Teotihuacan is a legendary kingdom located in the underground levels of Angel Island, extending till the core of the floating island. It is a city built by the Echidna Tribe and serves as one of their secret bases of operation. Teotihuacan is featured in the game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes and in Sonic Adventure 3: GX as a playable level. It plays a significant role in the Sonic universe and in Knuckles' past.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Teotihuacan makes its first appearance in this game and is the seventh level in the game's storyline. The stage if followed by the eighth level of the game Walking Acropolis. As revealed in the game's storyline, Teotihuacan was built approximately 500 years prior to the events of the game. According to Locke, the Echidna Tribe was sealed inside the Angel Island and forced to live underground for eternity, unable to see again the light of day by the Gods (the reason is not stated). Thus, the Echidna Tribe created this city, which they named Teotihuacan and lived there
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This is how Teotihuacan would somehow look like prior to the events in Rise of the Heroes. Image from Google

are years passed by, until Knuckles and his teammates discovered it. In the game, shortly after its discovery, Immarius and his army destroy some of the island's surface, leaving the city open to the outer world and destroys the city, taking the Echidna people as hostages for means of energy.

Teotihuacan's design is chiefly inspired from the Mayan and Inca temples and kingdoms. It is mostly constructed out of gold, which enables the Echidnas to produce light and see. Light also passes from some schisms on the surface. It features a wide lake, tall temples and ziggurats. It is very crowded with Echidnas. In the game, it features two Acts and a Boss battle.

Gold Kingdom

Gold Kingdom is the first Act of Teotihuacan. It consists of a wide lake and a city with golden ziggurats. The player travels through this city and inside the golden ziggurats. The player also uses a raft at some points of the stage to cross the lakes and rivers. Echidna citizens are also seen walking on the town. Gravitus appear as common enemies in this level.

Lost Relic

Lost Relic is the second Act of Teotihuacan. The Gravitus have destroyed the upper surface of the island and have infiltrated the city causing chaos and destruction. It resembles its first Act with a few differences. The stage is packed with many Gravitus and the lake is tidal. Parts of the city's structures are destroyed and ablaze. The blue sky is also visible. The second Act is harder than the first as it features more enemies to defeat. In Mission Mode, some of the missions involve saving Echidna people.

Boss: Gravitus Sentinel

A Gravitus mech that appears as a Boss in Teotihuacan. It is a difficult Boss and must be destroyed by continuously attacking its weak spot, which is located on its pelvis.

Sonic Adventure 3: GX

In Sonic Adventure 3: GX, Teotihuacan has taken the appearance of an abandoned ruined, forgotten ghost city. It plays a key role in Knuckle's story and in the game's Final Story, as it hides many secrets of Knuckles' past. It is now on the surface of the Angel Island, after the Gravitus destroyed its upper surface and the sky can be seen above it. Some of the city's ziggurat structures remain intact whereas some of the city's structures have been partially destroyed, covered in grass and others submerged under water. In the game's storyline, the true purpose of its construction is revealed as opposed to the one stated by Locke in the previous game, as well as the secrets it hides.

Teotihuacan is once again a playable level in this game. It is called Lost Paradise as a reminiscent of its glorious past. The stage's design has a nostalgic atmosphere into it.

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