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This is an article about Dark's new template, a header template created by Dark Lunaros!

Dark's Header

Dark's Header is a graphically enhanced version of GD's character header bar. It includes a basic outline as well, so that you can put in the header in a short amount of time.

Below is instructions on how to use Dark's Header.

How to use Dark's Header?

Dark's Header is extremely simple to use, with its preinstalled outline, all you need to fill out are your character's name and your name. For a better look, simply fill in the color sections and you have a full created header.

Syntax of the Header


{{Dark's Header
|Shadow Color = #000000
|Top Gradient Color = #3A47F5
|Bottom Gradient Color = #172B8F
|Outline Color = #172B8F
|Text Color = #D5D4D8
|Character Name Color = #FCB514
|Fanon Name = Dark's Header
|Fanon Type = header template
|Creator's Username = Dark Lunaros
|Username Color = #FCB514}}


This is an article about Dark's Header, a header template created by Dark Lunaros!

NOTE: Gradient and Shadow effects may not be visible to certain web browsers including, but not limited to;

  • Internet Explorer
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