The Teratrogenesis (怪獣起源, Kaijuigen lit. Origin of the Monsters) is an event and theme of the timeline where the beginning of the creation of the gods have been discovered.

In the Sonic Monster World series, the prophet of the manuscript wields the book of ancients.


"Long ago, the ancients were born from the blood of the mother goddess of the sky, time, and stars. The ancients gathered around the abyss of the nothingness, seeing the light as the sister goddess Aeonine invites them to join her for safety and freedom as they create the surface with mobians and humans, somehow their life began to become very endangered taking the risk of their creation, after the dark stars wreck havoc to the world fighting towards the gods, without no choice, Aeonine led the ancients and the monsters to send them inside the abyss of the nothingness for the safety to the universe with the help of the mobians and humans for good..."


  • Teratrogenesis is divided in two terms: terato- meaning monster and genesis means beginning.
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