Telekinesis, also known as Psychokinesis, is a broad heading that covers a number of Psychic techniques, although it constitutes a technique in itself.


Telekinesis is a common Psychic power, allowing the user to lift and move items with mass using purely their mind. This allows the user a large array of possible techniques and combinations, such as using their telekinesis to guide projectiles, assist allies, carry items, move things larger than themselves, block incoming attacks with a physical mass, and even use the environment as a weapon by moving pieces of it at will. Traditionally, this involves an aura of energy to surround both the user and the item in question, which is often a blue or green color for a novice. However, in the hands of a master, the aura of energy can take on almost any color possible, as the users personal energy color, plus it can also be translucent, moving items without being visible at all. In most cases, the users acquire a tattoo on their hands, using an ancient 'ring' design. This mark has been found to serve as a psychological focus point, increasing the power of the telekinesis by giving the user a place to visualize their aura emanating from.

A common strategy for the power is to grasp the opponent with a telekinetic grasp and lift them off the ground, using their focus and aura to ensure they cannot move. While in mid-air, they make an easy target for allies and the user alike, although the user cannot afford to accidentally release the target from the grasp, which in itself is an effective power. Through this, many psychic techniques have emerged, such as throws, chokes, binds, and even extended-range punches.

However, a side-effect of this technique is an inability to affect Chaos-wielders, who can use techniques like Chaos Boost or Chaos Burst in order to break the ability. Other psychic users of a higher skill level, as well as elemental fighters, can also break free, but this takes time and often requires techniques with a complete lack of movement, resulting in lowered accuracy.



Derived Techniques


Technique Rank

With it's broad range of potential uses, the technique has a B-rank, although a number argue that it should be much higher.

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