Tempest Prower

Tempest the Fox
Age 35
Gender Male
Species Fox
Description A two-tailed fox with yellow fur and gleaming yellow eyes
Attire Black Pants

White undershirt

Black jacket

Small neck-tie

Black silk-hat

Relatives Roxio the Fox (son)

Unknown Wolf (wife) Unknown Wolf daughter Relius Prower (father) Twister the Fox (Mobius Prime counter-part) Typhoon the Fox (Moebian counterpart)

Affiliations Dark Freedom Fighters


Nicknames The Whirlwind of the Serpent
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Romantic Interests Unknown Wolf
Weaponry Knives, spirit-chains
Abilities Flight,Deception,Illusion-Power
Super Forms Unlimited Tempest

Tempest the Fox is the Dark Mobius counterpart to Twister the Fox.


Most of his story follows that of Twister-Prime, except for after he fled new mobotropolis he became his own alias, Whirlwind of The Serpent, giving himself new attire, combat specialty with dual knives, and a magical power to summon snake-like chains to fight his opponents. This power somehow lead to an unrelenting thought to return him, before any real harm was caused. He shrugs these ideas off, knowing no one would be out after him and knowing he won't hurt anyone unless necessary.

Finding the Truth

At some point in his solo travels he ran into one of the freedom fighters, not to take him back but for some distraughting news, his mother being turned into a mindless robot. Tempest was shocked, but thought it was the likely expectation of eggman. Only to be interrupted, saying it was his father's doing. Tempest got enraged at this and vowed never to return no matter what.

Relius, being the father he was tried to use his new bioweapon of Ignis to drag him back, but Tempest was stronger than he had thought. The two having foguht Tempest was the victor, and ran off. Vowing to never see him again.

Becoming a prelate

At one point during adulthood he was caught by enerjak and was turned into Prelate T. He along with many others, were forced to wait in storage before the final battle against the freedom fighters. Not much was known during his prelate-status, but was known to be a very loyal troop like others. Even willing to fight his son when given the chance when it were to come down to it.

Returning to Normal

When the time was right, Tempest had returned to his normal state thanks to Jani-Ca when she was restoring everyone's cores to their bodies. Roxio was there at the time and wanted to express a feeling of regret for fighting him during the final battle. Tempest had no recollection of the final battle after returning to his normal self, but forgave his son despite no idea what had happened, apparently it didn't stop his relenting thoughts on ruling the world for himself when they had come up.

Descent into acts of insanity

to be written


Tempest is a calm and collected fox with a knack for being a wisecracking smart-alack. He is never without a certain retort, and tries to brighten a mood in any way possible. When in battle or when he decides to take matters in his own hands he is a lot more darker than previously thought. He believes his opponents and the world itself are filled with nothing but lies, and seeks to save the world with his own violent actions. These irrational thoughts were a result from listening to the voices in his head from when he left. They drove him into thinking nothing but battles saved his world. Due to this he is prone to going traitor and causing a rampage around the HQ, to be stopped by Jani-Jak or Roxio.


  • Reading
  • His knives
  • Family
  • His allies
  • Violence


  • Enerjak
  • Lies
  • The voices inside his head
  • His father



  • Dark Freedom Fighters
  • Roxio the Fox
  • Prelates (when as a prelate himself)


  • none as of far


  • Enerjak (before and after regaining his normal from fram becoming a prelate)
  • Prelate Army (before becoming a prelate)
  • Dark Freedom Fighters (when he goes on a rampage from his insanity)
  • Relius Prower


"Alright then, let's begin" - before a battle

"Does it hurt?! OF COURSE IT DOES! JUST DIE!" -when he is against the freedom fighters on a rampage or against the prelate army

"SHUT UP AND DIE!" -when fighting someone like enerjak or JaniJak (if he goes on a rampage)

"Pains me to hurt my son, but let's go!" before fighting Roxio if he is on a rampage

"Captain Tempest Prower of the Dark Mobius Freedom Fighters, intelligence department, at your service" introduction to someone he meets

"Not that I deserve such punishment one-hundred times over" -quipping about whenever he gets shoved in a cage for a rampage

"Pretty turned on right now, AIN'T ya colonel?" -before fighting his father Relius


Facts about Tempest

  • His appearance, weapons, and some of his personality mirror that of Hazama from the Blazblue Series
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