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Cquote1.png Come on! You're my son, Peeta. Don't listen to that bullcrap they teach you in health class. Beer isn't gonna kill ya! Cquote2.png
Tempest trying to get Storm to start drinking

Tempest the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. He works as a bartender and is a professional poker player.

General Info

Tempest Mercury Svettreco is a 47-year-old hedgehog from Paliside Town. He works at the Jack of Clubs Bar in Tamaruin City as a bartender, and he loves his job. He is a drunkard, drinking at least 2 bottles of beer a day.


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Tempest is very much like a gentleman. He seems to be very well mannered and always sees the bright side of things. He would usually spend his time outside on a rocking chair, enjoying the weather and trying to relax.

However, despite his bubbly nature, Tempest also drinks. When drunk, he could be somewhat jerky, and sometimes even mean to the kids. Watch out for a drunken Tempest. This is probably because he owns a bartender, and gets free beer.

Physical Appearance

Tempest currently stands at 4'3, which is somewhat tall for a hedgehog. He weighs 110 lbs. also. Tempest has dark grey colored fur. His eyes are red, like blood. He has no fur on his arms, or his tummy. His spikes are sliked back. For a little bit of a detail, Tempest grew a grey moustache.

Abilities and Powers

Supernatural Powers

Tempest has the unnatural ability to walk on water. He was diagnosed with this ability from a disease called "Hydrokilstepitacous". He is always recognized when he walks on water. For some reason, lots of people worship him, thinking he is a god. He can activate his power by looking at a Splash of water and looking down at every last drop.