Delete Template

Marks an article as a candidate for deletion, adding a banner to the article and categorizing it under Category:Candidates for Deletion.
You can use doc= when documenting this template to prevent categorizing.
This page is a candidate for deletion.
If you feel questionable about this pending deletion, please discuss it on the article's talk page.

The reason for deletion is: Spam

Articles with this template are automatically added to Category:Candidates for Deletion.
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Valid reasons for deleting an article include, but are not limited to:
  • Author Request (please sign if you are the author requesting)
  • Spam
  • One-Liner
  • Failure to comply with SFW standards in a timely manner
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Empty Page
Other reasons may be valid as well.
Do not mark pages for deletion unless you are sure they qualify!
Misuse of this template can be grounds for a ban.
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