Terminus, Knight of the End
7'4" with the armor on
329 lbs with the armor on
47 years old
Eye Color
Skin color
Tanned Caramel
Noticeable features without the armor
Bulky physique, scar over the left eye, very noticeable jawline.
Voice Actor
Orson Welles (With his Unicron voice)
Modified Pallis-Titanium Naginata w/underblade firecaster and fusion reactor inside the butt. 5cm thick interlocking Pallis-Titanium full body plate armor.
Theme Song
The Humbling River - Puscifer


"I am Terminus, knight of endings... I uphold the oaths I've sworn when I donned the Consecrated Pallis-Titanium Plate armor.. I gave up my name and even my very identity, all for the task of rebirthing the legend, for the honor of becoming the rider who heralds the end of an era..."

Terminus, as he is called, is usually very serious, having been a veteran of many battles he can come across as a cynic to those he speaks with. This is intentional for he truly believes that above all else, the responsibilities a man has to his lords, his family, to country, to god and the very planet itself are absolute. To break these oaths are a grave sin in his eyes and those whom would break such oaths and responsibilities are less than nothing.

As a knight, Terminus does indeed follow his own code of chivalry. To serve faithfully the lords and ladies whom he has pledged his services to, to provide protection to and aid in the reconstruction of the fiefs he has earned through combat and to mercilessly crush the enemies of those he has pledged to serve.

This near fanatical belief in ones oaths and reaponsibilities do override his apathy for others circumstances at times, but he is not without pity. On many an occasion he is known to be benevolent individual, sometimes offering protection to those whom need it and only asking for food, drink and a warm place to sleep at night.


"My appearance... To many, I am a faceless creature clad in full body faded grey interlocking plated armor made of five centimeter thick consecrated Pallis-Titanium, with a full helm as well and countless symbols of the aguila and other holy etchings, runes and wards.. They are not wrong.. For Terminus is just the armor.. No one needs to know the man behind the armor. Nor do I want anyone to know of the man behind the armor.. That knowledge will make the task of resurrecting the legend all the more difficult to achieve.."


"Powers..? Hah! I do not need such trivial magicks! Such things breed reliance! Reliance begets laziness! Laziness invites stagnation and death! All I need is my armor, my skills, my faith and my Brothers and Sisters in arms!"

Terminus seemingly does not have any special powers as stated above. Rather, he scorns such abilities as signs of laziness. However, whether it's because he was born with such or it was a result of daily rigorous exercise that he undergoes in order to remain at peak physical form is debateable, he does have some form of augmented physical capabilities that allow him to fight longer, strike harder and generally survive the weight of his Consecrated Pallis-Titanium full body plate armor.

His armor however has been consecrated and laced with many runic enchantments and protective wards, so it offers some protection against undead and those with psychic abilities in addition to his strong willpower and near fanatical beliefs. In addition, his armor and chain mail is capable of rendering all forms of supernatural phenomena like magic based attacks and kinesis null on contact with the armor.

His weapon of choice, a naginata with a fire caster located under the base of the blade and a small fusion reactor located inside the butt of the weapon with the purpose of powering and providing fuel for the weapon's mounted fire caster and the blade of the naginata itself, has the same supernatural phenomena nullifying capabilities as the armor. Only difference is that the blade of the naginata has a fifty percent chance to inflict the silence ailment on whomever it strikes for one turn with each subsequent blow giving it a fourty percent chance for the silence ailment to stack for another turn.


"People think that underneath the armor lies nothing, a cold spectre, a forboding herald of the end... -chuckling- Oh how wrong they are.. Strip away the armor, the rumors, my reputation, my skills, my comrades in arms and what you have left is just a regular mortal human... Like everyone else.. I am naught but a human, nothing more.. Nothing less.."

He has no special abilities of his own, everything he has is the result of his hard work, his blood sweat and tears.

Items currently in his possession

  • Fire gem imbued Greatsword of Farron with curved Parrying Dagger.
  • Naginata of the Endings Herald.
  • Armor of the Endings Herald.
  • Moonlight Greatsword.
  • Havel's Shield
  • Dragonslayer's Greataxe.


"My skills.. The culmination of who I am, who I was and all that I will be.. I have devoted my life to the path of the Knight.. From martial skills that I learned as a paige like blacksmithing, armor and weapon maintenance, financing, bartering, falconry, tracking, hunting, Archery, foraging, cooking and ettiquete. To the skills of warfare I learned through war and my squirehood like strategy, politics, speechcraft, terrain advantages and disadvantages, caring for my steed, horseback riding and even my mastery in the usage of the Consecrated Pallis-Titanium Naginata I received as a coming of age from my father before the gates of Valhalla opened and the Valkyries guided his eternal soul to the halls of valor.. All of these skills and the knowledge imparted to me by many teachers have shaped and groomed me for the role I take today.."

  • Journeyman level Blacksmithing
  • Master level Armor and Weapon Maintenance
  • Journeyman level Financing
  • Expert level Bartering
  • Journeyman level Falconry
  • Journeyman level Tracking
  • Expert level Foraging
  • Novice level Archery
  • Novice level Hunting
  • Apprentice level Cooking
  • Master level Ettiquete
  • Apprentice level Strategy
  • Expert level Politics
  • Expert level Speechcraft
  • Apprentice level Topographical Battle Strategy
  • Master level Steed Maintenance
  • Journeyman level Horseback Riding
  • Master level Two handed Weapon Combat


"Weaknesses... It is such a hard thing to admit one's own faults.. Even more so to make an honest effort to fix your weaknesses.. Even in the role I must fill.. I worry that my own imperfections will cause me to fall short of the expectations and the legend I am tasked with rebirthing.. This armor is not without its flaws, it is cumbersome and heavy.. So fast moving targets and those at range are a hassle to take down.. Another thing I have to worry about is the environment during times of bad seasons and other such maladies.. Heat created through a natural source can still boil me alive, and electricity through a natural source can still electrocute me.. Another vulnerability is the threat of arrows or small blades piercing through the slits of my visor and armor.. Beyond that.. I am only human.."

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