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Tel-Eth is a rogue Guardian of the Chronosabre and the arch enemy of Vendeta the Hedgehog. The leader of a rebellion that led to Vendeta being the last man standing, Tel-Eth desires nothing more than the hedgehog's demise and the Chronosabre for himself.


Tel-Eth while Tel-Eth is a shapeshifter and thus can change his appearance, since his planet was destroyed he has kept the same general appearance even if parts of his body can change on a whim. He usually appears as a thin man wearing a black trenchcoat with a dark hood covering his face and neon blue trim. Although not always visible under his hood, he also has piercing red eyes that occasionally change colour when he's in the mood for it. He also wears the knee-high boots Vendeta wears, but the gold rectangular sections of Vendeta's boots are neon blue arrows on his. His PsychGauntlets are deep black and have neon blue wrists, appearing in shape similar to Vendeta's.


Early Life

Tel-Eth Kradinos was born on the planet Aldios, a world of sweeping fields of orange trees and massive floating gold towers the size of islands able to hold upwards of a million people. These towers were known as tower-cities, and Tel-Eth grew up in the tower-city of Kry-Nel in the continent of Nelmarn. The tower was known as the Floating Slum, having been one of the victims of an economic recession on Aldios almost 200 years ago and had never got up from it. Predictably, Tel-Eth’s family was poor and as soon as he was able he helped his father work in a technology repair shop, one of the few in the tower-city. This meant Tel-Eth’s family had more money than most in the city, but not by much. His parents also taught him basic maths skills and how to read and write, but he never got a formal education.

Tel-Eth was never as proficient at shapeshifting as most of his race, even to this day. While living in the city, he saw a disturbing amount of violence and, although he tried to stop what he could, he was only a child and his exploits at heroism almost always resulted in him being beaten up. Although he could easily recover from the injuries with his shapeshifting, it took a long time even for adult Aldions, let alone for a child who struggled with shapeshifting anyway. It was at this point that Tel-Eth decided that, in the future, he would grow up to become a hero for the weak and downtrodden.

When he was 15 (Aldion years), Tel-Eth prepared to leave his family and find his own way in the world as most Aldion’s do, with his first aim to get a formal education in another city. However, on his way to leave the Tower-City, he found a group of thugs beating up an old man and naturally tried to help. At first, he was severely outmatched by them, but just when it looked certain the thugs would kill him, Tel-Eth let out a sudden psychokinetic blast of energy, knocking all of his opponents out at once, before falling unconscious. When he woke up several hours later, he discovered he was on Kryte, having been taken there by the Guardians of the Chronosabre to serve as their new Aldion member.

Joining the Guardians

At first, Tel-Eth found it hard to use his psychokinesis, having only used it once on accident. The teachers were often disappointed at his inability to use his psychokinetic powers and the other trainee Guardians often jeered him for this and his lack of an education. However, he found a kindred spirit in the form of Vale Valentine, a Guardian from a race of grey-skinned humanoids called Valnexo who also came from a background of poverty and was struggling with their new life. Over the years, the two helped each other through training and pushed each other to work harder, maybe forming something more than a friendship. When they finished they’re training, Tel-Eth was top of his class and attributed his success to the support Vale had given him, both emotionally and physically.

Tel-Eth worked with Vale regularly while on missions throughout the universe. Over the years, he built up a reputation in the Guardians as a charismatic, albeit headstrong, defender of the weak. He regularly strayed from his commander’s orders in order to do the most trivial of heroic acts when he could. He also constantly argued with the Guardian’s leaders about why they didn’t do more to help the universe, seeing they could use the Chronosabre to alter time and stop bad things from ever happening. Although at first he was ignored, as he started to build up a reputation among the other Guardians the commanders began to see him as a threat to both their authority and the universe itself.

Tel-Eth gained few ranks in the Guardian’s hierarchy during his service, but he did become extremely well respected by a large portion of his peers. Some, although not many, started to agree with him on the subject of the Chronosabre, arguing that the addiction and universe destroying potential wouldn’t be a problem if it was used in short bursts. Tel-Eth had also become one of the strongest Guardians in history through huge amounts of training and a history of continuous service, almost never stopping for rest before his next mission. Eventually, continuous fighting for well over 50 human years and the Guardian leadership’s own distrust of him lead him to begin teaching new Guardians in the art of creating psychokinetic objects. During this time he taught many students, occasionally including Vendeta the Hedgehog, who would go on to become his nemesis.

However, all that changed when Aldios was invaded by a Black Arms hive under the leadership of the Black Death. Tel-Eth wasn’t aware of the attack until it was already in full swing, and as soon as he heard about it he abandoned Kryte and flew across the universe to assist the Guardian taskforce who were already defending the planet, one of whom was Vale Valentine. The group fought valiantly, but they were unable to stop the Black Arms destroying the planet, with Tel-Eth watching. Enraged, Tel-Eth ripped the army’s Black Comet in two, presenting a level of psychokinetic strength never seen before or since, even by Tel-Eth himself. The taskforce wiped out the entire hive, including Black Death himself, one of the few times in history a Black Arms hive has been completely annihilated.

Guardian Civil War

Cquote1 We're Guardians, correct? A Guardian's purpose is to protect, Our purpose is to protect. And what was your interpretation of that purpose, hm? To sit back and do nothing? To let a world, my world, burn when it could have been saved? To stop me doing anything to save it? What sort of a guardian is that, Nethilis? What monster would believe that we exist to do nothing? Oh wait... Cquote2
Tel-Eth to Nethilis, moments before he tried to kill the Guardian.

Upon returning to Kryte, Tel-Eth met with Nethilis, the leader of the Guardians, asking if he could use the Chronosabre to bring his world back. Nethilis declined, and the two started arguing, at which point Nethilis eventually let slip that he had deliberately not told Tel-Eth his world was under attack from the Black Arms in order to stop him from going into a rage when the planet’s inevitable destruction came. Tel-Eth has to be restrained by 7 Guardians with psychokinesis to stop him killing Nethilis there and then. After this, he had his PsychGauntlets removed and told he would be disallowed from leaving Kryte until he had finished mourning and had calmed down, for his own sake. However, Tel-Eth rallied his followers, stating that the Guardian leadership was corrupt and that they needed to be bought down, declaring war on Nethilis and beginning the Guardian Civil War. This lead to a firefight on Kryte, with no Guardian being entirely clear what was going on or who was sided with who. Eventually, Tel-Eth retrieved his PsychGauntlets and he and his follows retreated from Kryte due to being outnumbered and outgunned by the loyalists. Despite his pleas, Vale Valentine refused to come with him, being too loyal to the Guardians she had worked alongside all her life.

Tel-Eth’s rebels based themselves on the planet of Krikel, an ice world with a huge cavern system that would confuse the loyalists in the event of an attack, making them easier to pick off which they were trapped underground and unable to fly far. The Civil War lasted for 3 years and had a huge toll on Tel-Eth, as he was forced to fight the people he had once called friends and watch those he didn’t have to fight die by his side. Eventually, near the end of the war, he was forced to battle Vale Valentine, who had reached a high enough power level to battle Tel-Eth on even footing. After a long and bitter battle, Tel-Eth defeated his best friend, and as Vale lay on the floor, Tel-Eth asked Vale to join him, explaining his views and the reason he abandoned the Guardians. Vale stood up and agreed to join him, having had reservations about the Guardian leadership too. However, before they could leave Vale was stabbed through the chest by a Force Sword from behind, and Tel-Eth watched his best friend and possible lover’s body fall away to reveal their killer as Vendeta the Hedgehog.

Vendeta teleport dashed away before Tel-Eth could react. The death of Vale had finally pushed him past the breaking point and, ignoring any input from his tactical advisors, he ordered a direct assault on Kryte with all his forces. The fight was bloody, but Tel-Eth’s forces eventually made their way to the Chronosabre chamber while Tel-Eth himself went to battle Nethilis. The two dueled in the skylines above Kryte’s main city in a battle that destroyed a huge chunk of the city and the surrounding landscape. However, eventually Tel-Eth won and left Nethilis to die slowly on his own on the outskirts of the city while he went to attack the Chronosabre chamber.

The battle had turned in the loyalist’s favor, but Tel-Eth began to turn the tide all by himself. Eventually, the last Guardians dueled in the Chronosabre chamber before only Tel-Eth and Vendeta were left. Tel-Eth annihilated Vendeta, breaking down into insane laughter as he made the hedgehog suffer for what he did to Vale. However, when victory was almost assured, Vendeta used the Chronosabre to send Tel-Eth 200 years into the future, snatching victory away from him at the last second. There, the Aldion waited, getting stronger as his sanity slowly continued to slip.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his Aldion physiology, Tel-Eth has the ability to shapeshift him and his attire into anything he can think of, although he cannot shapeshift to gain new powers unless these are biological.

Tel-Eth was also one of the strongest psychokinetics in the history of the Guardians, capable of lifting huge objects and manipulating psychic energy much more proficiently than even Vendeta. However, while in the future, Tel-Eth pushed his psychokinetic techniques further. This led to him being able to create a sort of "psychic fire", which he can manipulate and create at will. This fire doesn't actually set anything on fire, although it still burns, and is a light green colour like other psychokinetic attacks.

Tel-Eth has also shown himself to be a relatively competent scientist and technician, although only on subjects that would help him.


Tel-Eth’s specific moves include:

  • Force Wall: Tel-Eth creates a wall of psychokinetic energy. He sometimes follows up with a psychokinetic grab once the wall is broken.
  • Teleport Dash: The same as Silver's ability. Tel-Eth uses his psychokinesis to move his own molecular structure, allowing him to teleport short distances. Appears as a special in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Force Palm: Tel-Eth fires a blast of psychokinetic energy from his palm.
  • Force Blade: Tel-Eth creates a sword out of psychokinetic energy. The blade can be used as a weapon in it's own right or controlled by Tel-Eth remotely.
  • Force Longsword: Tel-Eth creates a massive sword out of psychokinetic energy.
  • Lance Arm: Tel-Eth’s arm becomes a long lance that stabs the opponent. Appears as a special in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Dragon Rush: Tel-Eth gains dragon-like wings and glides forward, striking anything within range. Appears as a special in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Tendril Blitz: Tel-Eth’s arm splits into three tendrils that all strike the opponent rapidly. Appears as a special in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Psychokinetic Fireball: Tel-Eth creates a fireball and throws it forward.
  • Spike Swing: Tel-Eth’s arm becomes a spiked ball and he swings it in an arc. Appears as an Assist in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Tentacle Grab: Tel-Eth’s arm becomes a tentacle and he grabs the enemy, pulling them towards him. Appears as an Assist in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Psycho Breaker: Tel-Eth fires a large beam of telekinetic fire at the opponent. Appears as a Tempo in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Tentacle Grapple: Tel-Eth grows four tentacles out of his back and grabs the opponent with them before bringing them closer to him before hitting them in their stomach multiple times with his other tentacles. Appears as his a Tempo in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Claw Barrage: Tel-Eth grows claws and slashes at the opponent rapidly. Sometimes finishes the attack with a Force Palm. Appears as his Level 3 Tempo in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Psycho Inferno: Tel-Eth’s arm becomes a tentacle which stabs the opponent. Tel-Eth then pulls the opponent towards him and knocks them into the air with an uppercut before blasting them repeatedly with psychokinetic fire and finishing them off by flying behind them and kicking them to the ground. Appears as his Shutdown Finisher in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.


Tel-Eth is a skilled manipulator and actor, twisting words to his advantage and often using his own shapeshifting abilities to assist in his cause. He often revels in the extreme amount of power he possesses, toying with opponents instead of actively fighting them with all his strength.

However, Tel-Eth does whatever he does because he believes it’s for the betterment of the universe, and ultimately holds an idealistic view of life. Since the destruction of his home planet, his main focus has always been on finding a way to fix everything wrong with the universe and restore his homeworld. However, this often leads to him trying to obtain and control powers no one should possess, primarily the Chronosabre. He has concluded that if he can fix everything at once, he could fix any nefarious damage he’s caused, even if the guilt will haunt him forever.

The last day of the Guardian Civil War influenced Tel-Eth dramatically over the course of his exile to the future. The fact that he was so close to winning, had killed all bar one of the Guardians, and then lost because of the man who killed Vale Valentine has driven him to the brink of insanity, as well as the guilt of instigating the war in the first place and being responsible for the death of his closest friends. This manifested in the form of a dark humor and a simmering anger waiting to boil over once he returned to the present.


Vendeta the Hedgehog

Tel-Eth loathes Vendeta for sending him into the future and standing for the order that prevent him saving his world. Originally, Tel-Eth didn't consider Vendeta a legitimate threat due to his lack of experience. However, killing Vale Valentine made Tel-Eth loathe the hedgehog, and the sees fact that Vendeta was the one who defeated and ended the war as bitterly ironic. Tel-Eth's rage will not be quelled until Vendeta is dead.



  • Tel-Eth's name means "hope child" in his language.
  • Every song ever fits Tel-Eth.
  • Tel-Eth is allegedly the scriptwriter for Battlefield Earth. However, he denies all allegations.

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