A creature that lives within the Grey Chaos Emerald, the reasons for his sealing are unknown. What is known is that without this emerald, his powers are drastically hampered. He, along with the other 7 chaos beasts, keep the planet in check with their power. Along with each beast, they are accompanied by an elemental power. His is of Earth.


Aside from his normal form, he has only his Perfect or Tectonic Form. During this form, his body turns into pure crystals, giving him a crystallized appearance. Also, his body is just as sturdy. However, each segment is a different color between red, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. During this form he has top-level Geomancy and chaos powers, as well as immense strength. However, despite this, his speed is greater than that of mosts. However, in an actual race, most beings would beat him.



Rock Blast


Earth Hammer

Earth Fury

Stone Edge

Earth Barrier Earth Gate: Cave-In

Earth Seal: Stone Shield


Chaos Stalagmite

Chaos Explosion

Chaos Control

Chaos Lance

Chaos Punch

Chaos Wall

Chaos Boulder


Crush Claw

Mega Kick

Focus Punch

Dynamic Punch


Hammer Arm

Scary Face

Spin Crush


Terasan's powers include Geomancy, Chaos Powers, and incredible strength, rivaling that of SuperSonic. However, his speed is not very impressive, as, it's equal to your average human. The following are his attacks:



Rock Slide

Earth Hammer

Earth Power


Earth Seal: Stone Shield


Chaos Spike

Chaos Control

Chaos Arrow

Chaos Blast

Chaos Claw

Chaos Shield


Crush Grip

Jump Kick

Force Palm

Focus Punch


Mega Punch




As his name suggests, he is extremely stubborn, not giving in to suggestions. However, he is willing to consider others logic, as he knows very well he can be wrong. He is also very strict with what is right or wrong, usually attacking those he believes have done something wrong with little to no warning. Unlike his sister Flastra, he is able to keep his cool at nearly all times, only when one attempts to take his emerald without his permission is he angered.


Terasan looks like an echidna that is completely brown with white stripes at the tips of his dreadlocks, he has black-glazed over eyes, and her wears red gloves. He also wears brown shoes made of stone.


To date, there is nothing known about Terasan other than for mysterious reasons he was sealed in the Grey Chaos Emerald and he was released resently for again unknown reasons.


He is planned to appear in the roleplay True Chaos, where he attacks the heroes after hearing they're searching for his emerald for evil purposes. However, despite using full power, he is defeated.

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