The Terasuit is a high-tech bodysuit capable of delivering the user a set of powers based on their skills and traits. Created by Arnold Hunt as a prototype in 1974, the Terasuit has widely been known as a "real-life superhero suit".


Nostradamus of Invid

Arnold Hunt


The powers of the Terasuit vary, and depends on the user's skills, capabilities, and traits. This was preferrably designed for users born without powers, but it's able to strengthen the users that do.

The Terasuit's power sets were divided into 3 categories:

Furtum: The Terasuit allows the user to cloak, and blend in with the environment around them. They're also able to use night vision, and are equipped with "deaf bombs", which emits invisible, scentless smoke that can block the eardrums, "deafening" those that are affected. Special headpones were made with these deaf bombs to prevent the users of them to be affected.

Velocitas: Self-explanatory. The Terasuit grants the user extreme amounts of speed, allowing them to go as fast as 200+ miles per hour. They can also teleport from and to a selected location with ease.

Forza: The Terasuit enables the user to take great amounts of damage, and pick up objects over five times their mass. It's the rarest Terasuit.


It's unknown what exactly powers the Terasuit, but some say that whatever powers it descended from gods of Roman mythology. Around the 40s BC, a member of the Triumvirate named Tachyon Caesar received what was believed to be an earlier form of the Terasuit from the god Amarius, to use to his aid in battles. Instead, Tachyon used it for political power, and became what he called himself "dictator for eternity". The Republic didn't like this idea, and attempted to assassinate him in the year 44 B.C.E. However, Tachyon overpowered and killed them instead, and later took over the Republic, expanding the land and conquered all of Afro-Eurasia. Amarius returns to Earth to challenge Tachyon to a war. In the end, Tachyon was killed, resulting in the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

In 1972, an engineer named Arnold Hunt, who was deeply inspired by the story, was inspired enough to create the Terasuit to enhance the power of the Invidian military. In 1974, the first prototype was completed, and was produced throughout Invid in 1976.

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