Teddy is a red hedgehog with a blue right eye and a red left eye. While he is the physical age she of thirteen he is only three years old due to the accelerated aging in his cloning process. Teddy is known for having a telltale barcode tattooed on his wrist which he covers up with sports tape to not be constantly reminded of his past.


Teddy's personality before and after leaving the shadow society are like night and day. When he was with the shadow society he was moral less and bloodthirsty not caring about another being. However as he progressed he started to develop emotions and a conscious, literally feeling racked with guilt over the lives he's taken and fearing the worse for his assigned victims. After leaving the shadow society he developed a more upbeat attitude and more caring personality, wanting to put his own life on the line for the greater good.


When Teddy was cloned as a bio weapon for the shadow society he was trained mercilessly on sneaking, spying and killing and for three years he was actually good. After a while he developed a consciousness about killing others and even started seeing the faces of his victims in his nightmares. It wasn't until one failed mission until his former masters tortured him to the punt of death and left in the woods, he ran away before they came back but lost consciousness due to his injuries. After the freedom fighters saved him and patched him up he decided that even a created being like him deserved freedom and joined their ranks ready to help keep Mobius free and trying to atone for his past sins


Teddy can manipulate chaos energy. The energy from one of his adapters can help him power a building. He can use said energy to do stuff like energy blasts, shields from enemy blasts. However if he absorbs too much energy he becomes extremely volatile.


Teddy was trained in stealth and killing by some of the greatest assassins out there and still uses the stealth skills he learned in order to aid his friends against Eggman. Teddy was also schooled in  knowledge at an accelerated rate making him wise beyond his years.


Teddy suffers from guilt over his past as an assassin and sometimes freezes up at the sight of an hallucination. He also suffers from constant nightmares evening muttering "I'm sorry" in his sleep to those he's hurt. Teddy can become extremely unstable when absorbing to much chaos energy not unlike a mini nuclear reactor.

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