This is an article about Tempestra, a character created by Sonsofchaos on 04/10/2013.

Tempestra is the wind user of the calamity masters, and one of the goddesses of love.

Tempestra the Bat

Biographical Information


Changes her appearance to look older or younger, prefers to take the appearance of a eighteen year old










Lady flirts-alot(By Ebony)

Romantic InterestsN/A
Physical Description
SpeciesDeity/ mobian/ bat
  • green fur
  • brown eyes
  • A green t-shirt that exposes her stomach
  • Black gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities 
AffiliationsGods of calamity (family)
  • Aerokinesis
  • ability to turn into wind
  • Ability to help someone with love.
Super FormsHurricana
Other Information
American V.A.N/A
Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)
Appearancesnone so far
Original CreatorSonsofchaos


Tempestra has a tan muzzle with a distinct lack of fuzz, she has forest-green fur. Her hair is shoulder-length, the whites of her eyes are a glossy white, her irises are brown, with the pupils being black. She has a respectable figure but she prefers to hide it, for when she meets her special one. She has a single bang covering her left eye.

She wears a green loosely fitting T-shirt with a pink heart on the sleeves, she wear blue denim jeans, and she has a pair of black and green sneakers. Her T-shirt also has two holes in the back for her wings to fit through. She also wears a gold collar designed to hold her calamity opal.


She is somewhat impatient like her brother, Electoric, due to her control over the wind. However she tends to flirt with anyone whose single. When she meets someone who has a crush on someone else, she'll try to be a matchmaker and help them. Despite her flirtiness, she simply wants to find someone to love.


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She is capable of controlling the wind. She also is able to influence a person's passion and cause them to fall in love with the person they love, although she does this by being a matchmaker.


She's physically agile, and likes to practice various martial arts. She's not very good at it though, but she keeps trying.


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She is very weak when it comes to something sturdy, if her wind can't blow it down than she is in trouble, usually having to rely on her brothers to help her. Her powers also has no effect on anyone who doesn't seek a romantic relationship.


Ebony: Tempestra and Ebony have a somewhat strange friendship, whenever someone leaves them alone Tempestra decides to flirt with Ebony to get on his nerves, usually irritating him to no end.

Burnstro: she tries to find him a girlfriend, but she always fails due to his anger isue. She constantly tries to help others calm him down, she is also one of the few who can keep his fire storms under control. She also has a tendency to grind on Burnstro's nerves, constantly giving him a headache.


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