Early in life, Tempest had it kinda rough. Being born part lion and part panther caused her to have problems. But not a single one she let stand. She learned to get tough and to use her skills to her advantage. Especially her martial arts and her looks. But being only 15, she couldn't stop the attack on her home by the samurai. During that attack, she lost her older brother, Frostbite, and her parents. Though she escaped, there was no way with her current training that she could save them, so she ran.

After a year, she reached the city of Okinawa, where she used her training as a child to get by (meaning many thefts). That didn't last long. At 17, she was caught trying to steal from a yakuza group. She was almost killed, luckly she was saved by a passer by. After being saved by this orange haired hedgehog, introductions were made. His name was Slasher and he was traveling around. He traveled with her out of Japan (like she could stay there!) But when they arrived in China they split paths, and something her friend, and secret crush, told her, rung in her head for a while. "No one can outrun their past," Slasher told her and she took to it.

Later she found a master to train under, the great Master Shellshock. In only 2 years of training, she tripled her fighting skill and learned how to do something that most other people wish they could do, control a piece of nature itself, the ever flowing water. Then, as soon as she turned 19, she left her master and went to look to her brother...


Tempest is a water bender. She can move water with her mind. She can also manipulate the water particles in the air to become invisible and create illusions. Another skill she owns is Primal Strike, a skill passed down from her family. However she hasn't been able to tap into it yet, unlike her brother.


Aside from her powers, she is also skilled in ninjutsu and stealth. Being trained by Master Shellshock, she knows she can easily get the drop on an enemy without making a sound. Another skill is seduction. "She'll melt your heart, then rip it out of your chest." She does this to Slasher constantly, even though they love each other. Tempest is a force to be reckoned with.

Skills Martial arts, fem-fatale
Powers Manipulaton of water (through it she can turn invisible)
Family Frostbite-brother
Likes Hanging out, music, messin with Slasher
Dislikes Acting TOO wild, party crashers (though she would do it herself), future planners, SAMURAI
Secrets She has a crush on Slasher as big as the one he has on her
Plans for the future

Dosen't like to think about

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