"Never look at the dark things, They will just make you sad and depressed."
—Terra The Tiger
Terra The Tiger
Terra The Tiger
Marital Status
Dominant Hand
15th December
Small House In Station Square
45 pounds
Nature, Trees, Friends, Smiling, Video games, Skateboarding
Snobbery, Nuclear power, Bullies, Arrogance.

Terra is a Adventurous hot-headed Energetic Tiger from Moreaus


Terra is an Adventurous and Energetic person, Always looking for anything to do and never getting tired, She enjoys Being with friends and hates being alone, She has apparently once got Lock-Jaw from smiling too much. Terra is very easy to anger and when she is angry she is very hard to calm down and will often attack, Depsite this she really doesn't like fighting, The thing that Agrivates her most is Taking things slow, She rarely likes to relax unless she has to, She loves moving fast and will start going a bit crazy when she isn't. She is very competitive and always wants to win (But she'd never Cheat) And she will always try and find a new way to make herself better at something. On an unrelated note she makes cat puns (Like how Flame makes Fox puns) E.G She says 'Paw' Instead of 'Pos' (Pawsible) Instead of saying 'Cause' She will say 'Claws' (Beclaws) She will say 'Purr' Instead of 'Per' (Purrfect) She will say 'mew' instead of 'knew', she will say 'kitten' instead of 'kidding' and other Cat puns.  (Special thanks to Frost The Wolf for help with personality)

Defining traits:









Terra is average height and Slim, She has Terracotta coloured hair, Orange skin with black stripes, Her favourite colour is green so she is always seen wearing at least some green, She wears Sleveless jackets and Jeans and Skating Shoes. She also wears her hair in a pony tail, She is almost never seen wearing gloves.


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All Deceased.


Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox

Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine


Occulus Rayz


Zarex The Hyenhog


Terra was born in a small village on Moreaus, More of a Bandit Camp overrun and Controlled by Bandits, Terra was a Slave and Was often Planning escape, She secretly Trained fighting while there, Practicing for her escape. When she was 7 she decided to escape after years of Torture, She escaped, Yet not without scars mental and Physical, The damage she took made her Immobile for 1 year here all she could do was lay on her own, It suprises people that she is so friendly after what she endured, Though she keeps her feelings behind her happiness, When she was finally mobile she continued her Training learning the way of claw and How to fight.When she was 10, She moved to Mobius she occasionally goes back to Moreaus but she has to have Jad or Flame take her as she can't actually get there. In current time she is the same, Still battling herself, But still friendly and Having fun.

Strenghts and Powers:

Terra is Very Fast and Loves going fast, She can run almost at sound speed.

She has a great throwing arm and can Conjure Throwing weapons so she can attack with them.

She is a great skateboarder, And can even conjure one up with a special enchantment.

She is a decent fighter, Better than most of her friends. When she fights her Style is made up of Boxing and Martial arts (Weird mix) She Always stands the same but Delivers different attacks. Her stance is A simple philly shell boxing stance, She often dodged by ducking or leaning to side, She stays low while fighting which makes her hard to knock over, Her attacks are rather Diversed, one is When she does 1 high punch then Ducks and punches low, Another is a shoulder barge then a hook and a kick, Another she does a powerful slow kick knocking the opponent over then punches the air in excitement, she can also do a clothesline and a grapple where she grabs the opponent and delivers a straight punch to the face.

When fighting lots of people are known to come to her aid as she is very likable.

Terra is somewhat resilient, And is able to take hits well, That and she is hard to knock over and Dodges alot she is very tough to beat quickly

She has a Tech Wristband that spikes out when she makes it, Which she can use as a Blade.

She can Conjure things very well, Anything from Knives to Rocks.

Terra is a Tiger, Having great eyesight and can even see something thats Invisible.


Terra isn't very aggresive while fighting, and will mainly block.

Terra absolutely hates Anything poisonous toxic or radioactive and will make her chicken out of a fight.

Terra isn't very good at fighting on her own and is very easy to overwhelm.

She is very reckless in battle charging in without assesing the situation and often not taking in rythms and getting defeated.


"Nice to see ya!" - When Greeting someone.

"Errrm...I hurt my Wrist so...No thanks" -When trying to avoid fighting

"My Fist your face, You Ready?" - When starting a fight

"How about this one freak?" - When Fighting

"Errm...Science?" - When She doesn't know the answer

"A DLC, already? Thats a record." - When speaking to herself

"What does he mean philly shell isn't a good stance?" -When speaking to herself

"Glad we could sort this out" -When agreeing not to fight

"Hey I got something to show you, Why don't you stop and see" - When chasing someone.

"Greetings!" - Greeting someone.

"What's up?" - Greeting someone.

"I'm just getting started!" - While fighting

"You're going down!" -While fighting

"Yes! All was worth it!" - When she wins a fight

"That was a great book, It had everything!" - When talking to herself

"They say children are Influenced by video game characters, But I'm yet to be a moustached plumber." - When talking to herself

"Go! Quarter Back B, Shoot an Energy ball!" - When watching a fight

"Stop that Offence!" - When joining a fight.

"Stop chasing me, You'll just get tired!" - When someone chases her

"I'll show you the way of the claw!" - When starting a fight.

"Ugh...I guess the Quarter B Up B combo is tricky in real life..." - When she loses a fight.


Terra is a pun on Terrabyte, Representing her love for computers, It also sounds tough like a skater

Terra's full name is: Terra Byet (Pronounced Terra-Byte)

Terra is a Saggitarius.


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