Terra Fauna, the skilled and protective guardian of the Wild Wind Village, joins Mystic Zone! Differing from what you might expect, she doesn’t only use her claws, as she is more biased towards grapplings attacks. Terra is a grappler character, using command grabs in order to land strings of strikes on her opponents. Along with rushdown capabilities, this can make Terra quite the fearsome character to be against in a 1v1. However, Terra has no projectiles, instead relying on speed to win, similarly to Bullet in the Blazblue series. Because of this, battling against characters like Tails or Amelia could be a pain due to not being able to reach them.

Terra excels in the air, usually using combos to extend into the air before dunking them down to the ground. Terra has normals that can change the combo depending on how long you hold the button and what direction you point the joystick in, allowing for some crazy cross-ups. Terra is very good at applying pressure, as you can tell, and if you’re battling against her, you’ll have to use more defensive maneuvers.

Terra has high health, a high amount of speed and deals a good amount of damage, but she lacks defensive moves and projectiles, making her an “in-your-face” character. You have to be able to deal with all of her attributes in order to beat her.


Wildcat Whirl - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK Exchange button
  • Terra spins around with her claws out, hitting the opponent multiple times. In the air, this allows her to float a little bit, though excessive use in the air will cause that effect to diminish.
Kitty Klaw - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK Arcade-Stick-Down + Exchange button
  • Terra lands on the opponent, taking them to the ground before clawing their face and kicking them up in this Command Normal.
Up and Over - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCB + Exchange button
  • An EX Special where Terra grapples the opponent by the neck and throws them into the air, before running up to the “wall” (the edge of the screen) the jumping off it, using the recoil to reach her opponent. Then, Terra performs an upside-down kick, knocking her opponent down to the ground.
Rebound Knuckle - AS Right + Attack button
  • Light Version: In this version of the Command Normal, Terra rushes forward as a yellow blur to deliver a quick punch to the opponent’s stomach. Then, she does a right hook that knocks the opponent's face into the ground for a hard knockdown.
  • Medium Version: After hitting them, Terra quickly jumps backwards (or, if you press the button twice, goes behind them).
  • Heavy Version: After hitting them, Terra performs a high kick that leads into an aerial Easy Combo.
Booster Leap - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack button
  • Light Version: Terra jumps back a little and charges forward, hitting the opponent and keeping them level with her.
  • Medium Version: Terra jumps back a farther distance, knocking her opponent into the air with a fast punch.
  • Heavy Version: Terra immediately boosts forward and barges herself into the opponent, knocking them to the edge of the screen and making them bounce on the wall.
Zoom Cross - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCB + Attack light
  • Terra turns into a yellow blur and boosts forward, going through the opponent quickly before appearing behind them. This move can be used in any direction and in the air, allowing for some confusing cross-ups.
Lightweight - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCB + Attack medium / Attack h
  • Medium Version: Terra grabs the opponent and either throws them forward (if on the ground) or grabs them as they go down.
  • Heavy Version: Terra dashes forward a notable distance beforehand, giving the grab more range.
Jumpstarter - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Terra lunges forward, scratching the opponent rapidly.
C'mere! - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium
  • Terra's grabby Mana Burst where she Terra grabs the opponent and jumps high into the air before falling down with them and sending their head into the ground, dealing massive damage.
Clawing Sphere - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack hExchange button
  • In this Mana Burst, Terra spins around quickly with her claws bared before dashing forward. Scratching them while she slowly ascends into the air, Terra sends them away with a final kick, sending them to the edge of the screen.
Wild Wind Rush - AS QCB + Attack lightAttack medium / Attack hExchange button
  • Terra's Mana Break in which she dashes at her opponent, running through them. Next, behind her, villagers of the Wild Wind Village all come and attack the opponent, and Terra takes her claws out. Then, they throw the opponent into the air, and Terra claws at them repeatedly.

Assists and Stun Punish

Diving Kick
  • Terra comes from the sky and performs a diving kick, smashing the opponent’s face into the ground for a sliding knockdown.
Aero Launch
  • Terra runs across the screen as a yellow blur and knocks the opponent into the air.
Stun Punish - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Terra bursts forward and tries to deliver a rapid volley of kicks to the opponent’s face. Next, she’ll kick them up, and yellow lines appears around them. Terra delivers several strikes from all sides of the opponent before appearing above them diagonally and sending them to the ground with a furious rush of scratches.

FF and Dialogue

Focus Frenzy: Terra can now summon a villager to attack the enemy by quickly punching them and paralyzing them for a differing amount of time. The child is quick, but only paralyzes them for two seconds. The adult has decent speed, and paralyzes them for three seconds. The elder is slow, but paralyzes them for four seconds, with a ⅙ chance to stun them. Other changes depending on teammates include:

  • Kennedy: Kennedy will freeze one villager in time. Use the move again, and another one will come from behind, and they both hit at once.
  • Alexia: Alexia might trip and hit the opponent instead of a villager, freezing them for five seconds.
  • Turbo Metal Sonic: Terra gets a 18% speed boost and 15% ending lag.
  • 632-RK: Terra gets a 10% defense boost, and if her health is over 80%, she won't flinch from light attacks.

Introduction: Terra ruffles a young lynx’s hair before he runs off, leaving Terra to glare at her opponent.

Introduction: Terra appears as a yellow tornado before stopping, claws out and giving her opponent a fierce glare.

“My name is Terra Fauna, guardian of the Wild Wind Village!”

“I won’t falter to protect the pride of my village… and myself.”

“I could use a spar. Are you willing to be my partner?”

Ending: Terra runs her hand over her vest and smiles, giving an “OK” sign to the camera.

Ending: Terra puts her hands on her hip with a smirk while saying her line. Afterwards, wildcats from Wild Wind Village throw her into the air.

“How unimpressive…. yet unsurprising.”

“It looks like I’m not rusty!”

“I still have some pride to protect, you know. You’re not breaking my walls.”

"I appreciate the help!" "This is our village's resolve!" "All together now!" -during Wild Wind Rush


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