig.


"For all of those innocents whom of which I've toiled and wrought with, I feel that I've done all I've possibly could."

"I will speak only to Raven the Cyberhog. Bring him here, I'll tell him what you want to know."

"...And I unleash that I know unto a savage race."

"Members of T.Y.R.A.N.N.U.S., the enemy is longer part of the skies, so strike while they are down. Strike NOW!! Strike DEEP!!"

"Long time no see, Raven.

"Hello, everyone, my name general Tanner Reich, and I'm here to protect the missile system...(Coughs) uh, I mean..."

"Ohhhh, so THAT'S where it is (snaps to it) !uh, uhhhhh..."

'It's over, Isn't it?"

'You'd rue the day we met, rodent-hog! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

"As usual, Fraud-hog, your imbecilic friends and comrades have gotten in your way."

"Hasta la Vista, losers! Mua Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Aaaaa!"

"Sure can't wait to get to met your future daugh---(male tone cuts in, but he coughs it off)I mean...

"Yes, commander, I am certified and granted access to this established area."


"I HATE squirrels."

"Mailman, Where is he? show me NOW!"

"(Begs and barks) Chew toy, chew toy, CHEW TOY!"


Teresa the Rottweiler (Female Counterpart)

Tanya the CyberRottweiler (Negaspace Counterpart)

Travis the Rottweiler (Moebius)


"The Snake Tongue"

Master of disguise

Master hacker

Knows how to craft forged cyberspace weaponry


His major weakness is considered to be whenever someone says "Fetch", "mailman", or "Squirrel".

He can be short-tempered.

He hates any other type of dog that tries to take his glory.

He is self-centered.

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