Not to be confused with Terra The Tiger by Tyflo

Terra the Tiger is a character set to appear in Reign of Terror as a warrior who joined between The Lost Tribe and Reign of Terror. He is an anthropomorphic Siberian tiger with a robotic right arm apart of the Storm Fighters. He is a former member of the Dragon Kingdom's Dark Egg Legion(the Iron Dominion before they usurped Eggman) who lost his arm in a battle(resulting in it getting cyberized). After this, he abandoned them and turned his life around, eventually becoming a Storm Fighter.


Terra is a tall, massive, muscular anthropomorphic Siberian tiger. about as tall as Knuckles(Sonic Boom) Like all tigers, he has orange fur with white fur on his chin and belly, black stripes on his fur, turning into rings on his tail, and yellow eyes. His right arm is robotic, and he revealed that he got it when he lost his real arm in a battle. He also wears a white tank top and worn blue jeans.


Terra is a tough, no-nonsense person, but still has a sense of humor. He respects those who fight honorably, and has a serious dislike of any evil-doers, seen when he constantly gives Scourge dirty looks.


When he was young, Terra's home village in the Dragon Kingdom was destroyed and he was forced into helping the Iron Dominion. For reasons unknown, he was kept fully organic until he lost his right arm in a battle, resulting in it getting cyberized. At an unknown point in time, he escaped and managed to turn his life around, becoming a wanderer who fought for those who couldn't defend themselves, and soon met a bobcat ironically named Bobby, who went with him. After the two joined the Storm Fighters, Tails(Sonic Boom) found a way to replace his arm so that if the Iron Dominion returned somehow, the Iron Queen wouldn't be able to use him. He and Bobby fled with Austin to form the basis of Rogue Tribe in Reign of Terror.


Possibly due to his natural size, Terra is immensely strong. This was later bolstered by his robotic arm, which he can use without tiring.


Unknown. A possible weakness mentioned when Tails replaced Terra's arm is the fact that the Iron Queen could control technology, a fact kept in mind.

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