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Gender: None, though his voice and general shape is that of a male so he is classified as male.

Age: Timeless, though he physically appears to be in his twenties.

Alignment: Is somewhat confused on alignment

Species: He now lacks a distinct species of his own, though he takes the shape of a hedgehog most often as it is what he used to be.


Telethon, being a void manipulator, is able to cause distortions in Time and Space, but mainly uses Time and Space enhanced umbrakinetic moves. He is also able to enter a near state of nothingness to avoid any who wish to attack him and their attacks. He is capable to traveling through dimensional breaches and can open his own rifts, though he takes great care to make sure that the rift he opens does not let something dangerous out.

He also possesses a small semblance of the manipulation of nothingness, though he rarely uses this as he views it to be too dangerous to be used; So it currently isn't known how much knowledge he has of it. However, he has shown that he is able to erase and restore air from whomever frustrates or downright infuriates him.

However, Telethon must keep his power in check at all times lest he makes something he cannot avoid. He may be powerful, but there are things that can destroy even him, his own powr being one of them.


In his void form Telethon has no general shape, being a black swirling abyss with various red and white twinkling lights littered over his form. His blank red eyes and jagged mouth are the only features visible, with the inside of his mouth being white.

However, he has a Mobian form to ensure his cover doesn't get blown. He has pitch-black fur with red glowing markings here and there, with two glowing dots on the left and right side of his muzzle. He also has a pale muzzle with no fuzz, this coloring extends to his arms and ears. He has clean cut hair, odd for someone of the void, and keeps his hair short. He has white sclera, blood-red irises, and white pupils.

In his Mobian form he wears a white and silver jacket, a grey t-shirt with TV on the front (he doesn't get this), a pair of white pants, and white and black shoes.


Telethon's appearance give many the feeling of a very dangerous person, and sometimes they can be right or wrong. Telethon is something of a gentleman mixed with a child who doesn't know his abilities, this is due to his transformation. He is sometimes prone to throwing temper-tantrums one second and appearing calm and composed the next. However, one thing that is consistent throughout his mood swings is the disturbing calm, emotionless, and sometimes cold or cruel tone he carries in his voice. He lacks a sense of Apathy, and is believed to be remorseless, though something in him is very remorseful about the actions he sometimes undertakes.


Telethon cannot remember much of his history, though he does recall being born like any normal living being with the name of Jacob. He doesn't remember his last name.

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