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Tegan the Hedgehog is a red, female 17-year-old anthropomorphic hedgehog with a mysterious background.


Early life

Nothing is known of Tegan's early life or origins.

Working for G.U.N.

Tegan started to work for G.U.N. as an undercover agent. Her martial arts skills and book smarts made her a valuable asset to the organization. She could work with whoever was in charge of protecting and saving the world from villains, including Dr. Eggman.


Tegan is independent, friendly, resourceful, energetic, and strong-willed. Being a tomboy, she is not afraid of any danger because she loves adventures and sports. As a G.U.N. agent, she is fully capable of doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


Tegan is a young, tomboyish hedgehog who is physically fit for her attributes. Her eyes are blue and her inner ears, muzzle, arms, and chest are peach. She has two front bangs that are curved inward, two side quills that are chin-length, and the quills in the back that are curved outward, coming down to her shoulders. Her hair is pushed back with a white headband. She wears a green jacket with blue, short-sleeved shirt underneath and a pair of basic white gloves one her hands. She also wears a matching miniskirt over camouflage boot-cut pants. Her shoes are red with single, white, vertical stripe on each.


Due to her training regimen at G.U.N., Tegan is an expert at martial arts and she can handle the opponents well with her fists and kicks. She possesses the super speed so she can run as fast as Sonic and has the same physical skills as his. She is a musical master at playing the electric guitar.

Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 9
Attack 10
Spcl. Atk 10
Defense 8
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 10
Reflexes 9
Magic 0
Psyche 0
Intellect 8
Total 72/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Excellent
Hearing Excellent
Olfactory Normal




None yet.


Roleplay/Game Appearances


"I'm Tegan. Tegan the Hedgehog." -Introducing herself.

"Here we go."

"Bring it on."

"Let's get started." -When being selected.

"Totally awesome!" -After getting an S rank.

"ROCK 'N ROLL, BABY!" -After getting an A rank.

"Well...not too shabby." -After getting a B rank.

"O-kay.........." -After getting a C rank.

"Aww man!" -After getting a D rank.

"Well, back to the old drawing board." -After getting an F rank.

"You wanna piece of me?" -Before a battle.

"Man, I am so pumped up!" -After winning a battle.

"I failed...." -After losing a battle.

Theme Song(s)

Just A Girl- No Doubt


  • Prior to working for G.U.N., she is an electric guitarist.
  • Her favorite music is rock.
  • She is the first female fan character her creator has made.


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