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Teridaxx color pencil

Biographical Information
Age 19 years old
Relatives N/A
Alias N/A
Romantic Interests None at the moment
Physical Description
Species Unknown
Gender Male

Fur Color:

Eye Color: Gold

Wing Color: Dark Purple

Attire Cybernetic Armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Villain
Affiliations Himself
Weaponry N/A
Abilities See Abilities Section
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A. Makuta294
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)
Unicron's Theme Orchestral

Unicron's Theme Orchestral

Teridaxx's theme.

Appearances N/A
Original Creator User:Makuta294


Cold, calculating, and highly intelagent, he will use any means to acheive his goals, including sacrificing others. He doesn't show any remorse to his victims, whether they are his enemies or his allies. He only cares for himself and only does things in his best interest or benifits him. He was not always like this. When he was younger he cared deeply for his comrades till he nearly died.



Teridaxx was born on an unknown planet on Janurary 4. His father was the leader of a Cultist army known as the Brotherhood of Chaos, a large group of people devoted to spreading chaos and disorder to the known universe. At the age of 7, Teridaxx was shown to have potential of a great strategist by pointing out flaws in his father's plans and strategies and helping his father come up with new flawless ones. At the age of 14, Teridaxx was made a captain of his own group of soldiers in the Brotherhood. This group, known as the Shadow Bringers, were successful at most of their missions with little to no casluties thanks to Teridaxx's intelagence and strategies. At the age of 15, Teridaxx was a well respected leader within the Brotherhood for his succesfulness and little casulties. His father, being pleased of his son's success, decided to promote Teridaxx to general of the Brotherhood but Teridaxx declined his father's offer, saying he rather stay as captain of his trusted group of soldiers. His father accepted Teridaxx's decision and did not promote him.


Sometime between the age of 15 and 17, Teridaxx started showing signs of being too caring for his troops and on one mission, he sacrificed himself for his team's safety. He and his team managed to get through the mission but Teridaxx was critically injured and on the verge of death. His father managed to keep him alive long enough to replace Teridaxx's internal organs with organs that were offered by some of the Brotherhood's own members. The members who donated the organs died in the process but Teridaxx survived. When he woke up from his ordeal, his father told him what had happened to him. Teridaxx felt stricken with greif that others had sacrificed themselves for him.

Teridaxx's Rise

He kept to himself in his room till he was close to 18. During that time, Teridaxx's upper eyes developed their ability to see 30 seconds into the future and was building himself a cybernetic armor to hide his scars of his ordeals from his near death experience. In the process of making this armor, he stopped caring for others and only wanted to acheive his own goals. He finished the armor on his 18th birthday and went to his father wearing it. His father was amazed at the craftsmenship of the armor and asked if that was what his son was making while in his time of keeping to himself. In answer, Teridaxxed walked up to his father and stabbed him through the heart with his clawed hands without emotion. He than went out and told the Brotherhood that his father was killed by an assasian and declared himself as the new leader of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood grieved for their leader's daeth but glad that Teridaxx was taking the place of his late father. Between the ages of 18 and 19, Teridaxx and his Brotherhood conquered many worlds though there was some casulties in which Teridaxx said that sacrifices had to be made in order to succeed. At the age of 19, Teridaxx and the Brotherhood of Chaos was knowned as the most feared organization in the universe. Teridaxx than heard news of a planet that may cause trouble for him and his organization. Teridaxx told the Brotherhood that he will personally take care of this planet along with his old group, the Shadow Bringers. So Teridaxx and his group of soldiers made their way towards this planet, which is known as Mobius.



Teridaxx has the ability to control and use the power of darkness and shadows. This is his main ability so this makes it his strongest power. He can make an opponent only to see darkness and can cause his oppnent to see their inner most shadow, the thing they fear the most. His abilities over this element are almost indefinate and requires little to no concentration to use this ability.

Dimensional Travel

Teridaxx has the power to open a dimensional gates to transport one or more targets to a different dimension or another location within their current one.


Due to having wings, Teridaxx can fly anywhere, even in the vacuum of space.

Future Sight

His upper eyes can see 30 seconds ahead into the future of the current timestream. This ability cannot be turned off unless the eyes are covered up. So he keeps his eyelids half shut to keep this ability unactive till he needs it.


His lower eyes have the ability to hypnotise a person by eye contact and make them do whatever Teridaxx says for a short period of time. This ability can be turned on and off at Teridaxx's will.


Teridaxx has the ability to regenerate his wounds and his armor if either get damaged but the process is slow for both and painful for the former.


Has the ability to use lightning and shoot it out of his fingertips.


  • I based his personality off of my dark personality, which I also call Teridaxx
  • I loosely based his picture off of Unicron's robot form from The Transformers The Movie
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