Ten-Thousand Fists is an expreamly powerful close-range fighting technique in which the user's literally hits their target with the force of ten-thousand punches.


It can only be used by someone with experimental nanobots running though their veins, as the nanobots are the source of the strength. To work, the user must have their nanobots stimulate their chosen arm's muscles to extreme levels, then hit their target full force.


While this attack sounds straight-forward, it is incredibly complicated when it comes to the stimulation of the user's muscles, and takes a very long time to stimulate thier muscles to optimum levels. Also, the sheer strain of forces it put the user's arm under can literally rip their arm off! Even if it doesn't, the strain will still be enough to knock them out.



  • There is a song by the group 'Disturbed' that shares this atack's name.
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