Tellis the Hedgehog

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Age 12
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Alignment Neutral
Full Name Tellis Inta Karu
Color Scheme Green
Height 2' 8"
Weight Unknown
Likes Annoying people, messing with people, science, annoying people, his abilities, his family, pranking, annoying people
Dislikes Not being able to use his powers, when his pranks don't work
Friends Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy
Foes Creature X
  • Free use of chaos control
  • Very fast reaction time
  • Able to look into different parts of space and time
  • Able to teleport chaos emeralds within eyesigh to him
    • Able to teleport all 7 chaos emeralds to him at once, despite them being present or not
Romantic Interests None

Introducing Tellis the Hedgehog, the annoying, trouble-making, interplanetary, annoying, teleporting, chaos control, annoying, thief-alien-scientist!


Tellis looks similar to Sonic, but with green fur, and his quills hang lower. He also has red shoes with a blue buckle, similar to Sonic's shoes. He also has white gloves like everyone else.


Tellis is VERY annoying. He is also laid back, slightly betrayal, crazy, talkative, and has a knack for getting on everyone's nerves.

Planet Arkus

Years ago, there was a planet called Arkus (ARE-kiss). It was a nearly perfect world. In the center of the planet was something called the Core. The Core had high energy levels, and supported all life on the planet. It produced its power through 4 small spheres, named Core Keys. The Core was made by an interplanetary creature, simply called Creature X by the people of Arkus. Soon after the planet and it's inhabitants were created, though, Creature X mysteriously left.

Some time around 100 years ago, scientists on planet Arkus discovered how dangerous the Core really was, and that it was close to overflowing with energy and collapsing. They managed to copy three of the Core Keys, and sent them off into space. They also sent out four people (a boy hedgehog scientist, a girl hedgehog ex-spy, a boy cat rocket ship pilot, and a girl cat gymnist) on a mission called Mission P (for planet, or for power) to find a safer energy source and/or another planet.

The scientists didn't know how close the Core was to overflowing. A couple years after Mission P was under way, the Core exploded, destroying planet Arkus and emitting radiation to the four nearby planets: Ikrah (ICK-ruh), Rogna (ROG-nuh), Earth (ERTH) and Ihne (IN).

20 years after Mission P started, the residents aboard the rocket ship married and had kids. More generations came and went. Eventually, there was 10 residents on the ship (two boy cat adults, two girl cat adults, a boy hedgehog adult, a girl hedgehog adult, a boy cat 4 yrs, a girl cat 1 yr, Tellis 0 yrs, and a girl hedgehog 2 yrs). Suddenly, the spaceship headed on a crash course for planet Rogna! The parents, not wanting to lose their kids, launched their young kids away in escape pods. The ship crashed, and the parents were never heard from again.

The kids landed on separate planets: Intah and Eppy landed on Ihne, Tellis landed on Earth, and Luna landed on Ikrah.


Tellis grew up as a scientist, with lots of crazy expirements. What he thinks is his greatest invention is a fake chaos emerald, which is 3 times more stable than the real emeralds. He implanted it into his arm, giving him many new powers. He then became a prankster, and a "minor" thief.

When he was 12, he met Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, and found his sister and cousins. Together, the 8 of them go on an interplanetary quest to find the three Core Keys before Dr. Robotnik does, in order to restore planet Arkus.


After he implanted the fake chaos emerald into his arm, he could freely use chaos control, have faster reactions, look into different parts of space and time, able to teleport chaos emeralds to him within his eyesight, and able to teleport all 7 chaos emeralds to him at once, despite them being present or not.

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