Cquote1 Tell me something, Ion. If you had the chance to bring back everything you lost, to correct all your mistakes, would you? What would you do to correct them? Don't tell me you wouldn't do anything to fix things. The ones who stand against us, these Savours, act like they're a force for good. All they're doing is keeping us in a nightmare reality when utopia is moments away. We have reality in the palm of our hands. We can fix everything that you could not, no, would not. Do you still believe we are evil, Ion? Cquote2
Tel-Eth, Depths of Dimensions/Part 1?

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Tel-Eth is a rouge Guardian of the Chronosabre and the arch enemy of Vendeta the Hedgehog.


Tel-Eth's normal appearance is the same as his Primeverse counterpart.


Tel-Eth's backstory is the same as his Primeverse counterpart.

Depths of Dimensions:Cosmic Slip

After escaping from the future, Tel-Eth arrives at an old scientific complex where the Dark Matter Generator he stole from Eggman Nega is located. However, before he can reach the complex, a heavily damaged Vendeta Blue falls out of the portal. The two fight, with Tel-Eth coming out on top. Tel-Eth carries the android back to the lab where he repairs the robot and finds a way to remotely activate his Boundary Gate, using it warp into another dimension where he met Luna the Bunny. Discovering Luna had the power to bring his world back with the Distortion Sceptre, he agreed to work for her as a spy.

Depths of Dimensions (Free Join)

Tel-Eth appears when the group are at Turle's house. Although Vendeta tries to attack him, Tel-Eth states that he is here to help the Savours against the rulers. After being teleported to Central Trikon by Kennedy the Chaos Tiger, Tel-Eth battles and defeats Azul the Chaos before teleport dashing to defend Kennedy and injured members of the Savours. He is then teleported into the left portal, arriving in a volcano. After stopping a lava wave, Tel-Eth begins to duel Sephtis, defeating the warrior. However, as the group tries to leave the volcano, Tel-Eth captures Ion the Hedgehog and Skye the White Wolf and takes them to Luna, who was still at Central Trikon and talking to Xophtré the Psychopath. Luna rewards him with a small shard of the Distortion Sceptre, before taking him and Xophtré to another dimension where they build an arena ready for the Savour's arrival.

After a group, including Vendeta, arrived at the arena, Tel-Eth and Xavis Pyrovolt were sent to deal with the Saviours elsewhere, battling Keira the Winged Hedgehog.

Beast Legends

Powers and Abilities

Usually the same as his Primeverse counterpart. During Depths of Dimensions, Tel-Eth gained the Distortion Shard, which gives him reality warping powers.


Same as his Primeverse counterpart


Ion the Hedgehog


Luna the Bunny


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