Terios Stargen is member of the Stargen clan, and a powerful Psychic Hedgehog. His discipline is of destruction, and manipulation. He is own by User:HS664.


Terios is a secluded and rather one track minded. He will stay on one goal for as long as it takes to get it finished, or until more important matters show up. He will adress others of similar alignment of ideals, along with all confirmed allies in a respectful manner. He is usually very calm, even in the midst of battle. He is usually seen meditating. He likes calm and serene enviroments. As such, he dislikes loud, disruptive people, and will usually go out of his way to peacefully shut them up.

Terios has a rather nomadic style. He will constantly move from place to place whenever he wants/deems neccessary. He is has a strong sense of justice, and will never let a Demon or a nonlawful evil to roam free and cause havoc. As the way of his clan, he dispises Demons due to their Chaotic Evil Nature, but is open to the idea some may be good.

He is also rather untrusting of people, and will try to learn their basic thought patterns and potential motives. However, he will never try to find private information in their minds unless necessary.


Terios stands at 4'02. He has a deep blue fur, almost appearing black colored, with gold stripes running down his oddly curved spines. He has heterochromia. His right eye is red, while the other is green. However, these will both glow a bright light blue when he uses his Psychic Powers.

Terios has a crimson Synchro Stone imbedded in his head. This stone seems to be slightly chipped. This is odd, as most synchro stones cannot be chipped except by extreme source. Some say Terios chipped the stone himself. 


Terios wears no shirt nor pants. He has a shiny, silver colored belt and has a small pouch containing many Synchro Stones attached to the side. He has a pair of silver lined shoes. Around his arms are rings made of a pure psychic crystal.



Terios was born in a small town near the fictional Mountains of Life about 21 years ago. Before he was born, the local church priest visited, and said that the child would be born with evil powers. His parents refused to believe this however. Terios was born a healthy child.

Near Death

The night Terios was born, a few church priests came to the hospital with the intent of killing Terios to destroy his "evil powers". As they came into the hospital, they came into the room and demanded that Terios's mother give them the baby.

When his mother refused to hand him over, the Priest attempted to take him by force, and then kill him. When his father intervened, he was stabbed and badly wounded. However, he pulled a gun on the preist, and shot him in self defense. Forced to leave his wife behind, them man left the church. At that moment, the baby, who had yet to be named, started to cry.

At that instant, his father was teleported outside the hospital, The man deduced his child was a Psionic. This meant the preists were half right: The child did have some powers. Whether they were evil or not remained to be seen.  

Escape to the Mountains of Life

Terios's father, hampered by a severe stab wound and armed with only a gun had to get his uncleaned child through a bunch of mountains. He knew extensively of a clan in the mountains that was made of Psionic masters. It was possible that he, or his wife, had a bloodline to them.

After several gruesome hours, Terios's father made it to a small village within a valley in the mountains. Knowing thry could take care of his child, he came to the village borders. He was immediately intercepted by several members, each with eyes glowing in powers ready.

Taking in the Child

The clansmen sat and listened to the man's story. After confirming it was true via mind reading, and a few private telepathic messages, they made there decision: They were not to take in the child, as they could not afford a squabble with the local churches.

However, Terios's father knew of one way he could force them to look after his child: The clan had a policy that went "Any man who dies upon thy doorstep shall be entitled to one wish, should it be within a realm of morality and reason."

Terios's father put his child down, and pulled out his gun. The clansmen attempted to stop him, but they were too slow. "Take care of my son." he said, before shooting himself in the head.

Early Life

Terios was an unnamed, likely parentless, and starving little child. As per their rules, the Stargen Clan was forced to take him in. After cleaning him and feeding him, he was brought to the clan Elder to be christened with a name. The elder, noticing how the light in the room seemed to divide the child's face, named him Terios, or "Reflection of"

Terios went through life learning to harness his innate psionic power. At first, and up until the age of five, his powers were unfocused, spontaneous, and more to the point humoursly destructive. However, as he trained, he learned to master the eight schools of Psionic power. By the age of 7, he had already mastered the Soul Blade, and the Psychokinesis Displines.

The ways of the Stargen Clan ran deep into his being and rooted itself there. The clan taught Terios about the Great Wheel, a cluster of planes around the Earth that personified concepts of Heavens and Hell. He also learned one thing that he would remember: The Teachings of how to fight Demons.

Late Childhood and Teens

Terios continued life in the Mountains of Life, and by the age of twelve, learned another three displines. Terios rarely fdound time for friends. Instead, he devoted a good amount of time into training. As his power had advanced to the appropriate level, he was granted to use of a Synchro Stone. However, hie had to get it implanted. Needless to say, it was a horrible proccess.

By the Age of Fifteen, Terios had learned at least some of the skills from each of the eight Psionic Teachings. At this point, it was estimated Terios possessed more Psychic Power than his masters. However, the constant use of this power had taken a severe toll on Terios's body. Terios now suffered from seemingly permanent atrophy, and relied on his Psychic powers to do actions simple as walking.

Demon Attack

After another two years of training, Terios continued to grow in power. By this point, he was able to best each of his masters. Soon, he would be ready to go through the last step, a process that would allow him to fully realize his power.

However, fate interviened.

It was the day, that a swarm of demons attacked the village. Naturally, Terios joined the fight, and quickly came to pushing back the demons alongside the others of his clan. When the forces of the Abyss were pushed back, Terios was given the choice of sstaying and defending the clansmen at the village center, or going to the frontlines to drive back the demons. Terios chose the former, and chased back the force of the Demons alongside his fellow clansmen.

After the Demon attack stopped, Terios and the others at the frontlines returned to the village center to check for damages. To their horror, the entire village center had been raised, and a good number of people slaughtered. Terios mourned over the losses of the fellow Stargen. However, as the thoughts of them clouded his mind, he literally forced himself to stop thinking about it using his psychic powers. However, the event left him with a subconscious fear of seeing people die.

Last Steps

Terios turned eighteen a short time after the Demon attack. At this time, his abilities improved to a point where he was ready to take the last step. The "Last Step" was a highly dangerous process of putting one's self in a autohypnotic coma, where the user would then have all the knowledge and memories of eight masters was to be implanted in his head. However, this process had a 90% mortality rate in the form of utterly destroying the target's mind. Terios however, still decided it was best to go through with the proccess.

Taking the Last Step

Terios set up the precautions for his Last Step. While many of his fellow clan members urged him to not go through with it, Terios disregarded them, saying he had already made up his mind years ago. He then underwent autohypnosis, and fell into a coma.

Three months later, Terios awoke. After the process, he changed quite a bit. He became more idealistic, even more reclusive, but more prominently, wished to leave his clan behind and explore the outside world. He went to the clan elder and discussed his desire with him.

The Clan Elder had watched Terios's entire life go by, and in his old age, wanted to see the child off if he so wished. Terios was granted passage to the outside world under a warning: As an individual, his power would be greatly misunderstood, and feared as a result.

Relations with Others

Terios has few relationships he can truly aknowledge. He rather would train his own powers than focus on firend or the like.


"There is a child. A child who's mind has become a weapon sharper than any obsidian and harder than any steel. His name:Terios"
—A lone traveler

There is no denying that Terios is a powerful opponent. With a massive well of Psychic Power stored in his mind, and the strict dicsipline to use that power in any way he can, he's a dangerous opponent. He has been taught all 8 forms of his Clan's Psychic Disciplines, and having taken the time to practically master them all. His mind is a powerful weapon on its own.

  • Psychic Energy Power Well:Terios's mind contains a large amount of Psychic Power. Said power can be used in all of his Psychic abilities. He requires no studying or practicing to keep up these powers. After expended, the energy slowly restores itself. To be able to fully restore his Psychic Powers, he must meditate, which he does so often.
  • Enhanced Speed:Terios can move at over 90 miles per hour by use of Psychic Power. As long as he can maintain some form of Psychic Focus, he can keep moving. This speed allows him to run on walls and ceilings, as well as on water for short strides. Additionally, he can move at speeds exceeding 120 MPH in air should he be levitating himself.
  • Enhanced Reflexes:By a combination of Psychic Prescience and the use of Psychic Power to move his body, Terios has reflexes that far exceed that of any normal human. With enough given time and certain probability, he can catch a bullet (provided the bullet does not destroy his hand).
  • Enhanced Durability:By use of Psychobiology and Self Hypnosis, Terios can increase his own pain threshold immensely, ignoring severe stab wounds (such as impalement) to discombobulation. He can resist Poisons and, it is even said he can prevent himself from dying with extreme effort, but this uncomfirmed.
  • Very High Psionic Resistance Index: Terios has a very high resistance to mental attacks, being able to "Wall off" his mind, and prevent himself from most psychic attacks. 
  • Mind Blade Creation(Soul Blade Discipline):Terios can quickly create a blade made of pure psychic energy. This blade is shaped like a four foot long katana. It has incredible cutting power, able to cut through flesh cleanly. The blade cannot be broken or dispersed unless by powerful counter psychic fields, or unless Terios drops it. If it is dispered/destroyed, Terios can create a new one very quickly.
    • Mind Blade Shaping:Terios can shape his mind blade into any bladed weapon form he wishes. He has turned it into different forms of Sword, like a claymore, and into axes or polearms. This requires him to concentrate, so doing this in the middle of battle can be a challenge or a crippling mistake. He can also seperate the blades into two separate half length blades, each with the ability to be shaped to his liking. 
    • Mind Blade Power Up:Terios can imbue his mind blade with certain energies that give it deadly new properties. These include, but are not limited too: Energy Coating (Fire, Electricty, Ice, Sound, Light, Darkness), Strengthening it's psychic energies to do become stronger, and giving it effects like Drain Blade and explosive bursts.
    • Mind Blade Throw:Terios can throw his Mind Blade like a spear regardless of the form it is in. Any properties he's added to the blade can be utilized when it is thrown. The blade itself will disperse when it hits something, sometimes followed by an explosion. Terios can then re-create it.  
    • Mind Blade Manipulation:Terios can manipulate the Mind Blade remotely from a distance by use of his Psychic Powers. This makes the blade an effective long range weapon in certain situations. However, he must not only concentrate to move the blade, but also to keep it from dispersing. It also leaves him open for close range attacks.
    • Mind Blade Wind:Terios can seperate his mind blade(s) into 2-6 individual razor sharp sharp shards that he can then launch at high speeds at any opponent within 150 feet. These shards do as much as damage as his normal mind blade.  Each fragment has all the effects the split mind blade did.
    • Psyblade Break:Terios can charge his blade with deadly explosive psychic energy. The next time he hits a target with a mind, the attack will do far more damage and reate a miniature explosion of Psychic Energy that Terios himself is immune too.
  • Telepathic Powers(Telepathy Discipline):Terios can reach out with his own consciousness to touch the minds of others and read or manipulate them. He can influence multiple stimuli, control emotions, put someone under mind control or as much as shut down, or in very extreme cases, utterly destroy the mind of another.
    • Telepathy:Shockwave can reach out to the minds of others. He can send mental messages over a distance of 800 feet. He can project images, verbal messages, sounds, and occaissionally scents and stimuli.
    • Read Minds:Terios can read the surface thoughts of any creature with a mind. He can tell what their name is (unless they are trying to hide it, in which it will take more effort), and what their general emotion are. To get deeper into their minds, Terios must exert more energy. Depending on the person, this may be easy, or near impossible. Anyone with proper Psychic Training can fight back.
    • Link Minds:Terios can link people's minds together, causing them to have a telepathic link, or even go as far as to experience eachother's senses. He can also make the link one sided. Like al his other Telepathic powers, he MUST concentrate.
    • Mind Healing:Terios can reach into another's mind in an attempt to heal them of mental afflictions. In some cases, this is impossible. However, he can try something such as hypnotizing them into thinking they are not feeling certain pains, or to subconsciously manipulate or scan their thoughts or memories.
    • Mind Control:Terios can effectively enslave a person by enforcing his will on their own, and forcing them to obey his bidding. However, he would only do this if absolutely necessary, as he deems this a cruel last resort.
    • Split Personality: Terios can create a "Second Psyche" of Psychic Power. This Psychic acts seperate from Terios, and can use it's psychic powers at will. They will both have the same goals, so both minds will act with perfect synergy.  
    • Mind Crush:Terios's most dangerous Telepathic Technique. Terios causes the victim to experience emotions along the lines of extreme fear and envision horrible, terrifying visions, and many other  things. The end result is usually utter insanity due to the affliction to the mind. In some cases, Terios might actually destroy the mind of the person, turning them into a mindless shell or outright killing them.
    • Dreamscape Movement:Terios can enter a plane called the Dreamscape. This plane is formed from subconscious thoughts and dreams. He can send people and their consciousness's there  in addition to himself, as well as pull people and things off it. Doing so requires intense concentration however.
    • Mind Barrier:Terios's mind has become harder to wrap around because of his training in this school.
    • Psychic Blaster:Terios fires a 15ft x 15ft x 10ft cone of psychic energy that produces a force pushing back all objects it hits. In any creature with a mind, this ability causes one or a combination of the following mental afflictions. Confusion, Madness, Panic, Hallucination, Hyperaggresion, or Comatose.
    • Psychic Surge:Terios, if he detects the usage of any (even his own) psychic ability in the area he is in, can attempt to draw from the latent power of that ability to use to his own means. Doing so is extremely dangerou, because as soon as he tries to take control of it, the energy becomes highly unstable, and could explode at any moment if he loses focus. However, the energy, once harnessed, can heal him, restore his psychic energies, or be used to augment his powers directly.
    • Mind Surge:Terios can infuse his mind with chaotic emotion, causing his psychic powers to spike greatly. This has the effect of greatly increasing his psychic abilities, but can cause him to become injured by the reckless use of his powers. He cannot concentrate in ways that do not involve his psychic powers however.
    • Psychic Coup de Grace:Terios can attempt a scission of his own psyche, splitting his mind into tow equally powerful parts temporarily. In doing so, he creates a lethal amount of high intensity psychic energy that must be directed towards a target with a psyche. The energy flowing through it's mind and body will create a small rip in space and time, and completely destroys their body. Terios will only use this ability if absolutely necessary, and for several reasons. First, if he uses it and it misses/fails he will be left practically defenseless. Worst Case Scenario and the opponent counters the ability, Terios himself will suffer the space-time sundering effect. Finally, even if he succeeds, he will still have his mind factured for a short period of time, in which simple thought becomes a difficult challenge.
  • Psychic Reading(Metasentience):Terios can use his psychic powers to read information and divine past and future events via the psychic resonance of an area. Every terristial area and every object has a psychic resonance.
    • Prescience:Terios has an improved sense of danger and malicious thought. Because of this, he has a sense of danger that allows him to tell when something is happening riight before it happens. Whiel this can save he life, he cannot determine what it is, and when, where, and how something will strike except for brief "flashes" he sees.
    • Aura Reader:Terios can see any psychic aura, or sense their presence when he's focusing. He can tell the alignment and strength of any psychic aura, or who casted it (in case of a construct or object). He cannot detect Non-psychic Auras. This can also be used to learn about the history of objects.
    • Mind Telescope:Terios can focus his mind to make it seem like he is standing a different locations around him. This can only be used to go so far, but the different perspectives and potential for espionage is invaluable.
    • Psychic Blur:Terios can 'blur' himself out of detection from other Metasentience user's. With excess effort while focusing, he can even fool people by making it appear that he is somewhere or in some condition he's not.
  • Psychokinesis:Terios has a wide array of abilities to manipulate matter and energy to his liking. This is his go to ability set in battle, due to its wide range of uses. He can fire off deadly energy blasts, move matter, transmutate objects, and more.
    • Telekinesis:Terios can move objects with his mind. With a bit of focus, he can pick up objects around him an manipulate them in many ways, such as bludgeoning weapons, or deadly projectiles. He can additionally stop projectiles headed towards him or someone else. He can even stop swords from slashing and bullets from firing with enough forewarning and focus. According to him, controlling energy in this matter that isn't psychic in origin is ten times a strenuous as controlling matter. According to him, his lifting power caps at 35 tons.
    • Pressure/Gravity:Terios can use his psychic power to create artificial pressure equalling up to 3 tons. This ability is used to find weak spots in metal or other materials, and kill people if need be. This power takes concentration, and is rather easy to slip up with. Additionally, he can use this in another sense to manipulate gravity, in ways such as creating tens times the normal gravity in an area, or making an object (such as a wall) have more gravity than normal. He cannot make the gravity of something equal more than ten G's.  
    • Thermokinesis:Terios can speed up or slow down molecular vibrations in the air to make it hotter or colder respectively. He can manipulate the temperature from anywhere to -20 Degrees Celcius to 100 Degrees Celcius. This is enough to freeze water solid or boil it, and cause conflagrations. Terios must be careful when using this power, as lack of control can cause massive damage.
    • Psychic Energy Blasts:Terios can channel his mental energies into destuctive forms, such as a long range blast of energy, or an explosion of power around him (Similar to a Chaos Blast). These blasts can be molded into nearly any shape he wishes, such as cones, blasts, discs, or rays.
    • Psychic Forcefield:Terios can channel his psychic power into barriers of varying size and shape. These barriers are resistant to any form of attack that's not meant to peirce them. They can withstand a good amount of damage before they break apart. Terios can make a shield recover if he focuses and pours more energy into it.
    • Dispel Psionic Abilities:Terios can attempt to break any Psionic ability within his range of awareness, such as a barrier or energy by focusing. This ability is not without weaknesses, as Terios must burn off a bit of his lifeforce whenever he uses this ability, and repeated uses will kill him.
    • Null Psionics Field:By fully exerting his focus, Terios can create a field with dimension of up to 70 feet in radius. This will cause all Psionics in the field to malfunction and dissipate unless the user of the ability in question has a powerful enough mind to sustain the ability. This ability puts a massive strain on Terios's mind, and thus he very rarely uses.
    • Psionic Reflection Field:Terios can make any Psionic ability cast on him (it can be any ability meant to affect him, even if it's and AoE and he's just in the area) rebound on the user. Terios must have this ability active consciously in order to use it. Using it steadily drains energy, and activating it also consumes a good portion of energy.
  • Psychoportation:Terios can use his psychic powers to transport himself (and usually an average of 7-9 other willing people) to other places and planes via the use of Psychic energy. This ability set, known as Psychoportation, is one of Terios's more versatile abilities.
    • Teleportation:Terios can exert Psychic Energy to teleport from place to place. The distance he can travel per teleport is about 1 kilometer per burst. However, with excess focus, he can travel as much as 10 kilometers. However, this is highly painful and stressful to his psychic powers. He can pull about nine people with him at a time.
    • Levitation:Terios can levitate above the ground. While levitating, he can move at high, unrestricted speeds, clocking at around 100 MPH. His maneurverability is near perfect in this mode of movement. He must constantly burn power to keep this up.
  • Metabiology:Terios can use the raw power of his mind to influence his biology and that of others. This allows him to make up for his many physical weaknesses, along with an increased method for travel and movement.
    • Armor Skin:Terios can use psionic energy to harden his defenses against physical attacks. This lasts about ten minutes per use. Terios will commonly use this ability before battle.
    • Chameleon Skin:Terios can use his psychic powers to make it appear as if his skin is a different color for a short period of time. As the name suggests, it's used as a powerful stealth ability.
    • Equilibrium:By manipulating his body, Terios can make him able to walk on any non-solid substance at least twice as dense as air. This effectively allows him to walk on water. The effect is active for as long as he wants to burn energy keeping it active.
    • Mental Clones:Terios can create multiple psychic copies of himself. These clones are linked by a hive mind with Terios at the top. Each has a fraction of Terios's full power, and will usually dissipate upon taking just a few hits. 


  • Clear Synchro Stone:Terios can use this stone to extend the time he can spend without food up to ten times.
  • Blue Synchro Stone:When using this stone, Terios has increased mental abilities. Used most often.
  • Green Synchro Stone:Used to increase movement speed. Used when needed, which is often.
  • Turquoise Synchro Stone:Exposure to the energy of this stone causes Terios's natural reflexes to increase greatly.
  • Pink Synchro Stone:Terios uses this stone to regenerate when needed, such as when he's been drained of energy.
  • Purple Synchro Stone:Terios uses this as a way to restore his energy during battle if needed.
  • Peach Synchro Stone:Terios can use this stone to extend the time he can hold his breath up to ten times.
  • Green and Yellow Synchro Stone:Terios keeps this with him at all times to allow him to control how loud his noises are. It's a handy stealth tool.


Terios, due to an extreme over dependence on his psychic powers, has pathetic natural physical abilities. A simple punch or kick from a strong enough individual can wipe him aside like a dead tree. Additionally, an anti-psionic field or someone immune to psionics makes him borderline useless. As Terios runs on a limited pool of psychic energy, if he runs out of power, he will be unable to use the bulk of his powers.

Another thing that could be considered a weakness is the fact Terios is partially untrusting of others, and will read their minds. This earns him frequent "What the Hell?!'s" from the psionically sensitive.



Decisive Battle

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