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This is an article about Teno the Panther, a character created by Chamesthehero.
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Teno the Panther

Teno was a sixteen-year old Mobian panther who once wielded the Peacemaker. He was a supporting character in Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. Introduced within Flames of Courage, the second installment of the series, he was the leader of the Soumercian region of the Radiant Hills.

Teno the Panther by Chamesthehero

Teno was the older brother of Cusco. He made his first appearance in Before the Storm and was officially introduced in Nightmare RebornReunited with his one of his two childhood friends, Teno made his final stand to stop the invasion of Frost Beasts to save his people.

Teno was once a serious abut lonely panther that once believed he needed to distance himself from others to fulfill expectations of becoming a competent leader. Befriending Concordia and Dimitri in his youth made him later embrace a more compassionate, yet unwavering, approach to his leadership style and eventually made the Radiant Hills thrive.  

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Physical Description

Teno was an indigo blue-colored panther who boasts a tall stature, easily towering over the vast majority of people by a large margin. Like the other members of his species, he had small ears, a medium-sized tail, and retractable claws. Teno had two prominent fangs sticking out and orange-colored eyes.

This panther always wore the attire befitting of his region's leaders: a feathered headgear, two amulets featuring at least four brown circular structures, and an orange and white poncho featuring a brown cape. In order to improve the flow of natural energy within his body, a sacred ritual was performed where special tattoos were placed on his body on his limbs, face, and tail. These tattoos only faded after death.

Training to be a leader all his life, Teno gained a considerable amount of muscle, displaying especially strong arms, legs, and torso, making him quite popular among the women in his village during this time.


Teno was a serious panther that used his power to guard over the Radiant Hills and its people. Being the leader of such a vast region at such a young age made this panther always make an effort to appear dependable even during dire circumstances, though even he sometimes had temper lapses.

Teno was a pacifist that sought power to protect his people. However, the strength he sought was not necessarily one that allowed him to crush his foes, but one that would help him solve conflicts without bloodshed. He believed the principle that violence is never the only last-resort in any given circumstance.

This panther was deeply connected to nature and his surroundings. Ever since he was little, one of his favorite hobbies was cataloging the different kind of species of Mobini he came across in his domain. He used to keep journals detailing the abilities, the appearance, and the personality of each Mobini he found. When he became the leader of the region, he gave them away to his little brother, hoping that he would complete his journals.

In his childhood, Teno appeared to be obsessed with fulfilling the expectations of his forefathers as the future leader of the Radiant Hills and feared being called unworthy of such a position. This made him originally have different values; he feared that socializing with others would make his reputation as a dependable, strong would-be leader, so he guarded them afar. This naturally made him stoic, bitter, but above all else, lonely.

A memorable event in his childhood, through his most memorable friends, made him realize that perhaps this principle of being a lonesome vigilante might be hindering his ability to become the best leader he could possibly be. Unlike those before him, who prized the cultivation of an image of an almighty, distant leader, Teno was someone that valued exercising compassion and kindness to his people.

History and Appearances


Teno was born in the Radiant Hills, an isolated region located in the southwestern continent, Soumerca. The first son of the chieftain of his village, ever since this panther was little, he had but one goal: becoming worthy of eventually carrying out his forefathers' legacy as the leader of the Radiant Hills.

Teno always underwent training that would be considered unreasonable to his physical capabilities. This was because this panther was especially physically frail compared to the other children that he saw. Therefore, young Teno was often very sick, but he refused to ever show signs of weakness to anyone so to never dishonor his people or be deemed unworthy. Sickness, however, did not shake his resolve in any way.

In order to become a leader, Teno never had friends so to not become attached to individuals, but his collective community. This was a principle taught by his father. Put on a lonesome pedestal, this panther never quite knew how to better socialize with his peers and merely watched them from afar, without interfering in their lives. This, perhaps, even extended to his younger brother, Cusco, whom he showed indifference to.

There was a time in his childhood where he met two other children—echidnas from the Prinus village. Sensing his loneliness, a timid Concordia wished to play with Teno instead of avoiding him like did young Dimitri. Annoyed with his insensibility towards Concordia accidentally getting hurt, Dimitri confronts Teno, but their squabble is stopped by Concordia, whose aggressive tone of voice surprises them both.

Both Teno and Dimitri later assist a group of children that were surrounded by wild Mobini. In order to break up the conflict, the panther, instead of using violence, utilizes an incomplete version of his Primal Mode, a technique that all descendants of the original founder of the Radiant Hills must learn, and solves the issue peacefully, telling Dimitri that violence is never the only option to solve any problem.

After this event, Dimitri, Concordia, and Teno became best friends. As they sneaked in Cinnabar Forest without anyone knowing, adventured together, and befriended most members of the panther's village, all of which were surprised and happy to see Teno interacting with them, Teno's stoic demeanor cracked. The panther was never this happy. This was the reason he started questioning his father's principle.

During the six years after the destruction of the Prinus Village, Teno continued to train his body and mind but with a whole different perspective. When his parents passed away when he was fourteen due to an illness, he took on the mantle of leader and inherited the Peacemaker, a legendary lance passed by his forefathers. Young as he was, no one expected him to live up to his father, but Teno went great lengths to start an age of prosperity in the region.

In the end, Teno had become the loved leader of the Radiant Hills and strove to protect its people. However, he often interacted with and cared for them. His brother, Cusco, could not help it but look up to his brother, even though they did not spend much time together. The Radiant Hills and its people thrived.

Teno often recalled his memories of his childhood friends: Dimitri's liveliness and Concordia's smile. He was utterly devastated to learn that the Prinus were wiped out. No matter how grim the circumstances appeared to be, Teno never forgot his friends and was determined to never allow anything bad to happen in his region.


Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage

Strength and Powers

Natural Energy Manipulation

Through the usage of the Peacemaker, a legendary, mythical lance passed down by the generations of leaders in the Radiant Hills, Teno was able to harness the power contained within nature by channeling it inside his lance. The natural energy of all living things manifests itself as lime-colored energy.

The Peacemaker absorbs the energy contained within nature and its living creatures under a particularly large radius, covering the entirety of the region of the Radiant Hills and its shores. As it summons the power of nature, the energy that flows into the lance from the environment can be seen as shiny particles. Such a beautiful spectacle was the reason the region gained its flashy, radiant name.

Among the strongest leaders in the region's modern history, the amount of natural energy Teno was able to manipulate was especially vast. With the Peacemaker, Teno was able to manipulate natural energy to release powerful shockwaves that can disrupt magnetic fields, create energy projectiles, and energy barriers that shielded him from attacks. This panther's mere thrusts with his lance were able to generate amounts of concentrated pressure so high, they either made fragile targets implode or sent flying great distances.

Concentrating the energy contained in the Peacemaker into a single energy attack, it is theorized it could vaporize the largest hills in the region, some of which resembled mountains due to their sheer size. To wield such power required tremendous responsibility as it could easily endanger the creatures of the region.

Primal Mode

Teno's ultimate technique, Primal Mode was a temporary transformation created by the original founder of the Radiant Hills that he left behind for his future descendants. This powered-up form is the culmination of the natural energy he absorbed through the Peacemaker and imbued into himself.

The technique serves to completely connect the user with his surroundings, making him able to sense all living things within a particularly large radius and talk to Mobini. Teno's physical attributes are also augmented tremendously, increasing his speed and strength according to how much natural energy he has absorbed. In many ways, the transformation made Teno become the living embodiment of nature.

In order to masterfully use the Primal Mode, the descendants of this great leader needed to create pathways to let natural energy flow into their bodies in a correct manner. This is the reason all leaders underwent sacred rituals and marked their bodies with sacred tattoos that glow whenever the transformation is used.

The transformation did not have a time-limit. As long as the Peacemaker on his hands absorbed natural energy, Teno's power could theoretically go on forever until all living beings within a certain radius were completely drained of their energy, hence the reason Teno used this sparingly.

For the technique to be activated, Teno's Peacemaker needed to absorb a large amount of energy first, which often took a considerable amount of time. In addition, even if potent as the culmination of the surrounding natural energy is, Teno's physical defense boost could be overridden by Chaos energy.

Creation and Development

The concept of Teno's character was created while brainstorming the events of Reign of Darkness. It is not a stretch to say Teno is very important to Dimitri's development as the main character for many reasons. Teno was the reason why Dimitri developed his Mystic transformation. Teno was perhaps the only part of Dimitri's childhood that survived. Once you take this all away, though, then some serious issues are in order.

During the times where roleplaying on Twitter was big, I met countless people. One of the most memorable people I have interacted with online used to have roleplay as his cryokinetic Mobian panther. In the site, this panther easily became one of Dimitri's most cherished friends and they had many adventures together. In many ways, this character seems like a tribute to a friend that is long gone by now.

The Radiant Hills, a region filled with indigenous people, were bound to have a leader of some sort. However, instead of creating a background character, I decided to create one that is more memorable to the audience and to my cast of characters, especially Dimitri. I always wanted to try my hand at drawing a panther.

Relationship with Other Characters


  • Cusco the Panther (younger brother)

Friends and Allies


Fun Facts


7minutoz - Naruto e Sasuke VS. Madara e Obito (Instrumental)

Teno the Panther's theme.

  • Teno's name is a shortened version of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire.
    • This follows the name theme of canon characters such as Tikal.
  • His ability to use a lance in combat is an allusion to Ephraim, a character from Fire Emblem.
  • In Before the Storm, a young Teno insults Dimitri by calling him a "mutt".
    • This is a reference to the same occurrence that happened on Twitter.
  • Teno's feathered headgear is based on the war bonnets used by the Indigenous people of the Great Plains from North America.