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Terra Freedish is an older relative of Mediva & Terra Freedish, and a villain of TCTT aswell as an antagonist in TCTT Books created by DavidG185. She is a black, dark grey and forest green hedgehog with Infinite Rounder powers from her unique triangular gem which is a Genovian (Gemnovian gems are usually more circular). She mainly wears a dark green robe along with shoes of the same colour. She appeared in TCTT Series 11 - Odyssey in some of the stories so far (with Shift as her first and others when Trevor is involved). Much like Mediva however, Terra seems to have interest over Ashton Conspiracy from TCTT. She usually has a Master Core Orb with her that grants her powers much stronger that it can create black holes. However in much recent appearances, she doesn't have that with her as much.


Terra's appearance is nearly identical to David Conspiracy's with the only difference being that Terra's greens and grays are usually darker than David's. Her furry chest however is sea green aswell as the colour of her eyes. Terra shoes however lacks the grey that she has.Like much of the characters from TCTT Series, Terra's colour scheme for her Bulky Wrist Watch is similar to her colour scheme for her attire without the black. Her Genovian Gem is worn on her waist much like the Utility Belt that TCTT uses originally. The Genovian Gem is triangular (due to the use of the Master Core) and also because of her origin is not Gemnovian, meaning that she cannot transform into the Gemnovian Giants that is usually seen in Planet Gem.

History & Personality

Terra is a actually a forgotten relative which was eventually founded out in her first appearance in TCTT Series 11's Shift (being the first book for that series) and is one of the three older Freedish Family Members founded out in TCTT Series 11 overall. Terra's history seems to be believed that during the events of the Gemnovian wars from the very past that the Freedish Family member at that time left Terra on an asteroid with an orb to assist her from a young age. Her parents at that time didn't came back making Terra feel abandoned at that time.

Terra's personality remains villainous unlike Mediva or Kelsa. She also intentionally make plots to stop TCTT and sometimes with the aid of the Villain Committee. Despite her plans being defeated a few times, her plans usually involves with a TCTT member being scarified and at-risk with life-threatening issues, much like how David almost lost his life in Shift due to curse set by Terra where David needs to save people but also risk himself of existence with mirrors being shattered (all of which shows David's appearance from the mainstream TCTT Series). Terra is also the person who ruined David's Birthday Party in the same book and also created the Odyssey Universe herself.

Unlike Mediva, whenever a villain's powers when unleashed is much powerful than Terra's she praises those so that she could learn from them. Much like the Hypnosis Trick set by Trevor in both On Forbidden Terms & The Fall of TCTT (both of which is in TCTT Series 11 - Odyssey). Terra also has an interest in one of the TCTT members, being Ashton Conspiracy. Much like most average villains, Terra doesn't like TCTT defeating her in battles and also having her plans being ruined.

Powers & Abilities

Much of her abilities and powers comes from three objects for Terra; the Genovian Gem, the Bulky Wrist Watch and the Master Core Orb. The Genovian Gem and the Master Core Orb was there since her origin. The Bulky Wrist Watch however was customised and created by Mediva when they met first, that requires Modification Discs (Mod Disc's) to transform or to grant her weapons. The Master Core she has acts like a power source and also a mini black hole generator. The Master Core can also allow Terra to transform into shadowed version of a rival's formation with the Core's hive.

Many of the abilities from the Bulky Wrist Watch however are varied.


Each of the abilities from the Bulky Wrist Watch each has different weaknesses.


Trivial & Facts

  • The Master Core Orb that Terra uses is similar to the orb of the same name from Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS in the way of appearance. Terra's however does talk.
  • In TCTT Series so far, Terra Freedish is the seventh Freedish Family member so far with (Mediva, Hunter, Eli, Kao, Kelsa, Trinity) being the ones before her. It is then extended with Trevor and Maroon being added in later on.
    • Terra is the first new Freedish Family member for TCTT Series 11 Odyseey, with Trevor and Maroon being respectively appeared later in the same series.
  • In the way of age, Terra is about 3-4 generations older than Mediva and Kelsa. Trevor is more than doubled that with about 6-12.
  • Terra's relationship with Ashton was originally planned with queries that Kelsa likes Cassandra and David likes Mediva. So it makes sense to put Terra in a relationship to see what happens set from DavidG185.
  • Terra is the only Freedish Family member so far to have known an older Freedish Family member, which is Le Panza.
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